Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Standard-Examiner: WSU Football Coach Jody Sears Fired

The Standard-Examiner this morning reports some essential news for Weber State University football fans.  In response to the hanging question concerning WSU head Coach Jody Sears' continuing job security in the aftermath of a 2-10 2013 season, it turns out that there are big changes in store for the WSU football program:
No doubt about it WSU fans, It's a tough time in America to to be a football coach with a "losing" record.

WSU Athletic Director Jerry Bovee says he hopes to move quickly to replace Sears:
"We're going to be very methodical about it, we're going to make the right decision and we're going to look at what our options are," he said. "Obviously, we need to expedite it because every day we don't have a coach on board here you lose a day of recruiting. As soon as possible, but we're not going to go so quick that we don't make good decisions."
Bovee adds that "[a]ny members of the current staff who are interested in applying may do so."

So what do you think, folks? Does current WSU offensive coordinator Robin Plugrad, who put together a fairly respectable win/loss record at the University of Montana, and is already involved in ongoing player recruiting, enjoy the inside track to step into the WSU head coaching job?  Or will his other past professional difficulties compel WSU Athletic Department officials to look elsewhere to fill the top WSU football coaching spot?

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Danny said...

I heard this was going to happen, and then heard it had happened minutes after, but forgot to come and post it. But I was excited at the news.

Personally, considering the almost universally abysmal performance of the WSU football team, I would rather see the whole staff canned and start over from scratch.

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