Tuesday, June 25, 2013

John Swallow Political Corruption Update: Episode XXXI - "Veiled Threats" and Recusals

The bad news continues unabated

Here's the latest in the John Swallow saga, folks:

Say what???
1) "An attorney for Marc Sessions Jenson says he received a 'veiled threat'  from embattled Utah Attorney General John Swallow's chief deputy over  the weekend":
2) "At least one state senator is considering recusing himself from any  Senate impeachment trial of embattled Attorney General John Swallow,  saying considering how Swallow is acting these days he questions whether  he can remain impartial. Sen. Stuart Reid, R-Ogden, who faces  re-election in 2014, in a memo to fellow senators and legislative staff,  said over the weekend that Swallow’s demeanor and his disregard (as  Reid sees it) of public opinion is greatly testing Reid’s ability to  stay truly neutral on Swallow":
Effete political posturing on Reid's part? You be the judge.


blackrulon said...

Stuart Reid is just the designated water carrier for the Republicans. If he is able to recuse hinself many others, with a lesser excuse, will attempt to sit out an impeachent trial if it reaches the Utah State Senate. Mr. Reid has over the last few years presented the GOP case for unpopular laws. Reid was a staunch defender of the legislature gutting GRAMA laws

Virginia said...

now THAT's a judge i could negotiate with.

Ben said...

Heaven forbid that the former Democrat turned Republican, would now waffle on doing his elected duty.

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