Friday, June 14, 2013

Survey: Utah’s Economy Strong Compared to Other States'

But relatively sound financial management ain't the same as good leadership, says renowned business and economic analyst 

In the aftermath of yesterday's Weber County Forum writeup, putting the focus on a recent Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW) study "which rates Utah dead-last in the nation when it comes to economic security for families," we'll direct our readers' attention to this morning's Standard-Examiner guest editorial "puff piece," touting "Utah’s economy [which] continues to project a more stable picture economically than most of the nation’s 50 states":
This morning's Antone Clark piece is of course the latest edition in a seemingly never ending flow of local media "hype," which constantly and serially trumpets the shop-worn "strong Utah economy" meme, and by implication, of course, the "wisdom" of the state’s (elected) fiscal managers.

At risk of playing the part of the naysayer however, here are a couple of recent Deseret News items which will hopefully bring some of Utah's frenzied economic cheerleader/politicians "back down to earth." Relatively sound financial management ain't the same as good leadership, says Salt Lake Chamber chief economist and U. of U. David Eccles School of Business Associate Dean Natalie Gochnour:
Nope; Dean Gochnour is correct, wethinks. “Utah is not the best-managed state; it is among the best-managed states.” "While Utah has performed well economically over the years compared with other states, there is still work to do." "If we are not careful [the "best-managed" claim] gets confused with leadership, creates complacency and stands in the way of needed improvements." "Utah's [broken] education system is the perfect example," Gochnour says, quite rightly, we believe.

So what about it O Gentle Ones?  Is your blogmeister the only one who grows weary of our local media's incessant barrage of these infernal  "best managed state" puff pieces?

Are there others out there in Weber County Forum Land looking forward to that day somewhere in the dim future when Utah legislative "leaders" will be boasting about Utah's number 1 public education and health care systems?

The floor's open for your ever-savvy comments, O Gentle Readers.

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