Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Special WCF Video Feature: Ron Paul Kicks Faux News Neocon Talking Heads' Butts

Electability: Does Ron Paul Have It?

With GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul basically kicking ass in the early GOP caucus states, like Iowa, even though the GOP neoCON establishment tries to pretend that Ron Paul really doesn't exist, here's a highly-entertaining and creatively crafted video link, featuring a cleverly photo-shopped Ron Paul, along with the evil Faux News publisher Rupert Murdoch, together with many of the other faces of Murdoch's idiotic NeoCon Faux News hired hands. Wethinks this video will especially appeal to younger voters, particularly those attuned to the Matrix "franchise" series of popular movies, which dramatic works have also most recently called into question probing issues in re the pervasive and all-to-obvious corporate take-over of America:

(In truth, by the way, we do believe that the American patriot Ron Paul is well suited for this movie part.)

Just a little something slightly special from your ever-cranky blogmeister on an otherwise S-L-O-W Emerald City news Wednesday, folks.



MediaWatcher said...

Rupert Murdoch needs to have his ass kicked to the curb!

RebelWithACause2 said...

Rebel With a Cause2: Especially ridiculous, I say, about the Ron Paul video. He's a weirdo and the least presidential-looking and acting of any of the candidates.  Attempting to criticize Fox News is futile, also,  because it's the most-watched news station out there.

rudizink said...

Up and at it bright and early eh, Rebel?


Blackrulon said...

If Fox News is the most watched new station then aren"t they considered part of mainstream media? And as many conservative commentators and bloggers remind us "do not trust mainstream media"..

Last Chance said...

The choice is always between big government Republicans or big government Democrats.  Paul is the only real limited government national politician I have seen in my lifetime.  If he sounds crazy, it's because the nation is crazy.  Ron Paul is right.

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