Saturday, November 02, 2013

Weber State Football Game Day Thread: WSU v. Portland State

Will today be the day that our Wildcats turn their season around?

Joy of joys, it's Weber State football game day once again, whence our heretofore underachieving WSU Wildcats football squad ( 1-7, 0-4) comes off a "restful" bye week and travels north to Portland, Oregon (official city motto: "We have a streetcar and you don't"), for tonight's gridiron contest against the Portland State Vikings (4-4, 1-3) Kickoff's set for 2:00 p.m. (Mountain) at the Portland City Corporation's most impressive ELD-WEN Field:

Beauteous, ainnit?

Here's the pre-game setup from the Standard-Examiner and the newspaper down south, O ever-eager Wildcat fan[atic]s:
While Portland's three local newspapers devote not a single byte of electronic ink to this afternoon's important Big Sky Conference tilt-off, here's the local pre-game perspective from the Portland State website:
Dang.  Even though Portland State probably can't exactly be regarded as a Big Sky Conference powerhouse, for the eighth straight week, our WSU Wildcats nevertheless remain Las Vegas oddsmaker underdogs:

Click to enlarge image
Once again, Wildcats fans can catch this afternoon's action though real-time live streaming audio and video (from the usual online sources, of course):
And just to get your Wildcat juices flowin', we've bullet-pointed these possible pre-game WSU "bright points," fastidiously gleaned from the articles linked above:
  • Weber State has won the last five meetings in the series, including the last three trips to Portland.
  • The Wildcats have won five of eight Big Sky Conference games played at JELD-WEN Field.
  • In the 'Cats' last game (MSU v. WSU) "ace" quarterback Chipoletti and the rest of the WSU squad actually "got their groove on" (well, almost).
  • Coming off a bye week, a previously battered WSU squad is all rested up. Although they barely practiced on the field at all, they thus had plenty of extra time to engage in useful "off-field" game simulations on their trusty team-issued X-boxes, right?
  • It's reaching the point where Coach Sears' job security might possibly be on the line, so if Sears knows what's good for him, this afternoon's game will no doubt involve a little extra "crackin' of the whip," if you know what we mean (and we think you do.)
So what do you think, 'Cats fans? Will today be the day that our Wildcats turn their season around?

Yep.  We think so.



Update 11/2/13 4:09 p.m.:  PSU on top 24-10 at halftime. Vikings with 165 yards rushing, WSU with 18.

Update 11/2/13 5:24 p.m.:  For those who have or haven't been closely following the WSU football program, here's the score of tonight's BIG game: PSU 45; WSU 24. WHATTABUMMER!

Update 11/3/13 8:00 a.m.: The Standard provides the post-game story:
 Next up:  Southern Utah, 1 Saturday at Stewart Stadium.

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