Thursday, November 21, 2013

Utah Policy.Com: Breaking: Swallow to Resign by Friday - Updated

So long, John.  It's been nice knowin' ya's.  NOT!

Just as the Standard Examiner reports that the cost of the State House of Representaives John Swallow  impeachment investigation has racked up a cool $1.5 million in billed overhead, Utah Policy.Com delivers this blockbuster news:
Sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, tell Utah Policy that Attorney General John Swallow will resign from office by Friday.  Swallow has reportedly cut a deal with investigators to resign from office in order to avoid criminal charges. As part of the deal, Utah Policy is told, he will be slapped with a civil fine for campaign finance violations.
Read up:
Took him long enough, didn't it? We guess he had to wait it out for the best "plea" deal.

Is there anyone amongst our Gentle WCF readership who isn't murmuring the words, "good riddence?"

So long, John.  It's been nice knowin' ya's.  NOT!

Update 11/21/13 11:19 a.m.:  The Trib's now all over this story, too:
Update 11/21/13 5:30 p.m.:  As Roy Orbison would say. "It's Over":
Comments, anyone?  Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Ones.


Actuary321 said...

Why does it take the imminent thread of charges before people finally resign? Do these folks that get caught in this stuff truly believe they have done nothing wrong?

TruthHurts said...

LOL. Say bye-bye to your law license, John.

Bob Becker said...

And I imagine the lobbyist route is off the table, at least for a while... (Secretary: "Sen., John Swallow of Bagman Development Corp. is here to see you." Sen.: " Aarrrgghhh!!!Tell him I'm sick, tell him I'm out, tell him I'm in Brazil, tell him I git hit by a bus, tell him anything but DON'T LET HIM IN.")

Actuary321 said...

Still claiming his innocence. Says he basically ran out of money to defend himself against a virtual unlimited resources of the state.

While I won't comment on his guilt or innocence, the excuse he uses does ring true. Ask anyone who had been driven to bankruptcy, rightly or wrongly, by the IRS.

Bob Becker said...

That would also apply to anyone against whom Swallow, in his caoacity as AG, brought charges.

Danny said...

Where can I get a job where I can commit every financial crime in the book, and then get off Scott free by merely resigning? Swallow is the tip of the iceberg in the corrupt, stinking Utah state government.

blackrulon said...

I suggest SuperDell Schanze. He is well known in Republican Tea party circles. He has run for elected office previously. He understand the legal system. Only as a defendant in civil and criminal cases but he has has personal experience.

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