Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Morning News Roundup

Several interesting items for another Emerald City Christmas season S-L-O-W news day

1) On the heels of Wednesday's Standard-Examiner story, which reported that the National Transportation Safety Board was "urging all states to impose total bans" on cell phone usage while driving, "except for emergencies," the Standard now carries a story reporting about how "Ogden area drivers see the merit in cellphone restrictions to make the road a safer place":
Just to get into the spirit of this issue, here's our own take on what ought to be at least a minimal safety standard...
Limit your cell phone usage to one at a time whilst driving, please, folks. Steering your vehicle with your elbows is no way to make the road a safer place!

2) And this is interesting, wethinks. As a followup to the news that North Korea is suddenly deprived of the "leadership" of "the [possibly] most unhinged dictator on the planet," here's a revealing "companion piece" from our pals at "The Onion":
And here we'd previously believed The Onion only published over-the-top parody, right?

3) And last but not least (and while we're posting about the departure from the public stage of world-class nutjob dictators), here's a Standard-Examiner letter to the editor which we simply couldn't pass up:
Good job, Donn Owen.

That's it for now, O Gentle Ones.

Don't let the cat get your tongues...


googlegirl said...

Remembering Kim Jong-il

rudizink said...

Slamming people on the "bare" survival edge" in Ogden is nothin' new with this sappy Harrisville  "lily white boy" Mormon moron, Godfrey. 

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