Saturday, December 10, 2011

Science Saturday 12/10/11 -- Latest Science Updates

WCF Reader Science Query: Did any of you try to breathe Ogden's "Neptune-like air" this morning?

In the spirit of continuing to breathe new life into Weber County Forum's sometimes neglected Science Saturday series, here are a few of this week's "Science" stories for your personal perusal, folks

1) Okay. This settles it. Henceforth, we're going to cease blithely referring to American politicians as "rats" on Weber County Forum. The latest "rat study" reveals that's an insult to rats:
From now on we'll merely resort to the more accurate generic (and non-scientific) term: "Sleazeballs," or locally... "Godfreites."

2) Fascinating Wired Science story which goes a long way toward explaining this interesting recent internet phenomenon:
Pepper spray seems to be the ideal tool for police officers who shouldn't be employed in the "field" of law enforcement anyway, NO?

3) Here's another good one, in the context of the continuing search by astronomers to find a human-habitable substitute planet to which the beleaguered human race can migrate, once the Evil Koch Brothers manage to make planet earth UN-inhabitable:
Some naysayers complain that "the planet’s a bit big for life to exist on the surface. The planet is about 2.4 times the size of Earth. It could be more like the gas-and-liquid Neptune..."

No hay problema with these naysayers WCF readers! Did any of you try to breathe Ogden's "Neptune-like air" this morning?
HEY! With all the toxic hydrocarbons in Emerald City's air, Ogdenites would feel right at home on Neptune-like Kepler-22b, wethinks.

That's it for now, O Gentle WCF Science Freaks. Don't forget to chime in with your own possible Nobel Prize-winning comments and alternate crackpot theories.

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Danny said...

Lets continue to pursue policies that encourage low wage growth, and growth in general, so our taxes can go up and our air quality can go down, as has happened with every other city on the planet that has grown substantially larger.

Oh, and the contractors will make lots of money.

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