Saturday, December 03, 2011

Wind Damage in Ogden City - YouTube Message from Lame Duck Mayor Godfrey

Probably the most useful message Godfrey's delivered in twelve years

As Emerald City residents begin the job of post-storm cleanup, here's an important related message from "Man of the People" Boss Godfrey:

Probably the most useful message Godfrey's ever delivered in twelve years.

Unfortunately Boss Godfrey provides no information whatsoever on the condition of the "pickleball" facilities.

Who'll be the first to toss in your own 2¢?


OneWhoKnows2 said...

Finally, his job description and his actions match!  I guess it's never too late?

althepal said...

Hilarious!  First time in the history of the Boss Godfrey administration that the little lord isn't inflicting his own version of  "wind damage" upon the lumpen Emerald City citizenry.

Ogden Lover said... can send you a form to request a neighborhood dumpster.  Now why didn't he tell about that? 

Bob Becker said...

Heads up:  NWS has posted a high wind advisory for Ogden area tonight.  Sustained winds 30/40 MPH gusts to 75.  Beginning around midnight they say, tapering off Sun morning.  Just FYI>

rudizink said...

NWS High Wind Watch

googlegirl said...

Gov. Gary Herbert issues warning about approaching storm

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