Saturday, June 29, 2013

John Swallow Political Corruption Update: Episode XXXII - House Speaker Becky Lockhart Gets Her Formal Impeachment "Ducks" Lined Up

New poll:  Utah public’s lack of confidence "leaks" into other areas of the democratic process

Surprise of surprises, we have more this morning concerning Utah Attorney General John Swallow's mind-bending legal morass:

1) With a July 3, 2013 House Session already calendered to consider a resolution to investigate allegations against Utah Attorney General John Swallow,  various web sources report on the "nuts and bolts" of  the "unprecedented" Utah House impeachment process which "formally" commences on Wednesday:
Added bonus: Check out this boffo Fox13 News video, wherein House Speaker Lockhart explains how rules will be established and a commission created to launch the formal House investigation, a process which is likely to gobble up 2-3 months and $2-3 million in taxpayer treasure:

2) Alliance for a Better Utah has just released the results of a new poll, which may possibly shed some light on the reasons House leadership is pressing forward so aggressively in re this matter:

"No Confidence!" "Get TF Out Now!"
 "There are numerous polls that demonstrate the public’s shattered confidence in the Attorney General. Now, there is evidence that the public’s lack of confidence is starting to leak into other areas of the democratic process. Our own informal polling, the results of which are similar to BYU’s recent poll, demonstrate this breakdown in public confidence":
Yup. Even House Republicans are apparently experiencing their own personal political blowback, we guess.

That's it for now, folks.

Different Strokes: Different Folks
Update 6/29/13 12:27 p.m.:  Very interesting info received from Utah Policy's Lavarr Webb a couple minutes ago, which dives into the depths of Utahns' reactions to the John Swallow scandals, and additionally includes this interesting chart graphic, which we've now embedded at the right of your screen.

Read the full Utah Policy writeup here, folks:
Yep.  This John Sawllow alleged political corruption story grows ever more interesting by the moment, dunnit?


Former LGS Misr said...

Ahem! Uitill and unless John Swallow "loses" his Temple recomennd, I'll refrain from backing this total political sslt "Til hell freezes ."

blackrulon said...

It will be interesting if Gayle Ruzicka and the Eagle Forum will be able to muster any legislative support for John Swallow. Ms. Ruzicka has already gone on the record defending Mr. Swallow

smaatguy said...

he needs to stick a fork in himself...he's done...and save us taxpayers the bill.

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