Friday, December 16, 2011

Standard-Examiner Letter to the Editor: Ogden Should Stand Up Against Hatch Act

Sodden Query: Will Mayor Elect Mike Caldwell pick up on the latest polling results in re Firing Chief Greiner? If not, we predict his administration will have "a long haul."

On Thursday last, we predicted what we expected to be "a series of stories and letters to the editor attempting to justify Boss Godfrey's percipient filing of an appeal with the U.S. District Court of Monday's adverse ruling, wherein the federal Merit Systems Protection Board "upheld a judge’s 2010 ruling that the city must remove Ogden Police Chief Jon Greiner or forfeit about $215,000 in federal grants because of a violation of the Hatch Act."

Turning to the Standard editorial page this morning, just like clockwork, that's just exactly what we're getting this morning, with some guy from North Ogden (of all places), calling upon our local officials to stand up for Chief Greiner and say to the federal government, "Quit trying to "bully" us, and cram your bias, politically motivated opinions down our throats":
"Mayor, don't let the federal government "bully" us this time, or it will never end," adds the slightly foamy-at-the-mouth North Ogden resident Dee J. Russell, hitting his lame "key talking point" again for extra emphasis.

When it comes to specific suggestions about how to deal the the legal predicament Chief Greiner and Boss Godfrey find themselves in, other than to generally resist the "bullying," Mr. Russel unfortunately comes up a little bit short. We'll however assume that he's NOT suggesting that Boss Godfrey roll over and fire Da Chief, who's also "served Ogden city and the state of Utah and the federal government in the armed services with Honor" (Mr. Russell also reminds us).

For a neat and tidy list of all the possible options available to Boss Godfrey, we'll refer back to another this WCF article of last week, which provided a link to a still ongoing Standard-Examiner poll, which asks the timely and probing question:
We visited the SE site just a coupla minutes ago, by the way, and took a screenshot of the poll results to date, where 85% of 156 SE reader/respondents haven't bought into Mr. Russell's B.S. and unequivocally opine that "Greiner Must Go":

Click image to enlarge

These interim results mean that this "lame ass" Mr. Russell's an "outlier," no?

Sodden Query: Will Mayor Elect Mike Caldwell have the political wisdom to pick up on this? If not, we predict his administration will have "a long haul" even from the get-go.

Comments, anyone?


Blackrulon said...

If the recent writers of letters to the editor from Washington Terrace, South Ogden and North Ogden think so highly of Matthew Godfrey there is a solution. Encourage him to move to their city, become mayor and build a gondola in their town. He can also give away city property, hire a police chief in violation of the Hatch Act and give sweetheart crony deals to his real estate and construction buddies. Other city, take him, we don't need or want him. Free to a good home.

rudizink said...

"Free to a good home."

Good One, BR.


rudizink said...

If  Mike Caldwell goes along with another  frivolous Jon Greiner District Court  appeal, we'll find out exactly where Caldwell stands. won't we?

Danny said...


We already know where Caldwell stands.  He stands knee deep in the same money pile that funded Godfrey.  Caldwell is "Godfrey II".


I don't want to jinx you, but gosh man, you've been hitting home runs lately.

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