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Wednesday Morning Emerald City News Roundup

Who's ready to toss in their own 2¢?

Three items which caught our attention this morning whilst we somewhat unsuccessfully Googled the net for interesting red-meat political news:

1) Bad news this morning for Weber County lumpencitizens who appreciate elected officials with a strong work ethic, community dedication, ethical integrity and common sense. Weber County Commissioner Craig Dearden, one Commissioner who definitely hasn't been a real estate development industry "shill," announces this morning via the Standard-Examiner that he'll be retiring from the County Commission upon the end of his current term of office:
Commissioner Zogmeister is right. Dearden's "stability and wisdom" will be greatly missed.

Sodden prediction (based upon a little insider info): Expect a locally prominent Realtor candidate, one strongly supported by the the "Biggest and Baddest PAC in the Land" to file for Dearden's soon-to-be-vacated commission seat before month's end.

2) In a tangentially-related story, the Standard also reports that "Former Republican Utah legislator Dan Liljenquist announced Wednesday that he's going to run for the U.S. Senate in Utah and will challenge six-term Sen. Orrin Hatch":
Unlike the soon to be departing Commissioner Dearden, Senate candidate Liljenquist IS a real estate development industry shill. As our long-term WCF readers will recall, Senator Liljenquist was one of the real estate industry-backed legislative bagmen who worked feverishly to kill Rep. Gage Froerer's 2010 HB 218 (Disincorporation of Powder Mt. Town), an effort which ultimately forced the above-mentioned Commissioner Dearden and the rest of the Weber County Commission to abandon Weber County's carefully crafted zoning rules and to adopt the Powder Mountain Developer's self-serving "Development Agreement," a process which at least one Weber County Forum commentator labeled as "extortionate".

No, we're not big fans of Orrin Hatch; but replacing Hatch with an unabashed corporate shill like Liljenquist would be a big mistake for Utah voters... something akin to jumping outta the frying pan into the fire, wethinks.

3) If only for the sake of archival consistency, we'll direct our readers attention to this morning's Alan Hall guest commentary, which appears on the S-E editorial page this morning. Filled as it is with vague "political platitudes" we're not sure exactly what Mr. Hall is getting at. We've read the article over a coupla times, and despite (or perhaps due to) its rambling "wordiness," we're unconvinced that Mr. Hall (whom we do deeply respect) provides much useful guidance for "elect[ing] the right political leaders" or spending more (already "tight") money on "consumption," for that matter. Nevertheless, we previously vowed to follow Mr. Hall's series of S-E commentaries, so here's the latest, (for what its worth):
There is one of Mr. Hall's points which we do consider encouraging, wherein he urges Utah voters to elect "leaders" who'll "...avoid the pressures of lobbyists." It's refreshing to hear something like this from a "Captain of Industry" like Mr. Hall, don'tcha think?

That's it for now O Gentle WCF Readers.

Now, who's ready to toss in their own 2¢?


Oh Brother said...

Alan Hall says,

We all need to responsibly increase our spending levels with more purchases to move the economy forward and upward.

Then he says,

are citizens who should obviously get out of debt, destroy their credit
cards and live within their means. These individuals and families should
not follow my recommendations to spend more.

So we should spend more, while at the same time reducing debt.

Great.  Perhaps we should also get wet, while we are working toward getting dry.  We should get hot, while working to get cold.  We should move higher, while at the same time working to be lower.  You get the idea.

He also said, "I might be naive . . ."

Got that one thing right.

rudizink said...

Thanks for your savvy comment, Oh Brother.  You've hit the nail squarely on the head, of course.

ltherpal said...

"It's refreshing to hear something like this from a "Captain of Industry" like Mr. Hall, don'tcha think?"

What bullshit. Here's what I want to know. How many times  has this Gage Froerer" Dork EVER voted a against the sleazy Real Estate Interests in Utah?

Wanna get your wallet picked? Vote Gage Froerer for Weber County Commisioner next November.

Smattguy said...

Regarding GF....right on ltherpal....the guy would rob his own mother...maybe already has....his bantering about his work to protect private property rights is BS...he voted to take public access away on Utah's rivers all while sitting on his little patch of heaven on the southfork river....blahhhhh

Danny said...

We can only assume that if Alan Hall is well to do, that he inherited it or made it through cronyism.  If this is his level of thinking he did not make it by his wits.

Or else, he simply is no longer the man he once was.  If so, let us be kind.  Time will eventually take its toll on everyone.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hall need not embarrass himself with further commentaries.  Ronald Reagan had the class to drop out of the limelight when he went into decline.  There is no shame in leaving the stage quietly and gracefully when in the evening of your life and your mind is gone, Mr. Hall.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hall's economic recommendation have been in play for the last two plus years by Obama. BTW, without results. Amazing how some that have success in one field then assume they are experts in all fields.

Anonymous said...

So much for our low crime rating. What has it been, 2 murders in the last 30
days and. Now 6 police officer shot

Bob Becker said...

Huh?   You must have one powerful crystal ball there, to find the Obama administration's economic policies in Mr. Hall's very general column.   Did you find pink elephants and spaceships hiding behind a comet in there too?

Watched them driving in said...

And how long will it be that this incident is thrown up as an example of how much we need Greiner?

Bob Becker said...

Six police officers shot and in the hospital, condition unknown.   Not the time for playing politics with this, from any direction.   

Ray said...

As a retired law enforcement officer superviser an incident like this is the worst scenerio. Training and tactics and can help prevent but the potential is always there. I agree with Mr. Becker, at this point concern for the survivors and slain officers family trumps any political or other 2nd guessing of the incident. 

Donk9 said...

Couldn't agree more Bob!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob "Barker" Becker,

Lets point out that Mr. Hall in his article said "spend money if you got it" and said "In a back-handed way, we, as consumers, are investing in America's economy".
 I agree with his point that ot takes money in the economy to make it grow but there is a lot more damage in the economy than can be fixed right now by the consumer simply spending more money. But this IS what Obama did when he dropped the FICA contibution of every tax payer by 28% (2% of a 7.15% tax). It put an extra $40 to $50 per month into Joe Sixpack's pocket. This has been going on now for about two years (in fact its been in place so long now that to reinstate it would be considered a tax increase rather than a reinstatement) and please show me where it has worked?  

BTW that FICA money is used to fund the (prior to reduced contributions) underfunded social security system. So in effect Obama took funding money away from those peoples most dependent on the future value of the social secutiry retirement plan.

We can't spend our way out of this mess.

althepal said...

Thank. You. Amonymous.

You're exactly right!

Anon said...

All Obama can do is propose a plan/legislation/bills.  It is up to congress to actually put the 
plan/legislation/bills up for a vote.  I wish more furor and disdain would go away from the presidency and be directed at the congress (both parties).  I am tired of the do-nothing Republicans and the weak back-boned democrats.  If we want to start actually start to put real power in the president, then we need a line-item veto.  Or legislation that prohibits all the irrelevant "riders" to every bill.  

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