Friday, June 21, 2013

John Swallow Political Corruption Update: Episode XXIX - Grinding the Impeachment Gears

The impeachment process moves full speed ahead in top gear

There's plenty more in the way of news blowback from Wednesday's Utah House GOP impeachment caucus, wherein the House GOP started down the road to impeachment of Attorney General John Swallow:

1) Gov. Gary Herbert applauds the decision by the Utah House to investigate Swallow, and adds that he'll "absolutely" call lawmakers into special session if needed":
2) The Standard reports that "House Speaker Becky Lockhart will convene a special meeting of the Utah House of Representatives on July 3 to initiate the investigative process against the state’s attorney general":
3) Lockhart still has not decided on the political composition of the House investigative committee, but (surprize of surprises) House Democrats are jockeying to be included on a bipartisan panel:
4) The tight-fisted beancounters within the GOP House faction are racking their brains over the possible, ultimate "price tag" for these proceedings, which some estimates peg at between "$2 million to $5 million":
5) Utah Policy's Bob Bernick reports that Ogden's own ever-buttoned-down Senator Stuart Reid (R) says Swallow’s “flippant” and “insolent” press conference following the House decision to investigate has "damaged his impartiality in the case":
That's the latest as of now, folks.

So wants to throw in their own 2¢?

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