Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas, Everyone!

Barring any red meat news stories over the Christmas Holiday weekend, we'll see ya'll back here on Monday morning

Definitely the most talented "Christmas Carolers"... ever!

As an added bonus... Happy Christmas, everyone!

That's right, The War is Over, technically speaking, at least.

Barring any red meat news stories arising over the Christmas Holiday weekend, we'll see ya'll back here on Monday morning.


Bob Becker said...

Merry Christmas, all. Sun not yet up, but it's fun imaging the little ones waking early and going wide-eye, shouting into their parents bedrooms the news that "He came!  He came!  Mommy, Daddy, he came!"  He being Santa of course.  And in a couple of hours, they'll appear on our block, the ones that got bikes at least riding up and down, Dad running alongside holding the seat if its their first two wheeler, excited and eager to show anyone they meet their new wheels.  Better weather, they'd be crunching through the snow, new sleds or disks or boards in hand, headed for the park to find a good hill.   Fun to watch them out the window, coffee in hand. 

There are worse ways to start a day. 

Bob Becker said...

Just realized that I have not seen this Christmas season a single Budweiser Clydesdales Christmas ad on TV.  Not one.   Damn. The Clydesdales hauling that sled loaded with kegs through snow-covered scenes reminiscent of Currier and Ives, with that bouncy Bugweiser jingle in the background is... and should be... a regular part of an American TV Christmas.  

I blame the Republicans. 

Blackrulon said...

They are saving the Budweiser Clydesdales ads for the Festivus season

Crjennings said...

Bob, this is a favorite. Maybe it will do until the superbowl.

Bob Becker said...


     I am in your debt. The link you supplied led me to a whole album of Bud Clydesdale commercials, and among them I found this classic Christmas one. Got my fix. Thanks again: 

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