Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Standard-Examiner: Ogden District Finds Funds to Hire 7 Librarians

We should chalk this up as "progress," we guess

In the wake of all the anger and angst over the Ogden School Board's axing of all 20 of the Ogden School District’s teacher librarian/media specialists, we find this encouraging story plastered right there at the top of the Standard-Examiner front page this morning:
Amazing how creative these school district bureaucrats can be when angry local lumpencitizens are raising holy hell and breathing down their necks, innit?

We should chalk this up as "progress," we guess, although when the next Ogden School Board election rolls around in November of 2014, we shouldn't forget the names of the folks who ushered in this crisis, yes? 


Bob Becker said...

Progress? I wonder. According to the article, the seven new librarians won't be working in the schools. They're being hired to develop a new instructional media policy for the district, and to devise a training program for the staff assistants who are replacing the 20 real librarians in the schools. And notice the new panel will also provide a little protective cover for the Superintendent: "Smith said any decision about assigning librarians to specific schools would be one the seven would make."

So, instead of 20 real librarians in the schools, he:s hired seven for one year to devise a way to train less qualified (and so lower paid) part timers to do the 20's jobs as best they can.


blackrulon said...

I wonder how many administrative support specialists will be hired to supervise the seven newly funded librarian/media specialists?

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