Wednesday, June 19, 2013

John Swallow Political Corruption Update: Episode XXVII - Impeachment Caucus One-ring Circus - Updated

Stay tuned, as we expect to do real-time news updates throughout the day

There's more interesting news to highlight on the John Swallow political corruption topic, of course, as Utah House Republicans prepare to meet today to discuss possible impeachment proceedings against our embattled and ethically-challenged Utah Attorney General:

1) Regarding today's state legislative GOP meetup, which UtahPolicy.Com breathlessly describes as "THE MOST IMPORTANT CAUCUS OF ALL TIME," we'll put the spotlight on these new Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News stories, setting the stage for today's "historic" state legislative vs. executive branch showdown:
In response to Gentle Reader Daniel Burton's earlier comment, here's an encouraging quote from the Trib story. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed, of course, that today's unprecedented Utah legislative event will be conducted in full public view:
The caucus is expected to be open — as is typically the case in the House — and likely will be crowded with reporters, photographers and spectators, but House Republicans could close the meeting with a majority vote.
Will House GOP caucus attendees have the "guts" to conduct these "politically uncomfortable" proceedings out in the open?  Within a few hours, folks, we'll soon find out.

2) Utah Policy heavyweight editorialist Bob Bernick warns, "Don’t expect any final decision to be made today, as House Speaker Becky Lockhart says she has not decided on any timeline for possible action against Swallow":
The Utah impeachment process is certainly nuanced and complicated, ainnit, folks?

3) And speaking of "timelines," check out this "Holly on the Hill magnum opus," wherein veteran Utah blogger and former GOP state legislator Holly Richardson reels off, in a most impressively footnoted blog post, "[Swallow's] decade-long pattern of questionable, unethical behavior which has led to a complete rupture in the public trust":
This latter one is a real doozy, folks, something which WCF political wonks might want to bookmark as this matter progresses.

And stay tuned, Weber County Forum readers, as we expect to do real-time article updates, as news of today's once-in-a-lifetime "impeachment caucus" breaks throughout the day.

Oh. And one more thing...

Update 6/19/13 12:30 pm: Swallow's annoying high-priced lawyers attempt to "flummox" today's GOP Caucus with obtuse and impenetrable "legalese." Added bonus, a timely (real-time) SL-Trib video podcast:
LOL. Pull up your LA-Z-BOYS, pop-up your "Orville Redenbachers," and watch and listen to the real-time Trib video podcast, folks.

Update 6/19/13 4:25 pm.: Breaking news from the Salt Lake Tribune, for those amongst us who did not already view the above-embedded "real-time" Trib video podcast:
The floor's open for your comments, O Gentle Ones...


Jest Sayin' said...

I think this as a realtime Trib podcast, Rudi. why? because when I hit the 'pause" button," it doesn;t resume where it left off.

Daniel said...

The most significant thing in your report is house speaker Lockhart's confirmation that she is a monarch. See

rudizink said...

Good catch, Daniel. Thanks for the enlightening link!

Daniel said...

UT Gun Rights has, of late, been exposing this as well:

Ben said...

second amendment has already won the battle of the amendments. No other
amendment stood a chance. Anyway, it's time to begin impeachment of
swallow. The Holly on the Hill blog does a great job of laying out all
of the deceit that has been our Utah AG.

James said...

House GOP Caucus votes to Investigate Swallow.

Carol said...

An expeditious impeachment would be most gratifying however, most improbable

rudizink said...

Yep, James, let's just label it for what it is... a baby step in the right direction...

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