Sunday, April 11, 2010

County Convention Post-mortem: UPDATED

The Demos renominate Neil Hansen; The GOP indulges in some ugly self-cannibalization

We'll briefly highlight two Standard-Examiner stories this morning, which report on the outcomes of the Democratic and Republican county conventions, which were held yesterday on the WSU campus:
Incumbent Hansen wins nomination
Delegates hear from candidates at Weber County GOP convention
Notably, the Democratic convention featured only one contested intra-party race, in which veteran House District 9 Representative incumbent Neil Hansen was again nominated for the 2010 General Election race by a substantial 67% margin, while GOP delegates indulged in a noticeable degree of political self-cannibalization, ousting county-level incumbents by large vote tally margins in two of three contested races .

Another interesting outcome of yesterday's Weber County GOP confab... Senator Bennett got hammered in the straw poll:
Weber delegates, in a straw poll, gave Bennett 22.75 percent of the vote. However two of his challengers polled stronger, with Lee receiving 32.19 percent and Eagar 27.68.
The straw poll was informational only, to be sure. And the polling involved county, and not state delegates. Nevertheless you can also be sure that even this informal result was the cause of some heartburn in the Bennett campaign camp.

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Update 4/11/10 1:00 p.m.: Please take note that we've now updated our 2010 Candidates Roster, to reflect the elimination of unsuccessful intra-party candidates in the now concluded Demo and GOP conventions:
2010 Weber County General Election Candidate Roster
This roster, which is also linked from our right sidebar, is undergoing near-daily revisions. So be sure to check back frequently for all the latest updates.


Dan S. said...

Kerry Gibson defeated Ken Bischoff at yesterday's Weber County Republican Convention. Gibson will now face Amy Wicks in the general election. Should be interesting!

Grizelda said...

Wow Rudi, you forgot to mention the resounding defeat of Ken Bischoff by a two to one majority! Pretty bad showing for a sitting republican incumbent.

It appears we are going to get a candidate with the same good old boy approach in Kerry Gibson. I heard he does not even want to talk about the Powder Mountain fiasco since he is the pet project of Gage Froerer and the Real Estate people. He also was part of the state legislature that signed off on HB466 that canceled the civil rights of the Powderville homeowners.

Time for a change said...

What great news for Weber County citizens that Ken Bischoff will no longer be a member of the Weber County Commission after November.

Goodbye and good riddance. He was never a friend of the citizens of Ogden Valley with his rude and boorish behavior while on the Commission.

He was the one Commissioner that seldom responded to e-mails or telephone calls from citizens, and acted like he worked for the developers and real estate people rather than the citizens of Weber County.

There was also a little matter of when he refused to recuse himself from a hearing on a property issue in Ogden Canyon that somehow resulted in a favorable ruling for a family member.

We now have a wide open race for that County Commission seat and we all should support Amy Wicks. It is time for the people of Weber County to stand up and be counted for a needed change in philosophy and attitude with our elected officials.

drewmeister said...

IMHO, Garcia tried to run for Hansen's seat because he needed to replace the extra income he lost from his city councilman position, which I feel is understandable - I could use extra spending cash myself. By acting as public servant, he can both increase his income and give back to the community at the same time.

What I cannot understand is what possessed him to go after Hansen's seat when he could have ran against the Greiner/Reid cabal, unless he couldn't because of domicile restrictions (Someone help me on this, I don't know what the rules are on that). Anyhow, if he could have run against Greiner/Reid, then I believe it was foolish for him to not do so.

If he isn't allowed to run for Greiner/Reid's seat, well, he still should have picked something else. County commissioner, perhaps? Dog Catcher? Something, anything besides Hansen? I think Hansen has a strong track record of thinking with his brain, outside of hottubs and bars. There's no reason to try and oust him.

I'm glad to see that Hansen won. I hope Garcia finds something to occupy his time and boost his financial resources, provided it doesn't attempt to unseat one of the few people in public office who actually seem qualified for the job.

Freedom said...

Kerry Gibson is no ones 'pet project'. Take the time to personally question people before you label them with such harsh labels. Yes, Froerer supported him. That happens all the time. Don't you support someone? Or will you simply hide behind meaningless sarcasm.

I'm an avid supporter of the Powder-ville victims. Hopefully that issue will soon come to an end!

Good-bye Bischoff. You finally offended enough people. When a good man like Gibson enters the race, you should have shook his hand and said, "Son, take it from here, my time is done." But no, in your usually, "I'm never wrong stance" you had to be kicked out. So be it.

Now, let's drop the hard-line party attitudes and find the best representatives for the County. We all won't agree but that is the American way. What we ALL CAN do is to get to know the Candidates without prejudice. My first call is going to be Amy Wicks. Loved her resume. I've come to respect Gibson during this race. He was hammered by Bischoff's goons but he held his composure. Impressive.

I don't know if it was reported but we had over 500 delegates at the Republican County Convention yesterday. The energy was incredible. The message clear. CHANGE! And while change isn't always the answer, people are smarter, becoming more educated, and they clearly voted in people who will listen, who believe in the Constitution (proven by history, and who are ready to take the party back to it's Constitutional foundation.

Kestrel said...

It may be just rumor, but Kerry Gibson is seen as the next Real Estate front man. Let's hear what he has to say about Powder Mountain and the civil rights of the affected people before we say how wonderful he is. his buddy Gage Froerer dropped the ball for two years in a row by not understanding how to get his bill through the legislature.

get er' done said...

Hey I think that Kerry is the person to be the republicans candidate. He stands tall as a republican when it comes time to give a standing ovation for our hot tub pedophile and for that we thank him. Well Amy you have my VOTE.

Time for a change said...

I wonder where Kerry Gibson stands on ethics reform?
We will research his vote on that and let you know if he is a stand up guy to make any significant changes in the way that our politicians regard accepting gifts and money from lobbyists.

Pencil Pusher said...

Great point "Change", we should find out where all of our local politicians stand on ethical reform in Utah. Has Froerer, Gibson, Zogmaister, Bischoff or Dearden signed the ethical reform peition? What do you think?

Kestrel said...

"The great thing in the world is not so much where we
stand, as in what direction we are moving."

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Freedom said...


I was as close as most people get on Gage's bills for PM. In my opinion, his strategy was not only brilliant but is working. I didn't know if I really supported Gage before I watched what he did over the last two years with those bills and a few others. Do I agree with everyone of his votes, no. Do I agree with my own husband on every single thing? No.

Ethics reform....have you read it all the way through? In my opinion it's not tough enough. If it's the same one I'm thinking about (someone provide a link please), it stated that lobbyist's could be appointed to the committee after walking away from their jobs after only 5 years. In my opinion, Lobbyist's should be banned period! Maybe we are talking about two different documents?

As far as Gibson talking on PM. I would have thought him a fool had he tried to be the expert or even discussed it before he understood the entire matter. Especially considering it's in litigation. He's well aware of the situation because he voted in favor of HB218. Being aware verses an expert is two different things.

Even though those of us up here feel the world begins and ends in the Valley, the truth of the matter is that we are a very small group who even if we all voted the same could not make or break a race.

Right now, we have Gibson on one hand and Wicks on the other. I have not talked with her yet, but I will. My gut tells me that either way we won't loose.

Now is not the time implode! Now is the time to turn to facts, make our calls, do our due diligence, do it fairly, reasonably, and with the goal to serve the majority. This is a Republic and it's our duty to keep it that way.

On this site you'll find an excellent resource. It's a list of every candidate that Weber County Citizens will have the privilege to vote on this November. It's non-partisan. I suggest you sent the link out to everyone you know. Let's see if we can raise the traditional 49% voter turn-out into 60-70%!

And remember, if you want others to consider your side, it's best if you lead the way by considering their side as well.

Let's make sure we thank the web-master for his hard work that makes our life easier!

ozboy said...

Gage's PM "strategy was not only brilliant but is working"

Hmmmm, seems like you may be living in an alternate universe where up is down, black is white and Gage represents the people of his district and not his real estate cronies and GOP leaders.

Just what is it - about Gage's phony show boating and failed efforts to bring basic constitutional rights back to to his constituents - that is brilliant or working?

Kestrel said...

Freedom, that is the point! The ethics rules are not tough enough. No kidding !!!!. These rules were crafted by people in the legislature to help the good old boys to avoid being caught at anything. Did you notice the punishment for anyone who makes an ethics complaint if they go public? Our constitution provides freedom of speech. How much crime would you see reported if the accused criminals were allowed to punish a person or a newspaper who who reported about a anyone accused of a criminal act? These are designed to discourage any ethic complaints.

If you think Gage did a great job having failed both times to assess and understand how to get his bill passed, I wonder what you would say if he actually was successful with getting something done.

Pencil Pusher said...

Freedom, you apparently don't understand the PM issue. Gage's strategy (if he had a strategy) backfired when he withdrew his bill and left the Powder Mountain homeowners or the County without any leverage to bargain with. If his bill would have passed, the Perps were looking at having their incorporation nullified if they went through with the final stages.

Freedom said...

Okay, why don't you all tell me under the exact same circumstances how you would have passed HB218? Make sure you list the exact same circumstances as Gage was working under. Show me that you are full of facts and not just hot air.

Arm chair politicians.....know everything, understand everything, and get nothing done.

Run for office and show us how it should be done....come on! From the way ya'll talk, you make it sound easy. Let's see you do it. Come on.....waiting....waiting...

Be sure to list your real name so that when you run for office we'll know what you promised to do. There will be another PM issue just around the corner. We'll be watching.

In the mean time, I'll stick with people who get things done....

I wonder if Amy Wicks really wants this kind of support? I sure hope not.

cops against Kerry Gibson said...

Kerry Gibson can kiss my a$$. He's anti-cop! anti-teacher! and anti-firefighter!

Time for a change said...

Freedom, your childish response indicates that you are a Gage Froerer butt kisser, not a rational person. Froerer set this up all along to look good for his Valley supporters but made sure nothing would really be done to offend his real estate/developer cronies. What has this to do with Amy Wicks? It is about the failure and the poor leadership of Gage Froerer in the state legislature. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

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