Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Standard-Examiner Editorial: OUR VIEW: Greiner Must Go - Updated

Dump the chief... Good job, Std-Ex

By: Ray

From this afternoon's Standard-Examiner editorial:
Ogden city Police Chief Jon Greiner needs to end his tenure as Ogden's police chief, and Ogden's mayor-elect, Mike Caldwell, needs to be the one who states that forcefully.
Read the full editorial here:
The Standard Examiner is right on! This online article goes on to make a strong case for Mayor elect Caldwell to do the right thing. Dump the chief. Good job, Std-Ex.

Update 12/14/11 7:24 a.m.: The above-linked editorial has this morning found its way to the SE hard-copy edition.


blackrulon said...

It is a welcomed editorial. But the same conditions and findings of the Hatch Act review and appeals boards have been in place for years. A editorial that should have been written years ago. I do have a question about the December 30th appeals deadline. If Godfrey decides to appeal the finding and lets Greiner continue as chief prior to Caldwell taking office can the new mayor then withdraw the Godfrey appeals decision and terminate Greiner without the city losing federal money?

rudizink said...

Based upon my considerable past experience as a civil litigator, BR, I can assure you that a favorable outcome can almost certainly be negotiated with the Office of Special Counsel, once Caldwell takes up the reins of Ogden City governance, provided Caldwell has the political will to do so.

BikerBabe said...

Don't you mean political cojones?


rudizink said...

political will = political cojones.

Pretty much the same, wethinks

Smattguy said...

this will be the mustard test for the next 4 years of office for Caldwell....maybe G will retire again before the deadline eh?

BikerBabe said...

Forget Political cojones -- I want bare, hairy for all the world to see ... as in Prove It and no Pussy-footing around


Donk9 said...

Job no. 1 for the topcop is enforce the law and live by it but with  Godfrey leading the pack - laws and rules are for the common folks - not that it excuses Greiner for following the bosses lead.

OneWhoKnows2 said...

I think Godfrey will leave more problems for his successor other than the Greiner problem and only in time will the Godfrey Legacy come full circle and people will find out what this honest, religious man has really done.

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