Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Print Media Chimes in Again On "Quotagate"

"Will Ticket For Food" - Click to enlarge image

By Rudizink

We've received numerous reader inquiries via email on the subject of yesterday's Boss Godfrey press conference, requesting more information on this event. Weber County Forum registered a near-record number of page loads yesterday, so it's obvious that many gentle readers are attentively following developments in the the ongoing Vangate/Quotagate saga.

In the interest of keeping our readers abreast of the most recent developments on this topic, we link two print media articles, appearing in today's Salt Lake Tribune and Standard-Examiner, respectively.

Kristen Moulton provides a nice fact summary, together with useful background information in this article; and Scott Schwebke contributes the Standard-Examiner's two-cents here.

We'll leave it up to our gentle readers to analyze, compare and discuss the versions of the facts presented in these two articles.

Let us continue the discussion here.

We offer our thanks, BTW, to gentle reader Trueogdenlover, who helpfully furnishes today's most excellent graphic header.

We've been vacillating between the terms Vangate and Quotagate, but don't consider ourselves to be married to either of these descriptions. Reader suggestions are welcome on this subject. Just what kind of "gate" is this story anyway? Who knows? Perhaps we can start up a dark humor version of last year's "Name the Mall" contest.

Comments (or suggestions,) anyone?

Update 8/10/06 8:47 a.m. MT: The Godfreygate disaster continues to unfold, with another article in the Standard-Examiner, and yet another on the KSL website.

Although several city councilmembers are reportedly feeling warm and fuzzy about Boss Godfrey's referral of this bag of snakes to Mark Decaria's office, the gentle viwers in KSL Newsland ain't buying Godfrey's spin at all.

Update 8/10/06 12:24 p.m. MT: Gentle reader Dian now brings this fact-illuminating Brandy A. Lee article to our attention, in the comments section below. A WCF hat tip both Deseret Morning News reporter Brandy Lee, and to our always-alert & gentle reader Dian, who seems to have been especially on-the-ball in finding all the good stuff this morning.

Don't let the cat get your tongues.


chief's severance package? said...

Chief’s severance package?

Anyone who serves in the Godfrey administration and does what is wrong, especially after being directed to do so? When they get caught? Godfrey just throws them under the buss. So whoever is part of his administration will be well paid, but they’ll have to take the fall. Just like, Pierce, Reid, and now Chief Greiner. So how much of a severance package is Chief Greiner going to get?

Look the other way said...

The reason why the Mayor wants the County to investigate?

Is the County Attorney going to do the same type of investigation that the County Recorder received?

Look the other way!

bonnie lee said...

How about

"Peckerwood Gate"

"Hubris Gate"

"Gondola Man Gate"

Is there going to be a limit on the number of suggestions from your readers?

It is very interesting how the Gondola Man blames his victims! In psycology there are a number of factors in defining sociopaths. Blaming their victims is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Be more creative than anything 'gate. The '70s are gone, don't use them as a comedy crutch.

Curmudgeon said...


I think "Godfreygate" has real possibilities. Especially since it can cover all future excursions of Our Fair City's leader into speech suppression, intimidation, squandering of public resources, real-estate speculation cronyism, or any of his other on the job hobbies..

sharon said...

Corruptgate, Goofreygate, Duperman, Greinfreygate, LimitedActionMan, Jon Jon and Matty's Unethical Adventure, Skulkerman, "ChiefTakeFall" LittleMrClean.

NapoleonBonerPart, Kiss the Voters Bye-Bye Boys, Cops N Robbers,

Anonymous said...

How about “Political Retailing Scandal.” or “Oppression Gate”. “Let’s lie to the media Gate”.

This one is good.

“I am not a Pinko Commie Freedom of Speech Oppressionist Dictator Scandal”

sharon said...

Couple More:

Confreygate....Condola Man

abner said...

The Caped Screwsader...

abner said...

Prospeak at your Peril

Big Bad Jon and the Con

althepal said...


ozboy said...

I'm throwing in with Curmudgeon on this one. I don't think we can come up with anything more simple, direct and on the money than "Godfreygate".

Every one that is even remotely knowing of our dear little lord and his zany antics will instantly relate.

Godfreygate will indeed cover all future foolishness that he may partake of. I have a feeling that we are only seeing the beginning of a long run of great Godfreyisms.

the meaner me said...

How 'bout a bumper sticker?

Down with the PeeWeearchy

Anonymous said...

However, just the name "Godfrey" will in of itself will imply corruption.

When I a hear someone mention the Name "Godfrey". Immediately other people just tilt their head back and shake it, while at the same time roll their eyes as they repeat the word “Oh Godfrey”..... “Not him again”.

mercy said...

Now Matt is quoted as saying Jones' car was behind him...if so, how could he get the plate number?

Why did Greiner request it without the King whispering in his ear?

It ain't the dog food company that stinks in Ogden.

Ogdenrules said...

As long as we're playing the name game, doesn't "Raze Ogden" seem like a better name than "lift ogden?"

ed said...

Ticket Capital of Utah

Monotreme said...

The Borg Wars.

"Resistance is futile. 1200 New Jobs! 1000 New Weber State Students! $9M [and lots of parking too] for Weber State! $500M in houses! $5M in tax revenues! Join the Lift Ogden Hive Mind!"

sharon said...

Oh, give me a town
Where the Mayor ain't a clown

Where the po..leece like to live and to play,

Where the Chief doesn't frown
While bowing to the clown

And the cops can catch robbers all day!

Car car on the prowl
It's the mayor, oh how foul

Told the Chief to run a plate
Threw around his puny weight

But Jones ain't throwin' in the towel

Tryin' to bust a real good cop
Jon and Matty, out cookin' up slop

Oh the townies are mad
Cuz these two are bad

But they're bound to fail
May even go to jail...

If not, run 'em out on a rail.

Dream, dream on you guys

Ere the Chief runs your plate
Dang...he just sealed your fate

Knock knock..a sarge at your door
Too bad, Matt, you ain't a cop anymore.

sharon said...

Lighten up and have some fun, Anon, Curm and Ozboy..

I like the bumper sticker, Meaner Me.

We'll all groan for EV ER when we hear the name Godfrey, but in the meantime posters just wanna have fun.

Right kids?

Filo T blogsworth said...

Comment banished by administrator to WCF Dungeon

dian said...

Comments on the KSL comment page are indicating that those who write to the mayor's office regarding this issue are receiving the same e-mail posted on that site earlier.

Also on that page, several comments state that the police have received a memo instructing them not to talk to the media.

Hope that's not true.

KSL Comments

Filo T blogsworth said...

Mr Administrator-I appreciate being at least banished to the dungeon and not snuffed out. However I have to ask if that was really prudent? I kept it clean and as nice as I know how.

Impeach Him said...

This mayor is the ultimate politician, not a leader. He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but instead of being a leader and stepping in to nip this in the bud on day one, he lets it fester, and puts the reputations of everyone involved on the line, from the officer, to the chief, to the citizens of Ogden who are ridiculed by outsiders. He should have been a man from the start and said, "Hey I was curious about who was in the truck. I let the curiosity get the better of me and I apologize to everyone involved." A real leader owns up to mistakes.

Only when it appears the City Council will hire an outside attorney does he step forward and trump the council with his own handpicked attorney. If there's been a civil rights violation, shouldn’t we send the case to the STATE ATTORNEY’s office.

As for the chief, I used to work for a company that did business with law enforcement agencies across the U.S. and you just don’t willy nilly run searches in databases. For instance, I was told that if you punched in George Bush into the NCIC database, you’d have federal agents at your door before you could make your next mouse click. Misuse of these databases for “personal” searching is criminal.

Apparently, the mayor didn’t get the message last election when everyone he supported was decisively dismissed by voters, let’s send an even louder message by sending the case to the state for prosecution. Don’t worry mayor, those orange jumpsuits will complement your hair.

sharon said...

The City Council MUST do as you suggest, fact many of us have asked the Council to do just that.

Unfortunately, Jesse Garcia said to me just what is quoted in the paper: "I have confidence in Mark Di Caria".

Well, we aren't denigrating Mr. DiCaria, but GODFREY is the one who asked him to 'investigate.'

That's the first rotten stench emanating from the 9th floor.

He and Greiner should have apologized immediately, but since neither has the humility nor leadership to have done so;, they can still do what is right: reinstate Matt Jones.

If it is true, that two Strike Force officers were demoted..rectify that also.

I've written to the mayor. I'm waiting to see if I receive the same 'form' letter that Marie Richey rec'd and published on the KSL blog.

I plead with the saner members of the Council to bypass Garcia and bring in the SL Atty Gen'l, SLPD, SL Sheriff's Office, or as Jeske suggested at the very LEAST, bring in the Weber County SHERIFF'S Office.

Godfrey is a sneak. Read his 'form letter' on KSL. He shows himself to be a liar in his own words.

Criminals give themselves away by putting in too many details in their alibis.

'Honest, Ma. I don't know how the bike was stolen...I just rode it to the store, and then I saw Timmy and Jon and we said hi, and Jon had on a red shirt and Timmy was chewing Wrigley's gum, and I said, "Hi', and then I petted Timmy's dog Blue who had a white spot on his foot and wore a green collar. I think he shouda had a blue collar cuz his name is Blue, but anyway, I really didn't go in the store Ma cuz you said I couldn't so of course I didn't, but when I was talking to the guys and petting Blue, and oh yeah I saw old Mr Gump, he's really getting old Ma, don't you think..maybe you could bake him some of your cookies Ma, cuz you make the best cookies Ma, in the whole world...well somebody stole the bike. Honest, Ma...don't you beleive me?"

Yep. That's his story and he's sticking to it....til the next reporter or camera shows up.

Another humble servant said...

Godfrey is concerned about liars and employees that work for the city lying?

What about the lie that he and John Patterson said when confronted about the Gondola endorsement in exchange for applying for a grant to hire three firefighters that were let go 2 years ago, coincidently that was political. They said it never happened. Not true, it did happen. Was that an oversight, or an out right lie?

They rate firefighters on integrity, yet they have none, they dont want employees to lie, yet they do.

Godfrey states the "the police actions are political, and most people dont understand". Mayor Godfrey has made it political.

RudiZink said...

Look at the bright side, Filo.

Yours is one of the very few WCF posts that will be forever enshrined within the deep bowels of WCF Dungeon(tm).

If it's any consolation to you, you may consider your post to be one of the very best of the worst, so to speak.


dian said...

Selection of Weber to probe mayor, chief raises questions

sharon said...

Thanx, Dian.

I had looked and didn't see that article.

Glad she quoted Caril Jennings.

Let's keep the pressure on the Council to go outside the county.

Still haven't rec'd a reply from the mayor's office.

Officer said...

I bet Officer Jones wishes he could pick and choose anyone in the county to conduct his investigation like the mayor did.

Ill bet all criminals would like to start investigations into themselfs once they get caught. Especially if they get to choose the judge and jury.

Mayor Godfrey is atleast an accomplice to this crime of violating civil rights and illegally running license plates. How is it he gets to choose his investigator.

fred said...

How about a link to today's Sub Standard article?

wally said...

Dear Officer,

For all the good it will do, I hope you are sending that very sentiment (and truth) to Hizzonah, Greiner and the Council!

Would love to read it in the SE.

Bet the guys in orange jump suits would like to see it posted in the latrine.

Officer said...

I know many of you have expressed that you would like to help out the Jones's anyway possilbe.

The OPBA is going to set up an account for the Jones's legal fees. The ACLU is probably going to take the civil rights violation and they cover costs. However Matt needs a labor lawyer to ensure he gets a fair hearing.

Send any dontations to OPBA Trustee at 2186 Lincoln Ave, Ogden UT, 84405 (make note that it is for Matt Jones)

After Matt gets back to work he is going to pursue charges in every way shape and form that he can against both Mayor and Chief.


Impeach him said...

How many times has the City been sued now? Does anyone have the running tally? When are we going to get some City officials who have INTEGRITY and follow the rules?

sharon said...

Probably when we have a GROWN UP, in every sense of the word, as mayor!!

sharon said...

well, wrote to the mayor this am.

Still no letter from him.

Darnit. He could be on vacation again.

a humble public servant said...

It is amazing how Mayor Godfrey is distancing himself from the whole fiasco surrounding Officer Jones. It would seem that Mayor Godfrey has a quota on putting the blame on Chief Greiner and he is obviously going to score a 5 in that category.

I hope that all of us, the City Council Members, and everyone else who is aware of this situation, see through the little tyrant’s political play and hold him true to this one unimpeachable, you can’t bullshit your way around it fact:

We would not be in this situation with Officer Jones if Mayor Godfrey had not followed Mrs. Jones. It was Mayor Godfrey who did this. It was Mayor Godfrey who called Chief Greiner, his subordinate. You take Mayor Godfrey out of this situation, you don’t have a situation.

Mayor Godfrey’s “Limited Involvement” is the same as saying Ken Lay had limited involvement in Enron. To think that he, Mayor Godfrey, is the one calling for an outside investigation is equal to a Bank Robber calling for an investigation into the Bank Robbery.

I acknowledge that the tyrant has changed the momentum of this situation with his news conference. We must strive to ensure that this is not permanent. This goes beyond justice for Officer Jones. This goes beyond fairness for public safety. This is the essence of our community and the future of it. We must hold Mayor Godfrey accountable for his actions and if the City Council Members stand by and continue to be a rubber stamp at his will, then we must hold them accountable as well.

ogdenlover said...

Didn't this whole unequal performance standard vs other city workers start when the police and firefighters refused to come out in support of the Gondola?

I'm pretty sure it did, but I'm getting distracted by Matt Godfrey's daily changing versions of Quotagate. It probably wasn't deliberate, but we need to be sure we don't lose track of the Matt & Chris show as well.

It is essential to have a non-Weber County person looking into the Godfrey/Greiner debacle. What good does it do to hold an investigaton otherwise? Just another way Godfrey is wasting our money.

Yeah Matt, you're leaving us quite a legacy. Deplete the treasury while our infrastructure falls apart and give the rest of the State the idea that we're a dump run by an incompetent.

We need to be recruiting and retaining good police and firefighters, not making it intolerable for them to work here. I noticed a police officer parked in front of your house. What about the houses belonging to hard-working people who can't afford to live where you do?

ARCritic said...

You people keep calling for an independent investgation from outside weber county. Just to let you know, the sherrifs department and the county attorney would be the agencies that would investgate any city in the county. There is not conflict of interest there. They may know the players in the investigation but that alone does not create a conflict. And they could probably find someone in the office that didn't know them well enough to have an influence.

And let me be the first to predict that if (most likely when) the investigation determines that no laws were broken and there were no ethical breaches the response here will be, "well see the county good old boys are just protecting their own kind".

Everyone here has already convicted the mayor and the police chief. Why do we even need an investigation? Just get a rope and find the tallest tree in town and lets be done with it. Nothing short of that is going to satisfy you folks.

I agree that what they did seems untoward but there is also there explanations which while seemingly too convenient, do provide reasonable doubt if you are willing to believe them. Cause the problem is that so far there is no evidence to contridict them. Many of you try to say that the story keeps changing but from what I read the first day to what I read now, the basic facts of the story are the same. Some of the wholes have been filled in with information that contradicts the extrapolations many have made but I have found no direct contridictions. But I am willing to listen to arguments to the contrary

concerend citizen said...

Now this...The Ogden Planning Commission is being stacked by Godfrey!

Bias alleged on Ogden Planning Commission

Dustin Chapman? Isn't that UTmorMAN who suddenly stopped operating his pro-Gondola blog?

This guy doesn't even have a college degree and is supposed to be qualified?

ozboy said...


In a perfect world you may be correct, except of course for the ever changing and fine tuning of the Mayor's and Chief's story lines.

Since when does someone who is suspected of a crime get to choose who investigates said crime?
And make no misktake about it, there are crimes that have been aledged against the two "G"'s.

If you do not think there is a cozy relationship between the Mayor and DeCaria, between the Democrat political operative Ed Allen, the mayor's mentor and father in law, and the Democrat County Attorney, then you are incredibly naive or very very disengenuous.

Under most honorably run governments and law inforcement agencies it is not only the blatant conflicts that are of concern, it is even the appearance or possibility of conflict that drives decisions of who would investigate a politician. A truly honorable city and county government would pass this whole can of worms off to a totally disinterested neighboring County or State agency.

In a small interconnected legal and political community like Weber County, it is extremely difficult to get one politician with the integrity and guts to stand up and fairly investigate another politico in the same small club.

If ever there was a case that cried out for a completely independent investigation, this one is it. No matter which way it goes there will be a significant number of people that will think the outcome was fixed. This case has the very real potential to further discredit all politicians involved and to further degrade the already low opinion a large number of Weber residents have of local government.

There is a lot of very smelly stuff going on in Ogden, and in Weber County. I for one think the "fix" is in.

Anonymous said...




Everything that has the appearance of a scandal is labeled "GATE." Someone needs to hire a new writer and get a little bit more creative.

And, my goodness, there's sure a lot of energy being expended on ripping apart all of those involved in these so-called "Ogden-GATE" matters, energy that could maybe be used in a more positive direction of resolving or offering alternatives. There's a unique thought.

Jason W. said...

Yes, it appears Little Matty Godfrey's hubris knows no bounds; it's approaching Michael Eisner proportions. Dustin Chapman is an associate of Godfrey's who is in the same LDS stake. He used to maintain the excremental, childish, Godfrey-rah-rah!-Go-Mayor-Go-Geiger! site, filled with illiterate reiterations of the silly gondola mantra. It always carried a podcast of the mayor's call-in show and at one point even featured a man-love segment titled Godfrey-nomics, complete with His Tiny Lord Forehead's photo and oozing with praise for how Godfrey has mortgaged our city into the next century and spent ridiculous sums to satsify his pruriently self-aggrandizing interests. This Chapman fellow may be young and without any relevant life or industry experiences to serve on the Planning Commission, but as a Lift Ogden propogandist, it's a blatant conflict to have him on the PC. Read some of his silliness and how the site was a pulpit for Geiger to exhibit his borderline personality. Wow. Godfrey's delusion and arrogance are even more astounding than his lack of intelligence. Who voted for this clown again? Twice? God help us all.

RudiZink said...

"And let me be the first to predict that if (most likely when) the investigation determines that no laws were broken and there were no ethical breaches the response here will be, 'well see the county good old boys are just protecting their own kind'."

Exactly right, ARCritic. And Boss Godfrey ought to have referred tha matter to a neighboring county for that very reason.

Whatever the outcome, this still local investigation will forever bear the Godfrey taint, and will NEVER gain traction with the public.

It would have been much smarter politically, to have shipped it out of Weber County entirely.

Anonymous said...

Rudi....what's with the picture?

Sherlock said...

So many opinions on who, or what agency, should do the "investigation" on "vangate," that I've lost count. Absolutely, there is the First Amendment at stake here, but isn't there also the conduct of employees and other job related issues? Most probably, and hopefully, an investigation will sort everything out and put this matter to rest.

I'm struck by the fact that, because Mark DeCaria is a Weber County Prosecutor, he should be recused, if you will, because of the closeness of Weber County to Ogden. I smile, however, in the fact that the Weber County Sheriff, also located in Weber County, would be an acceptable alternative to the Prosecutor's office. Here we'd have "cop on cop," rather than "Prosecutor on cop." This rational gives me moment to pause.

So, where do we go from here? Do we ask the State of Utah to intervene? What about the Feds? What about a neighboring County? Whatever, my thought that is if Mayor Godfrey chooses it, it will be wrong, simply because it camr from him. That is indeed a shame as I'm sure that if anyone wants this behind him, it's the Mayor.

Maybe it's time to lighten up and see where the cards fall and what happens after the dust settles. Can a person be wrong all the time, or is this merely prejudice speaking out and creating the same vernacular that seems to be do despised that prompts these postings?

a humble public servant said...


Just as you accuse that we are biased in our view of the facts, I think that you are as well. You state that the story has not changed, we this is only true if you read the same story over and over. However, if you have seen and read all of the information on this you will see many discrepancies. In the SE’s first article on this subject, Chief Greiner was quoted as saying that Officer Jones’ involvement in the van was cause enough for “concern” and he even cited some state statute as to why. The most recent quotes are that Officer Jones’ involvement in the van had nothing to do with his being placed on leave, a contradiction to his first statement.

Mayor Godfrey is distancing himself, rather blatantly, from this whole situation and from the Chief's actions, why? You and I know that one's actions after the act can be as good as proving guilt as those during the act. As an investigator, which I am sure that you have experience in, we make conclusions in this manner on many criminal cases. Given the fact that we cannot investigate this, we must rely on what these involved individuals say in the media and then come to a conclusion based on that. I guess you hear what you want to hear.

As for the County taking charge of this investigation; I have absolute confidence that it will be investigated without bias and in an extremely professional manner. For this reason, I think that your prediction is going to be way off the mark. You need to check out the few state statutes that have been previously listed and you will find that most, if not all, of the elements are met. We will see if someone in a political position, such as Mark Decaria, has the internal fortitude to follow through on the prosecution.

watson said...


It’s a pattern of shady behavior over several years that leads to suspicion and a lack of confidence in the mayor. Don’t misunderstand, I’d rather feel like I’m living in a town where the mayor is squeaky clean. I’ll give someone the benefit of several doubts before I’d throw them overboard, but you can’t totally dismiss a history and pattern of suspicious circumstances as mere coincidence.

Look at the whole Stuart Reid deal. When it looks like he’s distributed $40k in a sweetheart deal, he has a convenient story about an oral agreement that no one can possibly disprove. Alright, fine. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Fast forward to handling the gondola and his insistence that it will go to Snowbasin through a variety of news sources and public meetings even after he was told (and told multiple times) to stop.

Then, there’s his little comments captured in the news. Maybe every journalist from multiple publications just misquote him, but that just doesn’t seem likely. It’s not uncommon for him to say things like, “we didn’t tell the public because if we did they’d complain.” Comments about there not being any such thing as a ticket quota, and oh by the way the requirement to write a certain amount of tickets only accounts for a miniscule part of an officer’s total evaluation. His sly little jabs like, Greiner will be investigated to see if he did anything wrong, and my involvement will be investigated, “limited” as it was. It’s plain to see that none of this would have happened if he hadn’t gone so cloak and dagger all of a sudden. How is that limited?

Sherlock, maybe this small snapshot of recent Godfreyisms doesn’t bother you and it’s all a series of misunderstandings and media hype. But to me it shows a disturbing example of behavior. Through these and other examples I’m aware of, I’m convinced our mayor is a narcissistic, self-absorbed, know-it-all, habitual liar. He’s embarrassing to Ogden—like our own version of Super Dale.

I’m sorry if my conclusion strikes you as abrupt or unfounded, but if you put together all the facts and examples, you’ll find it’s quite elementary my dear Sherlock.

sharon said...

Not only is Janith Wright a LiftOgden--Peterson 'cheerleader' she's also a very close friend of Godfrey, Donna Burdett, and Ed and Patty Allen. Closely acquainted with Safsten and Ashton also. Just to name a few.

She will not be objective, as she claims. In my opinion, she will do everything Godfrey and his minions ask of her.

So will Chapman. I'm stunned that Godfrey, in the middle of one political fiasco, jumps right in and makes two more blunders. ** isn't that another manifestation of a sociopath? Invincible?

Aided and abetted by the Council.**

For pete sake, isn't there anyone on that Council who can actually and literally STAND up and speak out in opposition on anything?

Didn't we get rid of a couple rubber stamps last Nov? Who knew more were in the closet waiting to 'out' themselves?

You ask, how could Godfrey be voted in twice??? Well, what the *&$^%^$@ have we done with this Council?

The hairlines and hairdos changed, but not much else.

Come on, Jeske, Wicks, Stephens, show some backbone here.

Maybe y'all have sinusitis? Lost your sense of smell? The rest of us haven't.

Let us assure you that the stench from the 9th and 3rd floors is gagging us.

In all of this city...Dustin Chapman is the best to found? On the PLANNING Commission?

Wake up! This is serious. Virginia Reyes (?) asked in a recent Council meeting how people are chosen to be on commissions? She said she keeps seeing the same people chosen...(and the same buddies of the mayor.) SHE wants to serve. Interview her, Council.

Mark DiCaria will be thorough. No doubt about it. The mayor chooses his 'investigator'....does he get to choose the verdict? The sentence?

This puts DiCaria in an untenable position. The people are angry. They see a scam and a con job. They KNOW the two GG's have overstepped the bounds.

If DiCaria does his job and then goes easy on Godfrey and Greiner....hard on the cops... will the voters remember this?

If Godfey could humble himself to do what is right(at least for someone else)...then he should have the Council ask an office outside Weber County to conduct this odious task.

That is, if this Council has the guts and will come together to avoid all appearances of chicanery in this matter.

a humble public servant said...

It appears as though there are some elected officials in Ogden that care about its future, justice and how its employees are treated. We will see how and who is serious about this during the roll call vote Tuesday. Here is the Council's agenda for August 15th.

Ogden City Council Meeting

August 15, 2006 – 6:00 p.m.

City Council Chambers – Third Floor

Municipal Building, 2549 Washington Blvd.

1. Roll Call.

2. Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Moment of Silence.

4. Introduction of Guests.

5. Approval of Minutes: (Approve/not approve minutes – voice vote)

a. Special Meeting of September 13, 2005 – Councilmember Safsten

b. Special Meeting of July 11, 2006 – Councilmember Jeske

c. Work Session of July 27, 2006 – Councilmember Glasmann

d. Study Session of August 1, 2006 – Councilmember Stephens

6. Common Consent: (voice vote)

a. Vacation of a portion of Fillmore Avenue. Petition 2006-21 and Proposed Ordinance 2006-50 approving the vacation of 16.5 feet along the west side of Fillmore Avenue between Swan Street and 23rd Street. (Set public hearing for September 19, 2006)

b. Honorary designation of a portion of Harrison Boulevard as Wildcat Way. Proposed Resolution 2006-21 approving the honorary designation of Harrison Boulevard from 36th Street to 46th Street as Wildcat Way. (Set public hearing for September 5, 2006)

7. New Business:

a. Planning Commission Appointment. Consideration of the appointment of Dustin Chapman to the Planning Commission. (Approve/not approve appointment – roll call vote)

b. Employee Negotiation Review Workgroup. Proposed Resolution 2006-22 proposing an Employee Negotiation Review Workgroup. (Adopt/not adopt resolution – roll call vote)

c. Pay Standards. Proposed Ordinance 2006-51 amending Section 2-6-9 to amend the pay standards by rescinding the new standards recently adopted for classified employees and readopting the previously applicable standards; and providing that the ordinance will be retroactive to July 1, 2006. (Adopt/not adopt ordinance – roll call vote)

d. Salary Schedule. Proposed Ordinance 2006-52 adopting new salary schedules for all members of the classified service; and providing that the ordinance will be retroactive to July 1, 2006. (Adopt/not adopt ordinance – roll call vote)

8. Public Comments: This is an opportunity to address the Council regarding your concerns or ideas. Please limit your comments to three minutes. In this form of government, all City personnel are the responsibility of the Administration, not of the Council. Please discuss any concerns you may have regarding staff with the Mayor, Chief Administrative Officer, or Department Directors.


a. Administration

b. Council Staff

c. Councilmembers

10. Adjournment.

OgdenLover said...

watson said...

It’s a pattern of shady behavior over several years that leads to suspicion and a lack of confidence in the mayor."

Sherlock, just go back and read the archives of this forum. Godfrey has been pulling the same dictatorial $#@& for a very long time and getting away with it.

Sixteen more months and I wonder if we'll have a City left?

I'm really sick and tired of seeing the phrase "I'm glad I don't live in Ogden" in letters to the editor, comments on the KSL website, and here. Thanks for that legacy, Matt.

sharon said...

HPS...thanx for the agenda. Yes, we'll see just who will vote to approve the proposed Ordinances.

So far you HPS's haven't fared well.

I note that the Comments come after all the voting! As if anyone listens and takes heed anyway.

Good luck.

We can still email the Council. So far, I haven't had a reply from the mayor, and Glassman has sent me about 5 emails full of bluster, and 'stand by your man' loyalties to the administration.

Again, good luck!

dian said...

Ogden council to revisit controversial pay plan

Dave from the Depot said...

The reality is that Glassman is too **** *** **** ****** to understand what is going on. Godfrey and Greiner have a ring through his nose and are leading him around.

He ducks out on the police and fire people by getting "sick" so he doesn't have to vote on the original salary negotiations. That is because he didn't have the guts to stand up for the people that got him elected, and by getting "sick" he didn't have to betray his new masters Goddfrey and Greiner.

If you look at what he promised the voters about straighening up city hall, and then look at his record and public statements, you will see just how ********* and ******** he is.

We the people elected a true blue Judas. He is proving to be a disgrace and a laughing stock.

ozboy said...

Ah come on Dave, just calm down and get back in the cave, and please, back on the Med's.

You obviously have some buried and long held anger toward Councilman Glasmann. And yes Dave it is Glasmann, not Glassman. If you dislike the guy this much, at least you could get the spelling correct, eh? After all, you wouldn't want us referring to you as Deva, would you?

I think if you dropped this old grudge and looked at what the good councilor is doing on this council, you might change your tune.

in the dark said...

please enlighten us, Ozboy.

Dave from the Depot said...


You have posted many smart, enlightening, and funny comments here on this blog.

Too bad you have apparently become an apologist for the ******* *** "Glass Man" and Godfrey apologist himself.

What do you think that makes you? Perhaps a closet "Godfreyite". That would be a great joke considering how much you have attacked the mayor on this blog.

I am pretty sure who you are. I think you are one of Glassman's ******* buddies from his Courthouse days. I also think you are one of those two evil dudes that are responsible for getting this stupid ***** elected to the council.

Thanks alot *****.

Officer said...

Ozboy, Dave

I dont know much about glassmann but he is the only council member in the last meeting that even brought up the fact that public safety might need to be revisited. I know Jeske is on our side but it is nice to hear atleast one person is thinking about public safety.

People make mistakes but as long as they are willing to correct the mistakes that is what is important.

As long as Glassmann keeps standing up for what is right he has my vote.

Dave from the Depot said...

Troll flame removed by adminstrator; poster referred to a more appropriate venue

observer said...

Very appropriate Rudy:

Dave-the MORON in the Cave!

I think he's just some clown holding a long time grudge. He doesn't even get the names and dates right, let along the insinuations.

Even though this is a radical, anti-Godfrey blogsite, at least MOST of those who post here have a brain and understand dignity and decency.

ozboy said...


I certainly agree with your take on "Dave from the Cave". He does seem bent on revealing some old aledged dirt on Councilman Glasmann.

I don't think it is any secret that the good councilor is a man with an "interesting past". Thank god for a little color and diversity on an other wise Tapioca council! Even if he had been accused of something serious, he would still be a definate step up from the guy he replaced.

However, I have to strongly disagree with you when you characterize this blog as: "a radical, anti-Godfrey blogsite".

It may seem that way if you are only periferaly aware of what has been going on in Ogden, and have not been following events on and off this blog the last year.

I believe the overwhelming number of participants on this site are seeking the truth. Godfrey has stomped on the truth so many times that those who are not his ardent supporters are raising eyebrows and asking serious questions about him, his methods and his integrity. I do not think that makes them "radical"

I am not saying that there are not a few nut cases on this blog site, all blogs of this nature have them, but I think you are fooling yourself if you don't think there is some very bright well thought out critisism of Godfrey and his MO on this site. Does that make those persons "radical and anti Godfrey" because they point out and demonstrate the mayors lies and manipulations?

It seems that you may be coming under the spell of this Mayor and the Maddness that he is responsible for.

If you are wearing them, please take off the rose colored glasses and seek a balanced picture of this little guy you seem so impressed with. Seek and you will find, and in this case it will be a little man behind a curtain pulling big levers.
We will be surrounded by a flock of flying monkeys. Hopefully you will not be one of them.

RudiZink said...

Helluva world we live in, when folks like us, believers in traditional American Values -- like small frugal government, jealous regard for individual liberties and non-interference by government in traditionally-private activities are labeled radical -- particularly when such charges are levelled by radical "Big Government" neocons lik ethe Godfreyites.

We CAN agree on one thing though...

That Dave guy is a real moron.

observer said...

Meant no disrespect to the blog or the posters, although it could be characterized as anti-Godfrey and at times to the point of being "radical." But that's OK, because it was us "radicals" in the 60s & 70s who CHANGED THE WORLD! Just having some fun, tongue in cheek, is all. Didn't mean to stir things up so. I'll choose my words with more care in the future. And, you're right....there are some well thought out and intelligent posts here, much to the chagrine of Dustin Chapman and his closed down blog.

As for being one of those flying what-evers that dart around the outside of the screen? Sorry, can't be, as I think I read where the last original Munchkin from Dorothy's movie died last month (or maybe there's only one left). But hell, maybe that's given me the opening I've been looking for.

Anywho....nice blogging lately, even amid all the "radical passion" that permeates this city. It doesn't take much to kick it in gear, does it?

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