Friday, April 30, 2010

Breaking: Council Packets Set to Be Put Online Prior to Ogden City Council Meetings

Seeing will be believing, of course

Great news for Emerald City political wonks this afternoon (we think.) From Council Communications Specialist Amy Heaton we just received this:
If all goes well, we suppose we lumpencitizens who want to know what will be happening in regularly scheduled City Council meetings after May 4, 2010 will be no longer required to put up with uninformative crap like this.

Seeing will be believing, of course.

We'll be keeping our fingers crossed.


Dan S. said...

Great news indeed! Here's Schwebke's writeup:

Viktor said...

"Somewhere, a few trees are breathing a sigh of relief"

Good grief! Schwepke is now a poet!!

From now on we can refer to him as the incurious artist. What he lacks in reporting and investigating skills he can make up for by dazzling us with bull shit lines like above.

Jennifer said...

yes, but will copies of the ordinances they are considering be available to peruse as well? Such as:

Roll Call Vote on proposed ordinance 2010-29, deciding on whether to declare blight in the neighborhood of 26th and Tyler Ave.

Public Input
Administration comments
Council Vote

Can we read what proposed ordinance 2010-29 actually says? That's what I want, not just the agenda sheet with references to documents I have no clue as to their purpose.

Will they really go that far?


carthi - partially cathartic

Dan S. said...

Jennifer: Yes, that's the idea.

David S. said...

This is a real attempt at honesty and openness in government. We can say that the council members hearts are still in the right place.

I hope some will take time to thank them. They hear plenty of grousing, I think they would appreciate some kudos and they deserve some for this.

There is much still to be done but this is a big step forward.

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