Monday, April 05, 2010

Weber County Forum Kicks Off the 2010 General Election Season

Just to get the conversation going this morning we'll ask our readers: Who are YOUR pre-convention favorites... and your LEAST favorites?

Please take note that we've added a new module to our right sidebar, entitled "2010 General Election," to which we've already added two links. We'll let the addition of this module serve as our Official Kickoff for the 2010 Election Season. The first of these is a full pre-convention list of all candidates who have declared their candidacies for all Weber County races this year:
2010 Candidate Roster
With county nominating conventions coming up this weekend,and state conventions happening in May, some of the listed candidacies will inevitably be culled out; and in that connection we'll of course continue to update this list.

The second link takes you to Weber County Clerk/Auditor Alan McEwan's most-excellent Elections Page, which provides a vast array of useful information about everything from voter registration to voter precinct maps:
Weber County Election Information
As is our normal practice here at Weber County Forum with election modules of this kind, we'll continue to add links to the sidebar. And if history is any guide, we'll expect to be compiling the most robust elections information source in the Weber County Webosphere, as we move more deeply into the 2010 election cycle.

In the meantime however, we're setting up this module a little bit earlier than usual, in the hope that those of you who serve as your parties' county convention delegates might be able to benefit from the information linked therein. If you'll be attending your party's convention this weekend, be sure to check it out.

Before closing, we'll also invite any candidates (or friends of candidates) whose online links may have been omitted from our Candidate Roster to submit them to us via our email contact link at the top of the right sidebar. We don't want to leave anybody's info out.

That's it for now, gentle readers.

Check out the data currently in our sidebar, and be sure to check back after this weekend's conventions.

And just to get the conversation going this morning we'll ask our readers: Who are YOUR pre-convention favorites... and your LEAST favorites?


ozboy said...

A good public service you're doing here Rudi.

My voting advice (ya, I know no one asked for it) is:

With the exception of Neil Hansen, don't vote for any incumbents.

Don't vote for any Republicans.

Don't vote for any candidate that has not signed the ethics petition and redistricting petition.

Buy some feel good medicine before election day as the state monopoly on such stuff is closed that day.

If you got em, smoke em.

Curmudgeon said...


In re: not voting for any candidate who refuses to sign the ethics and fair boundaries petitions.

I think that's good advice regardless of the party of the candidate involved.

And "did you sign the two petitions?" is a question that ought to be asked of every candidate at a very public meeting early on in the campaign.

I wonder if Rep. Wallis has signed them? Anybody know?

Curmudgeon said...

Speaking of politicians, the SE has made a Mark Saal column available on its free site [which it almost never does]. It's about Saal's Keven Garn nekkid in a hot tub with a teen satiric column resulting in Garn's canceling 50 SE subscriptions for the hotel he owns in Layton. [Garn substituted 50 subscriptions for the Deseret News, the paper he convinced not to run the hot tub story when he was running for Congress, and not to run the story about his paying $150K in hush money when he was running for the state legislature].

So, want to piss off Garn and his ilk? Subscribe to the Standard Examiner which ran Saal's hot tub column, whether Garn liked it or not [and he didn't.]

Why, I can recall the day when newspapers routinely printed stories and columns that made politicians sweat. Hell, that was one of the main reasons for buying them. SE doesn't do it as often as it should, of course, but it did with the Saal column. We ought to encourage that. Reward them for it. So if you're not a subscriber, become one. [Besides, it gives you more standing to grouse when they mess up. ]

One of the Geigers said...

I like that Stuart Reid Guy, He's a very clever man indeed!

Notice how he played the Democrats along... and "cleared the Democratic Party Deck," and then screwed over the Democrats AND the Weber County Republican Party!

He fooled them all AND DECLARED to RUN as a Republican?

And the Republicans can't do "jack shit" about it!

Stuart Reid is Really smart, I think.

He's just my kinda guy,

oldtimer said...

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AWM said...

Herbert's at the top of my "No-Vote" list. He signed the bill on the rivers, reversing the State Courts decision. By doing that he took every vote from a republican incumbant I might have looked at.

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