Friday, November 22, 2013

Utah Attorney General John Swallow Tenders His Resignation: The Aftermath - Updated

Keep your eyes on this page, as additional frantically-prepared stories and analyses continue to roll in

As the oderiferous John Swallow political era winds to a merciful close, the Utah political webosphere is awash with frenzied reports and analyses in the wake of yesterday's Swallow resignation:
And here's a particularly interesting story from the Trib. Let the post resignation inter-party squabbling begin:
We'll make it a point to update this page, of course, as additional frantically-prepared stories and analyses continue to roll in.

Update 11/23/13 10:00 a.m.:  Uh-oh.  There's more:


rudizink said...

Exactly right, Ben! Now that it's clear that Swallow CHEATED, it seems pretty clear that The Utah GOP ought not be able to "appoint" our next Utah Attorney General, and that whomever survives a "Special Election" should be our next Utah Attorney General.

Another interesting interpretation: If Swallow was elected in a curcumstances amounting to election fraud, shouldn't th Lt. Governor's office just "void" the last election results and appint Dee Smith as the winner?

It gets interestinger and interesinger, Dunnit, Ben?

smaatguy said...

I keep hearing about cheated...what is the core of the cheating...sorry been too buried to sift through it.

Marco said...

I love the 2d Amendment tie-in!

AWM said...

This would be the same sheriff whose jail Matthew Stuart was found hanging dead in? and the same one that sits on the Weber-Morgan County Narco Strike Force board that found no problem with the raid at the Steward residence? HE supports the 2nd amendment? Who would have thunk (sic) that!

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