Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bad News; Good News

Since we're not what you'd call "political pollyannas," we'll deliver the bad news first

Bad news in Emerald City this morning, at least for those two guys who'd planned to videotape Bobby Geiger's lawn sign vandalism trial and put it up on YouTube. Ace Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard Allen (Boss Godfrey's uncle-in-law) apparently worked out a plea deal at the last minute, and plead his client Little Bobbie Geiger to a criminal infraction. The court trial has now been called off, and removed from the South Ogden Justice Court docket; so there will therefore be no YouTube video memorializing this now-aborted event. Ace Crime Reporter Schwbke provides the essential facts:
The prosecutor dismissed a misdemeanor criminal trespassing charge and reduced a criminal mischief charge against Geiger to an infraction resulting in the $50 fine.
Yes, gentle readers, that's it. Those are the essential facts. The rest of this morning's story (600+ words) is Schwebke fluff and spin -- something of a "man bites dog" story angle, we suppose.

For those readers who'd like to read a masterpiece of denial, victim blaming and outright lying about the operative facts, read Scott Schwebke's truly odd write-up. Ace reporter Schwebke has definitely outdone himself this morning, with classic Godfreyite spin.

As we said, there's also some good news to report. If any gentle reader ever finds the need to hire criminal defense counsel, call Bernie Allen first. Not only does he work for free, he'll pay half the fine if you're convicted, and get the prosecuting attorney to chip in the other half to boot. That, folks is what we call great client-friendly lawyering!

Although the court went light on the sentencing, it's interesting that Geiger didn't get the outright dismissal for which he'd apparently been holding out. Despite all the spin, what's important is that Geiger has "copped a plea," and has now suffered a criminal conviction for at least one of his acts of lawn sign vandalism. We suppose, of course, that this will elevate his status among the Godfreyite lemmings: Little Bobby has now taken a small-caliber bullet for The Boss.

Whether Bobby will learn anything from this is anybody's guess. From the sound of it though, he obviously has no remorse. And while he didn't get clipped in the pocketbook (like all good Godfreyites, Geiger constantly relies upon the kindness of strangers), we'd imagine the anxiety of awaiting final disposition of this matter probably represents a penalty of some indirect sort.

The lawn sign wars last act of the ongoing Boss Godfrey melodrama thusly draws its final curtain.

And what say our gentle readers about all this?


dan s. said...

The real bad news is that the more serious crimes of the campaign went unreported (except on this blog) and unprosecuted. When will John Patterson be prosecuted for threatening Kent Jorgenson's job? When will Matt Godfrey be prosecuted for letting Envision Ogden use the Salomon Center for a political fundraiser?

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd suggest that Geiger's lawn sign escapades were carefully planned by campaign higher-ups as a distraction from the real news.

Curmudgeon said...


More pointless, and unjustified, Schwebke bashing from you this morning, Rudi. I just re-read the story, after reading your summary, since I was wondering if we read the same story in the paper. Mr. Schwebke did no spinning in the story. He reported what happened [Geiger's defense atty and the prosecutor chipping in to pay the fine]. He quoted Geiger's embarrassing response --- that others paying his fine proves the charge [to which he just pled out] was groundless. That's the kind of razor sharp logic and intelligence that leads people to conclude Ogden needs a flatland gondola between downtown and WSU instead of improved mass transit. Bob is running true to form. And Schwebke went to Hansen and Wicks for comment. He reported the prosecutor's refusal to explain his unusual action, unless it's common in South Ogden to have prosecutors pay the fines of the criminals they are prosecuting. Or allegedly prosecuting.

It was, in short, a good story. And it's opening graphs were, well... priceless:

OGDEN -- The fine for tampering with a political sign -- $50.

Getting attorneys to pay that fine -- priceless.

As you noted, and as the story reported, the bottom line is, Geiger pled out, and a fine was assigned for his misdemeanor plea. His not having personally paid it does not change that.

The really extraordinary thing is the prosecutor paying half the fine. I don't know what the canons of ethical conduct for attorneys acting as prosecutors are in South Ogden, but if there is a board that reviews questionable conduct, it seems to me the prosecutor's paying the fine of the man he successfully prosecuted [the perp pled out] is pushing the envelope on ethical conduct. Particularly since the perp was and is politically well-connected. What's the message they're sending in South Ogden? If you're charged with a minor misdemeanor offense, and you threaten to take it to court, the prosecutor will chip in half the fine if you plea out? Strange doin's down there in South Ogden these days.

Good story. Well written. And all the spinning in it came from the Geiger, his attorney [noted Godfreyista B. Allen] and the prosecutor. Not from Schwebke.

RudiZink said...


Gimme a break, Curm!

Bernie and Bobby set up Schwebke to give the story the maximum possible favorable spin, and Schwebke bought it hook, line & sinker.

It's not that I don't appreciate Schwebke's attempt to play the "man bites dog" angle, but the net effect of this story was to make this conviction seem trivial.

It Wasn't Geiger said...

Couple of things to keep in mind:

1) Innocent until proven guilty is a legal principle that people like to dismiss on this blog.
2) The political clout of the accusers is something that people like to dimsiss on this blog.
3) The fact that Amy Wick's case was completely dismissed is something that people like to dismiss on this blog.
4) The fact that almost the entirety of Neil Hansen's case was completely dismissed is something that people like to dismiss on this blog.
5) The fact that the remaining portion of Neil Hansen's case was somehting that the prosecutor was willing to personally dip into his pocket to avoid trying is something people like to dismiss on this blog.

Fact is, Amy Wicks and Neil Hansen pushed this issue, and the issue had not teeth or merit. It was Wicks and Hansen that tried to make political hay of a "man bites dog" story. It wasn't Geiger.

what a steming load said...

See above.

Beaver said...

In retrospect the whole incident seems a bit trivial.

I think the whole thing could have been handled that night, at the scene, between Hansen and Geiger, had one been wiling to give even the slightest concession. But, the story goes (granted I wasn't there), Bobby was in Hansen's face, challenging him to call the cops.

The world in which in I live, the last thing you do, when a conflict needs resolving, is call the cops. We don't call 911. Things just get worked out.

But, given the tense climate surrounding Napoleon's re-election bid, the whole thing kind of spiraled out of control. It all seems a bit laughable now, both should suffer a bit of embarrassment about the whole sorry situation. But, I get the feeling ol' Bobby just loves reading his name in the paper, regardless of the nature of the news.

I think what twists nipples 'round here more than anything is that folks wanted to see Bobby get punished. Not necessarily for his late night, covert sign operations, but for his arrogance, egotism, crassness, and self-importance.

If those traits were criminal, he'd surely be on death row.

Ultimately, I've grown a little uninterested in the antics of Team Geiger. They're no longer even entertaining–more of a slight annoyance, like the sound of flies buzzin' around a pile of dog loaf.
To quote Rudi, [yawn].

Curmudgeon said...


You wrote: I think the whole thing could have been handled that night, at the scene, between Hansen and Geiger, had one been wiling to give even the slightest concession. But, the story goes (granted I wasn't there), Bobby was in Hansen's face, challenging him to call the cops.

Exactly right. I might add that once it got into police hands, and very visibly, it could [and should] have been settled with a simple plea on the minor charge, payment of a small fine. The only thing that has dragged it out this long, was Mr. Geiger's insistence that he wanted it to go to trial. Apparently, his attorney prevailed upon him to plea it out if others paid his fine. Sometimes, ill-behaved children, even adult ones, have to be taken firmly in hand by grown-ups, which seems, finally, to have happened in this case.

ozboy said...

So is Bob G. so broke that he couldn't cough up the $50 buck fine?

Seems like his position all along was that it wasn't about the fine, but about the principle of the thing. (remember they offered him the $50 buck out to begin with) Then he pleads guilty, thus conceding the "principle" point. Now his logic is that because he didn't pay the fine he is innocent and still holding the high "principle" ground! Only in the land of the Godfreyites folks, straight out of looney land, better than what you could find in the middle of the night on SNL!!!

Then to cement Bob's righteousness the Godfreyite script writers create their ultimate punch line with - it is all just a bad case brought against innocent and pure as the driven snow Bobby G. because of the "power" of Hansen and Wicks!
This is just plain stupid on the face of it, something that only the most rabid kool aid drinking Godfreyites could even remotely believe. The notion that Hansen and Wicks have any power here in NeoCon Republican Utah is totally laughable! I think these Godfreyite scriptors could actually make it in "B" TeeVee with bizarre scripts like this.

This whole "defense" demonstrates one of the hall marks of the sociopathic personality - blame the victims!

tell the truth said...

Lets tell the truth here and NOW.
The truth is the bobby went on to property that he had no business of being on. The truth is that bobby had cut down Hansen's sign. The truth is that bobby was caught red handed in taking down Hansen's sign and putting it behind the house. The truth is bobby used Hansen's metal poles to put up Godfrey's sign. The truth is that when Hansen pulled up to see what Geiger was doing the Confrontation ensued. The truth is that bobby said that if a crime was being committed that the police should be called on him. NOW as far as I know it is a crime to trespass on property you have no business being on, and taking a sign that doesn't belong to you is call theft.
The other problem in this, that Godfrey is behind all of this because bobby had a truck load of Godfrey signs he was putting up and was using Eccles truck. But the truth is bobby did break the law and should be held accountable for what he did and so justice was circumvented when this was plead down to a fine. So I will go on bobbies' property and tear up some things and then get the courts to pay for my actions.
So shame of booby and Bernie for not making restitution for your actions. Shame on bobby for making people think that Hansen used his authority when the truth is he did just what any other individual would have done, which is to call the police,for which bobby brought all this onto himself and shame on those that defend his actions.

Bill C. said...

I'd heard things about what type of lawyer Bradshaw is. I guess they're worse than I heard. This seems to bring to light the total disregard for decorum and the public image of the roles played by critical elements of our supposed justice system.
Bernie despite his cute antics has also shown his disrespect for his profession and the moral perception of the role of the prosecutor. I'm sure he'll boast laughingly at his ability to take advantage of an imcompetant adversary that should never had held the position in the first place.
Way to go Bernie, your effort has gone a long way to futher promote public cynism about an all ready questionable justice system.
As for the imature short deck, one more example of the young ME generations' creed, ignorance is bliss. Would anyone expect more?

Bill C. said...

P S, the standard must have known about the geigarian zeal for scrap booking, nice mug.

Curmudgeon said...

This has all been great fun, learning that Mr. Geiger, after months of insisting that never, never, never would he take a plea, has taken a plea. But perhaps it's time to move on to more substantive matters than this little tempest in a Geiger teapot. For example, the Salt Lake Trib reports today that a bill introduced by Sen. Bramble [of course] that would make it difficult if not all but impossible for homeowners or condo owners to sue the construction firms that built their homes for negligence in construction has already passed the Senate and is moving through the House. [Why they don't just rename the Utah Legislature the Utah Homebuilders and Realtors Benevolent Association and be done with it escapes me.] The main thrust of the bill seems to be to prevent builders and realtors from being sued by homeowners for negligent and shoddy construction.

The article is well worth a read and can be found here.

Anonymous said...


You all act like Bob Geiger wanted his name in the paper and that this was Bob Geiger's big ploy to get Neil Hansen. To the contrary, Neil Hansen and Amy Wicks pushed this issue out there, and now they look pretty darn silly. AGAIN.

As to the issue of principle. Consider this from Bob Geiger's perspective. He has a friend who offers his legal The prosecuting attorney calls on the phone an offers to pay 50% of the fine to make the whole thing go away. Bob initially says, "No, I'd rather go to court." The follow-up discussion with his attorney goes like this...

"Come on. This guy is a State Representative. Attorneys, judges, public fees, etc. ar all wrapped into this thing out of favors and professional courtesies. The S. Ogen Prosecutor took these cases as a courtesy to a fellow prosecutor who didn't want to deal with Amy and Neil or any of the political crap that comes along with them. The guy dismissed the first case because Amy has no influence one way or the other in S. Ogden. Mr. Hansen's case, on its best day, comes down to two 2 cent zip ties, which the prosecuting attorney knows will be defended by the written testimony of two realtors who gave Bob Geiger permission to be on the property and remove the signs. In fact, it is in the polic report...clear as day. Further, the police report has a statement from the investigating officer saying that the case was clearly a "miscommunication" without criminal intent. Rather than spending tax payer dollars, and the pro-bono time and energy obliged by friendships... why not just let the prosecutor pay the fine and be done with it. I mean, who isn't going to see this thing for what it is when they see the prosecutor offer to pay the darn fine?"

To which Bob reluctantly agrees, thanks his friend Bernie, and moves on with more important and pressing matters. Content, that local tax payers will not be burdened further by the political and letigious shenanigans of Amy Wicks and Neil Hansen.

After all...Amy Wick's case didn't make it 10 seconds once it left Ogden City, and Neil Hansen's case was so silly that the prosecuting attorney offered to pay half the fine to dismiss it from his docket of work.

What is so silly about the Weber County forum folks is that they are almost always wrong...

1) Mayor Godfrey wasn't a falling star. He's a shooting start. Heck, the commercial for the 5 o'clock news pronounces Ogden's rebirth every night.

2) The state agreed that the $900,000 grant for the American Can was honestly achieved.

3) The papers for Mayor Godfrey's election were properly filed and handled.

4) Amy Wicks had no case and only portions of the police report were shown to the gentle readers here. --Provided by Amy of course.

5) Neil Hanse's case was so embarrassing that even the prosecutor was willing to pay the fine to make it go away.

6) The snow pile that was announced as "sewage dumping in the Ogden River" was nothing more than a debrit filled pile of snow that was moved in a parking lot that is now melting. An accident at best.

7) Neil Hansen didn't get his "traffic quota" bill to pass. Again!

8) The Junction is working wonderfully and is attracting people downtown to spend money and enjoy our city.

9) Larry Miller did come to Ogden. It wasn't a fraud. If you go back to the beginning, this site was saying that Larry Miller wasn't actually comming to Ogden. He did.

10) The crazy lady from North Ogden actually is crazy. The cost of her lawsuits are now squarly loaded on her shoulders after she got brow beat by Ogdenites who were duped into her "hate Godfrey" sirup.

11) Ski Companies actually did move to Ogden. Several of them. More to come.

on and on and on...

Further, you are all rooting and betting in favor of "failure" while Geiger, Godfrey and others are rooting and betting on hope and success.

In the few cases where you are right, it isn't appealing. Rather, you look like a bunch of folks who are happy and jubilant with any unfortunate event, no matter how small.

You are even happy that Bob Geiger had any kind of ticket, regardless of who paid for it. It would thrill you to see a yellow parking ticket on his car.

It is a sad state of affairs here at the Weber County Forum. A state of affairs that become increasingly more appealing and logical the more alcohol its readers consume. This is why Bill Crichlow has become this site's valued philosophical figure head. Come on...think about that...Bill Crichlow?

By your own admission, almost daily, you elevate Godfrey, Geiger, etc. above your own selves. YOu think that every case that goes their way, every company that comes to Ogden, every announcement of an investment is some how orchestrated by Geiger or Godferey to personally line their pockets. They own all the judges, prosecutors, commissioners, state leadership, etc. This is what you think.

It is not true. The fact is. Hope, good messages, truth, progress, etc. These things win the day.

Take a deep breath and consider the fact that: Amy Wicks and Neil Hansen again have no real powder in the chamber. There is no message there that is of any value. It is why their efforts most often end in failure.

It is why the statements here so often turn out to be wrong, but seem so logical when enibriated.

Curmudgeon said...

Dear Anon:

There is some truth to what you just posted above. But only some. There is, sadly, also, a great deal of blather. Let us begin:

You wrote:

Further, you are all rooting and betting in favor of "failure" while Geiger, Godfrey and others are rooting and betting on hope and success. From which I conclude you don't read WCF much. That we are "all" rooting for failure is nonsense, as anyone who has read the discussions here on the Junction and various other city-funded developments would know. I hope they are spectacular successes, and so do some others who post here. But I have my doubts that they will be, and I am not at all convinced the massive public subsidies and subsequent city debt taken on to make the Junction happen was a wise investment. But there is a world of difference between saying that something is, in my view, not a wise investment for the city to make, and rooting for it to fail. When you make categorical statements like the one quoted above, you err in exactly the same way you accuse WCF posters of erring.

You wrote: The Junction is working wonderfully and is attracting people downtown to spend money and enjoy our city. Maybe. I hope so. But we [i.e. the public who subsidized much of it, and continues to] won't know that for a while. Maybe a year out, if we get a look at the books of the companies that are there, we will get some idea of how it's working. But assertions that it's all working just wonderfully, absent numbers to support the claims, are as unconvincing as assertions that it's a disaster and nobody goes there absent numbers to support the claims.

You wrote: Neil Hansen's case was so silly that the prosecuting attorney offered to pay half the fine to dismiss it from his docket of work. Sorry, anon, but the way frivolous cases are dealt with, is the charges are dismissed. Tap dance all you like, this charge was not dismissed. And so had to be resolved either by a court case or a plea.

You wrote: 1) Mayor Godfrey wasn't a falling star. He's a shooting start. If you followed discussion here during the election, you would have noticed several people, myself among them, suggesting that those proclaiming victory for ABG was in the bag were making a mistake, that the Mayor was a seasoned campaigner, and incumbent, and well-funded by the businesses he was funneling public funds to. And while I would agree that the winner of an election is not a falling star, the narrowness of his win [a two term incumbent massively funded running against a candidate in her first election campaign] --- about 450 votes as I recall --- hardly suggests a "shooting star" either. You seem prone to exactly the same kind of heated hyperbole you accuse WCF posters of.

As for Ms. Littrel's suit [two items in your list], again, if you were a reader of WCF you would have noted that many posters, myself among them, stated that the suit was ill-advised, ill-timed and almost certain to fail. Others disagreed. We discussed it. That's what public issue forums are for. Discussing public affairs, which necessarily means views different than mine will be posted. That seems to bother you. It doesn't me. Without differing views going up to be discussed, there would be no discussion.

You wrote: The snow pile that was announced as "sewage dumping in the Ogden River" was nothing more than a debris filled pile of snow that was moved in a parking lot that is now melting. Let me see if I can translate that into plain English: construction debris at the site was handled badly and ended up sliding into the river. That about it? Which was, as I recall, the main complaint about what happened. Like the sign incident to which Mr. Geiger has now pled out, it could all have been dealt with on the spot absent Mr. Geiger's unfortunate penchant for getting into people's faces and escalating matters needlessly. The initial response to someone pointing out to the business involved that its construction trash was going into the river was invective, threats to have the person ticketed for trespass, and a bit later, when others came down to see what was happening, treats to beat them up. "My God, I didn't know that was happening. Thanks so much for pointing it out. I'll get a crew out there first thing in the morning to clean it up, and we'll take care that this doesn't happen again" would have spiked any complaint good and proper, straight out of the gate. But that's not what happened.

Anon, I will grant that some posts here are driven more by heat than light. But you'll have to grant as well that there are tendencies on your side in the same direction, and an unfortunate tendency among some on your side to respond to every matter that comes up with "Deny! Deny! Deny!"

I agree, the city would be better served if all of us could discuss public matters, especially those about which we disagree, civilly. Some here I suspect think civil disagreement means being weak. Nothing of the kind. But, on the other hand, I think you'll have to admit that civil discussion of public affairs is nearly impossible with people who... like the younger Mr. Geiger... seem to have only two settings for public discussion: (1) off and (2) thermonuclear war [rhetorically speaking].

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad that your lips are moving because now we can see how much of a horses ass you are. I believe that if you had an once of truth then every thing you said, would be what the press would be reporting, but the truth is, Godfrey has done nothing but destroy this town and every thing that was good here.
Help Godfrey when he is having a sleep over with bubba in the crow-bar hotel.

Beaver said...

What's with all of these posts referring to WCFers as a gaggle of gins sots? I mean, as far as I know, Jason W. and I are the only admitted lushes.

Typical mo-mo response: If you are on the other side of the fence, it must be because you're in the back yard drinking (gasp) alcohol. Sinners.

BTW, great post Curm. I raise a glass to you.

Hail Critchlow!

mean democrats said...

Stop blaming republicans. If a democrat was elected to be Weber County Recorder and he were to change land descriptions so that his neighbor gets less land and the County Recorder gets more land. That is called Felony Theft. But if he an elected Republican County Recorder and does that. That is O K because it is called “LESS GOVERNMENT.” Besides that property is “worthless” and Republicans deserve property that they don’t pay for.

If Neil Hansen a Democrat was caught stealing signs from Republican Mayor Godfrey that would be Felony Theft! Because Godfrey payes so much more for his signs than Democrat Hansen does.

The Definitions Police said...

The definition of shit-head is, a brown-noser that just doesn't know when to quit.

Monotreme said...


You left out the part about the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Good to see you back, Bob. Maybe this time you can learn how to post under a tag other than "anonymous".

standard exagerator said...

The rich that taketh from the poor, and gives to our newspaper wins. That is why we like Cheif Senator Republican Greeiner and Republican Mayor Goofey.

how do i become a republican? said...

A prosecutor is violating the law when he clearly helps the defendant.

What was that prosecutor's name? I'm going to join the Republican Party so I can lie, cheat and steal and nobody will prosecute me.

Bill C. said...

I'm no philostopher, thanks for the compliment anyway, anonymous. You appear to give more credit than is due any humble observasions and comment. Do you have a kool-aid hang over? You seem to have not gotten one detail correct in any of your examples and interpretations, as the gentle philosophic Curmudgeon has pointed out. Just where have your interpretations come from?
You're placing blame on good public servants for being the victims of criminal mischief and pointing it out? You're defending the irresponsible intentional dumping of construction debris in the Ogden River?
You're attacking and calling names good citizens that only want some accountability from their local government.
You may want to concider a good dose of gin for an antidote to that kool-aid.

Bill C. said...

Oh, and definitions police, the difference between the two, is depth perception.

Oh wow man. said...

I guess that is why bobbies hair is so brown, RIGHT.

thinks he's anonymous said...

Quote from the Police Report-


Police Officer: "I then contacted John Barker and Mark Peterson (realtors) who verified what Geiger had told me regarding the phone call and the confusion with who had permission to post signs on the property."

Police Officer: "I spoke with Hansen regarding the case4. I explained to Hansen that the information I had learned through the interviews...was that the incident was a case of miscommunication. ...Hansen told me that he understood, and that he was goig to have the matter tried int the court of public opinion."

This "miscommunication" as reported by the police officer was pushed through Ogden city courts into South Ogden courts, at a cost to tax payers. This issue wasn't pushed by Mr. Geiger. It was pushed by Representative Neil Hansen.

so there said...

Is that what we do with the state laws that the legislature is working so hard on. Now that we know that Godfrey that is over the police and the courts was going to bury the issue and all Hansen wanted them to do is enforce the laws. But I guess that if you have the influence of the mayor and that kind of power then lets stage a criminal act and make Hansen look Bad. Isn't that right Mark Johnson.

Bill C. said...

WHAT AN ELECTION. As Dan S. started on this thread, more grievous concerns occurred than this one, and ought to be looked into, after all, there's been one count of criminal mischief,(no longer alleged but convicted) and the ACLU is looking into more. Not yet reaching the conclussion that wher there's smoke there's fire, but shouldn't we look?

caught you red handed said...

SLTrib: City gives mayor's backer a bargain

Curmudgeon said...

Caught you red:

Thanks for the link. From that story:

South Ogden Prosecutor Ken Bradshaw could not be reached for comment Thursday.

I'll bet he couldn't. The SE couldn't find him either. I suspect he'll be lying low for a while.

J. Spencer said...

The bottom line:

Bob Geiger: Convicted lawn sign vandal

The Perpetrator said...


Actually...No conviction. Only a fine paid by the prosecutor.

It's like getting a parking ticket, with the meter made and a police officer chipping in to cover the fee.

No criminal charges. No conviction. No wasted tax dollars. No legal fees. Nothing.

Just like the charge itself, as noted by the Police Officer in the police report. Which, by the way, was read thoroughly by the prosecutor and nobody here.

It's integrity stupit! don't you get it said...

Oh I read it and there was laws broken and that is why you Mr. geiger had you butt was in the court to make a deal and so therefor you were GUILTY when they had to pay a fine for YOU. What part of this don't you Get. I think that your sorry ass was in the dump when you went there and balled like a baby that you are alway acting like and they had pitty on your soul and so thus went the story.

booo..... hoooooo...

Ernie the attorney said...

Crimes are classified into three categories: felonies, misdemeanors and infractions.

A felony is a major crime which can be punished with imprisonment and/or a fine.
A misdemeanor is an offense lower than a felony which can be punished with a county jail term of up to one year and/or a fine.
An infraction is a minor offense punishable by a fine only, up to $750. Examples include city traffic violations and some disorderly conduct offenses.
Utah State Courts - Criminal Penalties

By entering his plea, Mr. Geiger was convicted of a crime under Utah law.

Case closed.

little big man said...

Bottom line, Bobby now has a police record whether he's smart enough to realize it or not.

The academy would be proud of him.

Can you see him at a class reunion talking about his high risk illegal activities of stealing lawn signs while his fellow class mates talk about life threatening missions to protect the real American way of life. It's probably a good thing that the military didn't want him to make a career of the service otherwise he may have been remembered in the same light as General Custer.

Bill C. said...

Hey Perp, you are a,geiger. geiger geiger geiger.

Myra said...

Most of Bob Geiger's actions in the Ogden scene over the last two years would be an embarrassment to the Marine Corp as well as the Naval Academy. Perhaps his proclivity for this kind of dishonorable behavior explains why he was separated from the service to begin with.

It is somewhat interesting to see the true character of some of the main players in Mayor Godfrey's administration.

There is John Patterson who was more or less run out of West Valley City Government over moral and ethical issues.

There is Scott Brown and his questionable self dealing in the economic area as well as his reputed porn on city computers and sexual harassment charges.

There is Stuart Reid and the now infamous illegal $43,000 withdrawal from the city treasury with the Mayor's complicity.

There is the mayor's buddy, and apparent main source of funding for a whole host of insider deals, the indicted suspect in an alleged $11 million dollar rip off of the State of California.

There is the "long term good family friend" and now revealed mega million dollar swindler Val Southwick.

The list does go on from here.

It is quite a rogue's gallery of friends and associates the mayor has. These petty crimes and tasteless abusive actions of Bob Geiger is actually just the bush league fringe of the true criminal nature of the Godfrey Administration. Sort of the petty criminal comedy relief section of the mayor's entourage.

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