Tuesday, June 18, 2013

John Swallow Political Corruption Update: Episode XXVI - Updated

It's a regular John Swallow Utah press free-for-all this morning, we do swear

Utah press free-for-all
Trudging ever-forward with our dogged coverage of the raging John Swallow political corruption topic, we present an array of new material gleaned this morning from KSL News, the Salt Lake Tribune, UtahPolicy.Com, Utah Political Capitol and Utah bloggers Daniel Burton, Bryan Schott, and Holly Richardson, as tomorrow's top-secret, closed GOP Utah legislative "impeachment" caucus fast approaches. Looks like dang near everyone in the Utah webosphere is getting into the act. It's a regular John Swallow press free-for-all this morning we do swear.
1) A newly-released "Utah Data Points"-conducted poll finds an overwhelming number of Utah voters want Attorney General John Swallow to resign or be impeached:
Interestingly, Utah Political Capitol's Eric Etherington also reports on what appear to be the same polling results with a slightly different twist, i.e., attributing the above-described polling not to Utah Data Points, but to BYU’s Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy:
"BYU Polling? Seems that is a poll result linked with a not so subtle hint from the messenger," said one sage Gentle WCF Reader in a private conversation.

2) House Speaker Becky Lockhart says we may be heading toward a point where impeaching Swallow is inevitable:
The above-linked story includes this informative video:

3) Utah blogger Daniel Burton argues Swallow should return any campaign donations that appear to create a conflict of interest:
Kinda like "closing the barn door after the livestock has already escaped," don'tcha think?
    4) Holly Richardson follows up on our own 6/15/13 WCF writeup and discusses Utah’s standard for impeachment,  what  the "magic words" "high crimes and misdemeanors" actually means, and pretty much makes mincemeat of  the hollow contention of Swallow's lawyers that grounds for Utah impeachment proceedings should be limited to convicted criminal acts:
    Who "the heck" cares anyway???
    5) UPC blogger Bryan Schott delves into the question "What's up with Gayle Ruzicka and her Eagle Forum?"
    Additional sodden question: "Who the hell cares what Gayle Ruzicka "thinks" in the first place?"

    (And yes, gentle readers.. We do know all about Ruzicka's "Ultra-Right-Wing "Phone Tree 'O Terror".)

    That's it for now folks!

    Update 6/18/13 10:23 a.m.:  Interesting and informative blog commentary concerning Eagle Forum's involvement in the John Swallow impeachment debate:
    Don't let the cat get your tongues, folks! 


      Daniel Burton said...

      You may want correct that the caucus is not now closed or secret. If they vote to close, that's one thing, but right now my understanding is that it is open.

      It doesn't do any good to perpetuate that there are secret things planned behind closed doors when that's not accurate. And, as you know, the Dems held their own caucus on the same terms just last month.

      rudizink said...

      We'll find out how it goes tomorrow, No? And I believe your comment should prove sufficient to alert my readers that my prediction may prove to be wrong. Naturally I'd be delighted (and surprised) to find out it's been kept open to the public and the press.

      Thanks for checkin' in, BTW, Daniel. I stumbled upon your most excellent blog just yesterday; and whether you noticed it or not upon what I take to be your first visit, I added you yesterday to my Utah Blogroll.

      bobby said...

      What was it (?) 72% of those polled found him to be ineffective to do the job and yet he won't step down? Unbelievable !!!

      blackrulon said...

      It is just a matter of time before John Swallow is no longer Utah Attorney General. Whether he leaves by way of impeachment or resignation is unknown. What will be interesting behind the scences is the manuvering to become the next Attorney Gener.l. Is it better to be appointed Attorney General and run for full election or wait until the election and run, of course, as an outsider and reform canadidate? Informal polls and trolling for support will be vigorous but hidden from public view.

      AWM said...

      Hardly unbelievable Bobby. Power, once attained is all but impossible to surrender for MOST people. One has to look no further than Sen. Hatch to see its effect over someone. Swallow has nothing to loose by holding on. His reputation is in tatters and his chances of landing a partner position at a prestigious law firm are nil. He is however, STILL the Utah AG and that probably gives him a reason at this point to get out of bed in the morning. That, and possibly the belief that this will all somehow blow over or be partially deflected by a potential upcoming crap storm over new revelations about his predecessor that will make his transgressions look pale by comparison.

      RM said...

      SL Trib headline "78% of Utahns want A.G. Out". Just who are the 22%?

      AWM said...

      Possibly the folks he still owes favors?

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