Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sheriff Slater Endorses Terry Thompson For Weber County Sheriff

Weber County Forum is proud to join Sheriff Slater in endorsing Terry Thompson

With the Weber County GOP Nominating Convention looming this weekend, we can't resist throwing in our own 2¢, concerning one of the County races wherein nominations will be made by Weber County Republican delegates on Saturday. Back on March 16, we published this article, wherein we focused on the three contenders running in the 2010 County Sheriff's race:
With the impending retirement of Weber County Sheriff Brad Slater, there are three fresh faces lining up for the Weber County Sheriff's job, with Democrat Gary Haws and Republicans Brett Haycock and Terry Thompson vying for the nomination from their respective County Conventions.
We'll also refer back to this January 12 WCF article, wherein we reported the impending retirement of our current Weber County Sheriff, Brad Slater.

Within the latter article we said this:
We duly congratulate Sheriff Slater for his many years of dedicated and highly competent public service; and we also agree that Sheriff Slater will be "much missed," after his retirement in January 2011.
Sheriff Slater also told us he'll be endorsing his preferred Weber County Sheriff successor, possibly as early as early the Weber County GOP Nominating Convention.
With this in mind, we can't wait to endorse Sheriff Slater's "Pick."
Well... for the benefit of Weber County delegates who'll be in attendance at Saturday's Weber County Convention, the waiting is over. Sheriff Slater has weighed in on the subject:
Sheriff Slater Endorses Terry Thompson
We'll join Sheriff Slater in endorsing Terry Thompson for Weber County Sheriff, and we'll add that we're not merely doing so merely because he's Brad Slater's pick. Your blogmeister has had the opportunity to work with Terry Thompson over the years on a variety of volunteer projects, and we're convinced his combination of brains, management skill and street smarts make him the ideal candidate to pick up where Sheriff Slater will be leaving off.

If you liked Sheriff Slater's savvy and highly-professional approach to Weber County law enforcement and Sheriff's Office management over the years, you'll love Terry Thompson, we have no doubt.

For more information on Terry, be sure to check out his most informative website:
Terry L. Thompson For Sheriff of Weber County
And for Facebook fans, here's a little added online bonus:
Thompson for Sheriff 2010
We don't know about the rest of our Weber County convention delegates (yes, your blogmeister is also an eager county GOP delegate); but we do believe Deputy Thompson's own mugshot would be a danged fine addition to the Sheriff's Department historical photo gallery too.

Seriously though, we're proud to join Sheriff Slater in endorsing Terry Thompson for Weber County Sheriff. Among all prospective candidates for all Weber County 2010 offices, we believe Terry's the most clear standout in any of the county-wide races.


A Humble Public Servant said...

I agree with the endorsement of Mr. Thompson for Sheriff. I do not work for the Weber County Sheriff’s office; I work for another agency in Weber County, but have had the opportunities to work in several metro task forces that include members of the Weber County Sheriff’s Department. I have worked with both Mr. Thompson and Mr. Haycock. I found Mr. Thompson to be a professional of the highest standards and one who truly cares about the citizens of Weber County.

On the other hand, I have found Mr. Haycock to be a power hungry individual who frequently abuses the power he has over the citizenry and those deputies assigned to him. I am convinced that this is the reason that Mr. Haycock is running for Sheriff and it would be a terrible step backwards to elect him.

Mr. Thompson has the experience, the professionalism and the trust to be our next Sheriff.

Danny said...

Okay, break it up. Calm down, everyone.

Thanks for the tip of who to vote for sheriff. Good stuff.

Here's a good vid. Off topic perhaps, but nice.

It's refreshing to finally hear somebody in the mainstream media tell the truth without sugar coating.

Sweet, sweet truth

Mention is made of the con men handing out $5,000 checks to politicians.

Yes, you can bribe them for that much. And all the more so, when the politician is a mayor.

Scott Schwebke, calling Scott Schwebke. Awake, oh sleeping one. Are you not yet tired of the smell of Godfrey's shoes?

Danny said...

BTW Republicans:

Bob Bennett was overseeing all this on the Banking Committee, while he was taking cash from the people who were raping the country.

Bob Bennett - We can do better. We cannot do worse.

Deputy Sheriff said...

I'm a Deputy Sheriff and I know Brett Haycock and Terry Thompson.

Brett Haycock has far more EXPERTISE and EDUCATION than Thompson.

Brett Haycock would make a better Sheriff!!!

Deputy said...

Brett Haycock has also been endorsed by more former Chief Deputy’s and current employees than Thompson.

No doubt about it… Brett Haycock would make a better Sheriff!

Sheriff Roscoe E. Coltrane said...

If you like me, you're going to love Brett Haycock.

Deputy Dog said...

Re: Deputy Sheriff

I have known them both for over 15 years. I worked with them before I worked for them. Haycock has a large case of small man syndrome with a giant chip on his shoulder.

Haycock is an expert in being a Douche Bag (Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk or asshole) and holds a Doctorate Degree in Self Serving/Power Hungry theory.

Voting in Brett Haycock as Sheriff would be equal to electing Matt Godfrey as Sheriff! They are cut from the same cloth.

the choice is clear said...

I am a citizen of Weber County.

I have listened to both Thompson and Haycock present their arguments on why we should elect them Sheriff.

It was clearly Apparent Chief Deputy Thompson understands what a Sheriff needs to know and has a clear plan forward (not just to follow in Sheriff Slaters foot prints)to improve and better our Sheriffs Department both financially and with better service to our county. He presents a clear plan to manage budgets and workforce.

On the other hand I did not see that Captian Haycock has the insight or the capability to manage the Sheriff's Department for Weber County.

He did not discuss budgets or how he would be able to control spending and what he would do to improve service to county citizens or help the department.

Lets keep this web blog clean and just stick to facts and what we have seen.

It is very clear that Candidate Thompson is the choice for Weber County and has the plans and know how to serve us.


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