Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Standard-Examiner Guest Editorial - Tea Party-type Shane Story Sez (With a Totally Straight Face): "Ogden District Making Progress'"

The time to fix the problems with the Ogden School Board happened yesterday...It's WAY past time to get seriously moving on this, folks

Humdinger of a guest editorial in the Standard-Examiner, wherein soon to be un-elected Ogden School Board Chairman Shane Story finally comes out of hiding, and responds publicly to the crushing series of recent revelations in re the Ogden School District, including, but not limited to Fired Librarians, Volunteer Reading Coach "kill-offs", "snuffing" Adult education, Flunking politically important tests, committing gross fiscal malfeasance and now the distressing news that Ogden School District teachers are fleein' in droves, whew!

And the latest insult to Ogden school system "management" (so-called), to which Mister Story finally responds publicly, after a long silence... to yesterday's strong Standard Examiner editorial, perhaps?
Alternatively and/or collectively however, it might have also been this hard-hitting and troubling S-E reportorial piece which brought soon-to-be ousted dimwit Ogden School Board Chairman Story outta his shell:
Finally, after these harsh Standard-Examiner slams, our little "tea-party-style" Ogden School Board "pipsqeek," Mr. Story, finally steps into the fray, and tries to esplain away why, even under his brillliant "leadership," the Ogden City School District still doesn't still quite "cut it" yet:
Added bonus: Check out the S-E comments section, wherein a stunning variety of actual Ogden City school-teachers set the record straight.

Too bad that they can't all post under their own true names, lest Mr. Story and Superindent Smith might "render them" into involuntary retirement.

Mark your calenders, folks.  The Ogden City School Board election comes up in a mere 12 months,wherein this constant Weber County Forum meme has never been so true:

Bottom line, here's what we expect to be the result in the upcoming 2014 Ogden School Board Elections, despite Mr. Story's self-serving spin, and assuming that the heretofore "sleepy" Ogden Lumpenproletariat get off their derrieres and come up with more than a few decent replacement candidates:

The time to fix the problems with the Ogden School Board happened yesterday.

It's WAY past time to get seriously moving on this, folks, say we.


AWM said...

It appears Mr. Story used the adage "If you really, really believe it, its not a lie" as the starting point for his editorial.

Momma knows best said...

I believe the world is flat. so lets push Story off the edge of the world.

Leslie L. said...

I think it kinda funny how your all talking about getting School Board Member Shane Story out this next election round... might want to check because he won't run again until 2016. Thats gonna be one long paper chain you'll have to make to count down the days until then!

rudizink said...

Yeah, Shane. We'll be stuck with your dumbass for Wa-a-a-a-y to long.

That doesn't mean that Ogden Voters won't be cleaning house in the interim.

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