Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weber State Football Game Day Thread: Weber State v. Montana - Updated

A Wildcats win over the Montana Griz may be a tough nut to crack (but so what?)

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Good news for hard-core "Cats fans, as our Weber State Wildcats (1-9, 0-6) are back on the road this afternoon, facing their Big Sky Conference rival, the University of Montana Grizzlies (8-2, 4-2), on Washington-Grizzly Stadium at 12 p.m.; "High Noon," as they say in rustic Montana.

Needless to say, a WSU win over the Griz may be a tough nut to crack for our Big Sky Conference bottom-dwelling Wildcats, as the Grizzlies now not only occupy the #2 position in Big Sky conference standings, but are also 7th and 8th-rated in the Sports Network Top 25, and the FCS Coaches Top 25 polls, respectively.  Adding insult to injury, Weber State hasn't beaten Montana in Missoula since 1987
But seriously... so what? They're our Wildcats squad; and we love 'em unconditionally, right? 

Here's the pregame sports-writer setup, the first via the Standard-Examiner, along with a couple of "good ones," the latter with surprisingly sentimental "local Missoula Missoulian flavor":
Yep.  The presence of former Griz head coach Plugrad as the 'Cats offensive coordinator represents the x-factor in this afternoon's gridiron matchup.

As has become our WCF custom this year, here's the bad news from the bad boys in Vegas:

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Wildcats +28?  Ouch!

For the convenience of Wildcats fans who aren't keen on traveling north into the frozen tundra along with our weather-proof Wildcats squad, and braving this afternoon's prognosticated Missoula Blizzard, you can catch the game from the comfort of the old homestead via the usual online sources, Orville Redenbacker's and hot toddies readily in hand:
Clutch your purple blankies and repeat the mantra over and over again, ever-loyal 'Cats fans:

Go Wildcats! (etc.) 

Update 11/16/13 1:43 p.m.: Wonder of wonders, the Wildcats trail by a mere 14-6 score at the half. Will WSU Offendive Coordinator Pflugrad get his "revenge" for his shabby treatment by Montana officials? Stick around, folks. At this point in the game, considering the feverish way the Wildcats are playin', we will not, and cannot, rule out that possibility.

Update 11/16/13 3:30 p.m.:  Wildcat football falls 42-6 at Montana. The 'Cats come home to Stewart Stadium to face Idaho State for their season finale next week.


Bob Becker said...

Coaching isn't enough if you don't have the horses.

rudizink said...

I seriously doubt that lack of "horses" is the problem. Time to promote Mr. Pflugrad to the head coach position, methinks.

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