Sunday, April 04, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Group Pushes Streetcar Route

And... it seems that a Council Leadership that claims to be all about transparency could give us a little more information

By Disgusted

Two separate points:

One... it now appears that we have another trolley car plan being purposed by Sue Wilkerson and company. Is this an intentional effort to muddy up the water or what?
Ogden group pushes streetcar route
Second the city has done it again when it comes to keeping us residents in the dark; and the City Council seems to go along with it. Why can’t or won’t the Council provide us residents with a copy of the agenda package so we will know what’s going on with our money?

Case in point is on the agenda for this Tuesday’s Council meeting, “7. Public Hearing: a. Budget Opening and Amendment to Capital Improvement Plan”:
City Council Agenda - April 6, 2010
The proposed ordinance 2010-11 specifically, (Sorry I intended to include all the wording but I am having cut and paste software communication problems). Basically though all the information provides is that the city administration wants to amend the budget and Capital Improvement Plan because of gross increases in anticipated revenues and the city wants to transfer the money to another departments from the department where the surplus is being supposedly generated as “detailed in the body of the ordinance” and that the some is 3.1 million dollars. No indication of what department it is coming from nor any indication of what department or project it’s going to.

Frankly I’m a little suspect about Ogden City having any kind of surplus when I see that the State of Utah, our very own Weber County and just about every city that surrounds us or city in the state for that matter is cutting back on services and employees because of budget shortfalls. I’m more likely to think that we as residents are having our services cut back further to support Godfrey’s pet projects, or that the city is over charging us residents for some of the services that it is providing, i.e. the administration is using this surplus as a rainy day fund for his projects. Either way, it looks fishy and I want to know more about this.

Seems to me that a Council Leadership that claims to be all about transparency could give us a little more information.


Dan S. said...


Sue Wilkerson's trolley car plan is the same trolley car plan that many of us have been pushing for the last five years.

I share your disgust at the lack of detail in council agendas. However, I've been informed by council leadership that they will be converting to an electronic system within a couple of months, at which point the entire agenda packets should be available to the public online.

OneWhoKnows said...

I suspect Godfrey is behind this latest ploy to have Ms. Wilkerson speak out and back his same old, tired plan of moving people from downtown to WSU whether by air or by ground tracks. UTA buses do just that without the further millions of dollars needed to pull off his visionary plan. Just look what he did for Sue when the restoration of Jefferson Ave. took place. Dig up the facts people and you will see that one back scratches another.

As for the CIP excess monies, it is basically a savings account for projects that the city deposits funds into each year until there is enough dough to complete a project. The problem is that the Mayor keeps changing the priorities of the projects and only his favorites rise to the top and the others are dropped or remain on the want list indefinitly.

I personally remember when the good old mayor and his boys stole our annual engineering budget for asphalt, concrete sidewalk replacements and painting streets so that Community Development could use it for a much better priority..... a fountain and sandstone benches at the Junction. Only a visionary could see that it was surely the best move for the citizens money. He is truly a putz! Watch your backs.

huckster said...

what if CP put up money for the 25th to Harrison, in exchange for us letting him help dig us out of the Mount Ogden money sinkhole?

Just a stop at the tram station to Malans, and then off to WSU that little trolley would go, right past the new mcmansions on the shoreline trail..

He is planning sometin, fer sure, that little fuckwad.

Dan S. said...

On a somewhat related note, the New York Times has an article about and other fact-checking web sites. Here's the final quote from Snopes owner Barbara Mikkelson, who ought to know:

“When you’re looking at truth versus gossip, truth doesn’t stand a chance.”

Danny said...

After the number of times Sue Wilkerson has sold her soul to Godfrey, she appears nonetheless to no longer be on the inside.

A lesson to all. Sell your soul to the devil, and he will cheat you in the end.

Jennifer said...

So, where exactly are these anticipated revenues and transfers of $3,108,850 coming from?

Chinese scratch & dent?
Mexican consignment shops?
Some heretofore unknown realtor organization?

That's a Lot of money, considering the magnitude of the pissing & moaning about budget shortfalls at the MOGC - like 3-1/2 years worth.


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