Thursday, April 15, 2010

Open Space Meeting Tonight

Snoozers will be losers

For the benefit of those readers who may not already have put the matter on calender, we'll once again remind you of tonight's public meeting, wherein the Ogden Planning Department will unveil the first draft of Ogden's new Open Space Plan, and open up the floor for public input:
DATE: Thursday, April 15
TIME: 7 p.m. - 10p.m.
PLACE: Megaplex @ The Junction (2nd FL Meeting Room - 23rd & Kiesel)
As gentle reader BAT_girl aptly reminds us, "The more people attend and speak up, the more likely the lumpencitizens will be heard."

Snoozers will be losers.


Ed J said...

This must be posted again.

Our new council majority of five Comrades Blair, Gochnour, Garner, Stephens and Stephenson are f******* idiots.

Let me repeat. Our new council majority of five Comrades Blair, Gochnour, Garner, Stephens and Stephenson are f******* idiots

BAT_girl said...

Thanks RUDI for posting this Meeting reminder on the OPEN SPACE meeting tonight. I hope people who attend this meeting will post their reports to this link.

I have read different predictions as to what level the OGDEN CITY OPEN SPACE Plan has been set in stone at this point, or whether this is one more round of the OC Planning Commission presenting PLANS that have not yet been finalized.

I look forward to reports from the OPEN SPACE REGULARS on this issue, posted after the meeting.

Clearly some uses of OGDEN CITY OPEN SPACE have been decided. Both the OGDEN CITY DOG PARK @ Miles Goodyear Park and the HIGH ADVENTURE Playground between Grant and Lincoln on N side of the Ogden River have both been funded by RAMP FUNDS and are going forward.

Just ask me. said...

The open space in really in the council of five heads.
I would repeat that but I don't like echos

NotOgden said...

Well if snoozers are loosers they should have should have been at this meeting tonight because they could have had a good snooze....and if they had been there that would have been people there. Let's see if I have a green sticky I can put on this post to mark it good. See had you been there you would know this. Much Ado about nothing. Really REALLY. Very dissappointed. Don't know which in the most though. The content, or for wasting my time going. See ya on the hiking trails, just hope my kids and future kids can say this they way Ogdens going.

Curmudgeon said...

In re: last night's open space meeting and NotOgden's comments: I disagree. This was the second open space meeting to get public input on the revision of the City's open space plan. What's decided will go into the city's General Plan, and it matters what it says and how it is phrased.

Some of what's in the draft plan [they had it up on various boards for people to see and comment on] seems well thought out and prudent. But some seemed to me uncomfortably vague. For example, the draft plan permits the city swapping parcels of open space for other parcels [always swapping the same kind of land for the same kind of land --- e.g. natural areas for natural areas, etc.] But there was nothing about the process for deciding that the parcels to be swapped are of comparable value ---- not comparable financial worth, only, but comparable value as open space. That's a qualitative judgment, and the plan says nothing about how that will be decided, or who will decide it. I think it should. And I got an opportunity at the meeting to leave a note regarding that question at the appropriate station. From the number of other notes posted there, many others at the meeting had questions about that portion of the plan as well.

No, it was not a stem-winding presentation. But then, it wasn't supposed to be. The Planning Office provided a quick over-view of what the citizens advisory committee and the planning office had done sine the last meeting, provided the text of the current draft of the open space plan they're working on, and asked for public comment and got it.

It was well worth my time, I thought, to be there. I wish a lot more people who use the city's parks and trails had been. It was pretty much the usual suspects.

One thing interesting: the planning office person did announce [and he seemed a little surprised at the news] that use of the trails in the city is way up, and that the city's trails seemed to be the element of the city's parks that is seeing the heaviest increase in use. Nice to know.

oldguy said...

Thanks Curm for the tip. A good post (yours) and I agree with your observations. Given the difficulties in even defining somthing as subjective as open space, I thought the Committee did a decent job. I'm not sure what Not Ogden was expecting - even his moniker is confusing btw, but the issues involved with open space are pivotal to Ogden remaining a decent place to live.

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