Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Emerald City RDA Meeting Tomorrow Night!

If you decide to attend tomorrow night's RDA session, be sure to bring along your steely eyes and flaming torches, etc.

For the sake of those readers who haven't been carefully watching their calenders, we'll helpfully provide a quick reminder of an important matter which is set for tomorrow's Ogden RDA Board agenda:
Ogden City Redevelopment Agency Agenda - April 13, 2010 at 6:00 p.m.
Specifically, the only substantive item on tomorrow night's RDA calender is the Godfrey Administration's latest pet project, i.e., to enact "proposed resolution 2010-1, making a finding of blight (in preparation for a possible subsequent eminent domain condemnation action) in the area encompassing a full 4 downtown city blocks in the heart of Ogden's Central Business District, from 20th to 24th; and east from Washington to Adams Avenue."

We've previously discussed this matter at length on Weber County Forum; and we'll add that we've also heard from one affected downtown property owner who resides in the U.S. south-land, that he'll be driving cross-country (8 hours) to attend this Boss Godfrey RDA Dog-and Pony Show, to defend his individual property rights on Tuesday night.

What a shame it is that an out-of-town investor who put his money on the line, demonstrated his faith in Ogden's future, and purchased an investment property in Boss Godfrey's BossGodfreyWorld, is now compelled to travel half-way across the North American continent to Ogden, to defend his investment against Godfrey and his evil, land-grabbing, money-grubbing, right-wing socialist cabal.


We do believe tomorrow night's meeting will be extremely interesting.

If you decide to attend tomorrow night's RDA session, be sure to bring along your steely eyes, popcorn, torches and pitchforks. Cymbals, cow-bells and megaphones might also be in order too, just to keep the Sleepy Gochnour 2010-11 Council from snoozing through the whole proceeding:

The "Villagers" prepare to "lobby" Boss Godfrey & the Gochnour Council

That's our take; and we're stickin' to it. Other "sadly misguided viewpoints" will also be entertained here on WCF, of course, as a result of our unrelenting courtesy.

So what say our gentle readers about all this?


Dr. Frankensteen said...

He's alive !

Fireman Joe said...

If this is a blight area, why does it need a new parking structure? Where are my scratch and dents/chinese/mexican imports?

old timer said...

Does anyone have any ideas about what Godfrey wants to seize this property for?

He must be contemplating more debt for Ogden what ever the plan is-

The question is:
How much more debt can we handle?

ozboy said...

An RDA blight designation does not necessarily mean that there will be a "property seizure". Any "seizure" made by the city, or other gummint, will still require the owner to be paid fair market value. It remains to be seen if the Ogden RDA has enough money or credit to buy any of the properties involved in this proposal. The benefits of an RDA blight designation can also benefit the present owners and/or developers with cheap bond money to rectify what ever it is that creates the blight to begin with.

The only blight I know of in this area is between the mayor's ears.

Danny said...

City council members are reportedly ordering an extra case of Chap Stick so they will be be ready to reply to the Godfrey administration's pitch tomorrow night.

Patterson has reportedly claimed that their lips have been too dry lately, and they are chafing his butt.

But they will, for the sake of the public, make a few skeptical statements of sympathy before they pucker up.

But not to worry, after listening to the paid Godfrey sludge make their pitches for two hours, the guy who drove for 8 hours will be affording his 3 minutes, provided he doesn't bore the city council or suggest anything amiss in what the administration is trying do do to him.

We must be respectful after all, and above all.

blackrulon said...

Was this area considered a "blight area" prior to the administratioin of Matthew Godfrey? It appears that prior to Godfreys election the area in question had many successful busineses operating and generating revenue for the city.Is the development branch of the city administration so short of ideas to promote downtown Ogden that they only know how to use one tool (blight designation)
It seems that the only growth area in Ogden is the manufacture, sale and installatioin of "For Rent" "For Sale" or "For Lease" signs.

Danny said...


Not quite -

Read Godfrey's campaign list. Many of those sleaziods are still groaning from the golden enema Godfrey gave them.

That's all this deal is about. The scumbags want more, more more.

In other words, the manufacture, sale and installatioin of "For Rent" "For Sale" or "For Lease" signs is not the ONLY business. There is also GRAFT.

We have a diverse economy here in Godfreyville.

(You make a good point about the signs though. Hopefully council members can step out from their work sessions to go look at them. A bigger jump for them would be to put 2 and 2 together and recognize how much of what the administration tells them is simply not true. Any fool can see that. Can the council members? I give 40:60 odds.)

Ogden Dem said...

Perhaps I missed it but does anyone know to actually owns these properties?

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