Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Standard-Examiner: Weber County Breaks Tradition, Gibson Returns As Commission Chair

Gotta love all things Republican in Utah

By Ray

Looks like the Weber County "Good Ol' Boys" are alive and well as they deny Commissioner Jan Zogmeister her rotation as chairperson of the Commission.
That'll teach this "uppity" woman to try thinking for herself.

The more things change in Utah the more they remain the same.

Gotta love all things Republican in Utah.


Catherine said...

OMG you can almost smell the condescension:
Gibson countered: "I think you're making this a little too personal."

Ben said...

It is a little too personal.

T.R. Morgan said...

It is shameful that members of her own party would disrespect her like this.

rudizink said...

Attention, Weber County Republican Women! Write this down so ypu don't forget it.

blackrulon said...

Does Commissioner Zogmeister have cooties?. That could be the only valid reason they have for denying her the opportunity to be chairperson?

Dan S. said...

Let me preface this by saying that I don't follow the county commission closely enough to be especially well informed about the positions and voting records of the three commissioners. Nevertheless, my strong sense is that Zogmaister is the "liberal" among the group. She seems to support the library, and the trail system, and even mass transit so long as it doesn't cost too much or serve too many poor people. That makes her a socialist in comparison to your typical Utah Republican these days. So what we're probably witnessing here is just a local version of the civil war that's going on within the national Republican Party. Pass the popcorn!

Danny said...

It's good to have Cathy McKitrick back on the job. Clicking on her name took me to many good articles she has written. She is a true journalist and a hardworking one. It's great to read her again.

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