Sunday, June 30, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune: Judge Blocks Utah Law Limiting Federal Authority on Public Lands

Added bonus: Another timely reminder of exactly which "fiscally conservative" Weber County legislators voted in favor of this hare-brained and facially unconstitutional bill

Well... we hate to say "we told you so..." but we told you so, when we reported that U.S District Judge David Nuffer on May 14 had "signed a temporary restraining order blocking Rep. Mike Noel's HB155  from taking effect until a June hearing on a longer-term injunction," and accurately predicted that this "temporary order would be the first of several federal injunctions coming up over the next few months":

Here's the gist of the latest development  this case, via the Salt Lake Tribune, folks:
A federal judge on Friday blocked Utah’s latest anti-federal law, saying HB155 appears to impose the state’s will on federal land management and "creates irreparable harm to the constitutional order."
After fielding arguments on the law that seeks to limit federal police powers on public lands, U.S. District Judge David Nuffer issued a preliminary injunction pending a final ruling at trial.
And here's the full story for those who'd like to read up:
"Well there goes another million or so tax dollars down the drain that could have been better use[d] like the Utah education system....," sez one astute SLTrib reader.

"So much for the chest-puffing," says another.

And here's a reminder of exactly which "fiscally conservative" Weber County legislators voted in favor of this hare-brained and facially unconstitutional bill, which will most certainly go down in permanent injunction flames, if it ever does make its way to trial in Judge Nuffer's federal trial court:
Something for all Weber County voters to think about when our 2014 Utah General elections roll around a little less than 1-1/2 years from now, yes?

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results," said the wise old perfesser, if ya know what we mean, and we think you do...


Bob Becker said...

Mostly the usual suspects and embarrassments: Christensen, Reid, Froerer, "Free Lunch" Dee. Disappointed to see Pitcher there. He's shown signs in the past of being one of Utah's mist endangered species: a sane Republican . Seems he's, like Dee and Reid, decided being self serving comes before serving the public. Sad.

Ray said...

The editorial board link from the Sacramento Bee below is one of the most rational I've seen in print regarding feds enforcing state law. Not exactly on point with Utah's power grab but similar issues and anti-fed mindset.


blackrulon said...

I am just waiting for the GOP apologists to blame the "unelected activist judge" for denying the will of the people through their elected representatives. I wonder how much Utah has spent fighting this lawsuit in court?

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