Saturday, November 09, 2013

Weber State Football Game Day Thread: Southern Utah v. Weber State

So here goes again, everyone. Repeat after your blogmeister: Go Wildcats!

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Our hard luck ridden Weber State Wildcats (1-8, 0-5) return home to Stewart Stadium this afternoon,  where they'll step onto the gridiron at 1:00 p.m. to battle it out with their Big Sky Conference "in-state rival" Southern Utah Thunderbirds (6-3, 3-2), in the hope of busting out of their current "eight-game losing skid," while the Thunderbirds seek redemption after last year's "stinging" 24-22 defeat.

Here's the pre-game setup from each team's home town newspaper, the Standard-Examiner and the Cedar City Spectrum, respectively, for what it's worth:
Second-year coach Jody Sears hopes the Wildcats are "on the verge of a breakthrough," [of course], as "true freshman quarterback Austin Chipoletti has thrown for over 300 yards in back-to-back games and WSU scored its most points in a game since the opener in last week's 45-24 loss at Portland State."  

Who knows?  If the 'Cats defense can just step it up "a mite" for this game, our Wildcats could surprise everybody today, especially those infernal Las Vegas oddsmakers, who've cold-heartedly (shall we say) installed our WSU Wildcats as 11-1/2 point underdogs:

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Although everyone involved would prefer to find you all attired in your purple gear, with your "butts in seats" this afternoon at lovely Elizabeth Dee Shaw Stewart Stadium, basking in what's shaping up to be perfect football weather, here's where "stay-at-home 'Cats fans" can "vicariously" catch the live game action:
So here goes again, everyone.  Repeat after your blogmeister:

Go Wildcats!

Final, Final: SSU, 27,  WSU 21. Now that coach Sears has failed to fulfill the minimum terms of his coaching contract, i.e., achieving a measly four wins this season, we say it's now time for this loser to GO. And what say you, WSU Football Fans?

Fire Coach Sears? Snoozers will always be losers!

Update 11/10/13 6:34 a.m.: The Standard's Roy Burton provide the post-game stories:
Next stop: The 'Cats meet the Montana Grizzlies (5-1,7-3) on Saturday in Missoula.


rudizink said...

Words cannot express our dismay concerning today's game day online broadcasts. The video has no sound, and the KLO radio broadcast has a 20-second delay.

rudizink said...

Screw it. Chipoletti throws a TD pass to ? WSU7-SSU-zilch.

rudizink said...

WSU recovers the ball on the Thunderbirds 23 yard line, and then muffs the field goal. Typical.

rudizink said...

Score's tied 7-7, folks. Looks like a brand new ball game.

Danny said...

This is the first WSU game I have been to in awhile.

Words cannot describe the ineptitude of the coaching.

No coverage for WSU QB.

No pressure on the opposing QB. No pressure on the opposing receivers.

WSU QB doing a good job - practically the only person on WSU doing anything.

Coaching calls were insane and humiliating. Crowd should be yelling, "Kill the Coach!" "Kill the Coach!"

Completely appalling. Ogden deserves better. Anyplace deserves better. Get rid of WSU coaches now! No need to do anything until coaching staff is replaced.

blackrulon said...

Considering the success coach McBride had at WSU I am concerned. When McBride left was the program that deficient? I realize the John L. Smith fiasco had some disruption to the program but really. Are they players being recruited that bad? With the theft controversy and the cheating scandal, plus the NCAA investigation has the program bottomed out. One ccan hope that the AD realizes that a search for a new coach will need to be through wi9th a major emphasis given to changing the culture of the program.. After 2 years of Jody Sears the fans deserve better.

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