Friday, November 01, 2013

Standard Examiner Endorsement - Our View: White for Ogden City Council

Weber County Forum's View: It's a cryin' shame that Ogden voters can't choose both

Horse Race "Lingo"
On the heels of yesterday's demoralizing election setbacks, and in the hope of restoring some degree of normalcy to our 2013 Ogden Municipal Election coverage, we'll make a beeline to yesterday's Standard-Examiner special feature, Part 3 of the S-E's series of 2013 Ogden City Council endorsements. In many ways we've viewed the Ogden Council At-large "A" race as possibly the most interesting and difficult contest of the lot, inasmuch Tuesday's voters are faced with two highly-qualified candidates, contenders who'd be at the top of the heap in any other City Council race.  As Standard editor Doug Gibson privately confided to us, picking a favorite in the Seat "A" race was no easy task. And having met each of these fine candidates face-to-face, and having been impressed with each candidate's outstanding personal attributes, we definitely share in that dilemma  Here is the Standard's belabored At-large "A" pick nevertheless, once again "for what it's worth":
In the interest of fairness, and inasmuch as the Standard's analysis reads something like a Marcia White campaign ad, we'll once again refer our readers to each candidate's Weber County Forum candidate profile page, where we've assembled a wealth of candidate links and other online materials where both Candidate Thompson and Candidate White "put their best feet forward," so to speak:
As far as our own assessment goes, here's our brief rundown of what we view as each candidate's chief strengths:

White:  Robust business background, with an engineering degree to boot. Smart, energetic, and just the kind of person who could help out the rest of the City Council comprehend the Administration's sometimes complex real estate/economic development and financing schemes. Added bonus:  White believes that City Council legislation need not always originate with the Mayor's office.  During private conversations with Ms. White and her supporters, we're tantalized to learn that Ms. White will not be shy about bringing forth her own legislation.

Thompson:  Also smart and energetic, scoring especially high marks for his demonstrated past community involvement and "people skills." Thompson exudes personal charisma and "folksy" charm too, folks; just the kind of attributes which have been lacking on past City Councils, within your blogmeister's own memory,  at least. Thompson prides himself in his consensus-building and leadership skills, further well-cultivated talents which would well lend themselves to an Ogden City Council which is often perceived by Ogden lumpentizens as a rudderless legislative body which is easily led around by the (shall we say) pushy personalities of the Ogden Mayoral administration.

In truth, it's a cryin' shame that Ogden voters can't choose both.

So we'll once again encourage you to research these two fine candidates via the links provided above.

Failing that, perhaps its time to resort to a candidate screening technique which has perennially proven its worth:

Works Like A Charm

Yep, Gentle Readers.  In our view, the Seat "A" choice is just that close.


blackrulon said...

What is more important to a candidate for Ogden City council? An endorsement from the Standard-Examiner or a campaign contribution from the Northern Wasatch Association of Realators.

rudizink said...

Bingo, BR. I've got that one circled, as the #1 question of the day!

James Humphreys said...

Fair question, but in each case for Marcia or Steve, did we look at other contributions and endorsements, like a riders education club or the Sierra Club etc.? These should all carry weight in this discussion. There seems to be way to much value given to just one or two groups or people.

Ben said...

They're both great people and great candidates. It's unfortunate that Ogden can't have them both on the cc.

rudizink said...

No. James. Here in Ogden, after getting repeatedly burned during the Dismal Days of the Doddering Godfrey Administration, our Ogden lumpencitizen hackles remain "up", as we look extra closely at high-dollar campaign donations from the grubby real estate lobby.

Seems to me that as a "pay-to-play" perfessional campaign tout organization such as yours would already know that.

That's "nothing new," however, it seems. I'll cut you a pass on this one for the time being, James.

Time will tell how Weber County Forum will "consider" you later, if youi know what we mean (and I think you do.)

James Humphreys said...

I think pay to play does not describe me very well. I have declined offers to work with people I know will be bad for the seat they are running for. Yes, I know what you mean. :)

I would think however you and most readers here would be more worried about developers as opposed to realtors. While related, certainly developers have more interest directly in local government. Please do explain why the Realtors are singled out.

Dan S. said...

The Realtors(R) have chosen to single themselves out by forming a PAC and making large contributions in virtually every Utah political campaign at every level.

blackrulon said...

Sorry James. Your reply did not answer my question. What is more important, a S-E endorsement or a campaign contribution from the realators lobby?

rudizink said...

Pay attention my new and late in-coming WCF friend. We've already "esplained" it in spades over the years. Perhaps though, you weren't listening:

The Utah Association of Realtors: The Biggest and Baddest PAC in the Land

This will be "on the WCF test," BTW.

Remember, James. It's naver too late to "catch up." [grin]

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