Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Powder Mountain Update: A Boycott; and a State Capitol "Show of Force"

Ogden Valley citizens continue to turn up the political heat

More frenzied activity over on Ogden Valley Forum this morning, with several new posts dealing with the Powder Mountain Town Incorporation Landgrab:

First, the Ogden Valley lumpencitizens are talking Powder Mountain boycott, (discount Snowbasin tickets anyone?), and a show of force tomorrow in the Utah Legislature, as the two remedial bills move onto the agenda for House of Representatives floor debate. Read all about it here.

Secondly, the OVF blogmeister also offers special thanks to those who signed the petition; and we at Weber County Forum join him in that. The petition has by now garnered over 500 signatures (518 to be exact), many from Weber County Forum readers in western Weber County and other places outside Ogden Valley. From our own viewpoint, the response of our Weber County Forum readership has been heartwarming, to say the least.

And don't miss this morning's Marshall Thompson story, reporting on the procedural "wrench" which Wolf Creek Resort has thrown into the developer's town incorporation process "gear-box." Whether this latest maneuver, which would remove about 900 acres of properties from the proposed Powderville town boundaries, will disqualify the Powders Mountain Developers' petition because of shortfalls in proportionate acreage, value or absolute population (a valid petition requires 100 residents at minimum) remains anyone's guess, but it almost certainly buys more time for the folks of Ogden Valley, as they now turn their efforts to lobbying the legislature.

We offer this morning a hearty Weber County Forum Tip O' the Hat to everyone who is involved so far in this grand grass-roots effort.

Don't let the cat get your tongues.


Valley said...

Thanks to Rudi for helping us in Round one of our 15 round bout with the devil, a.k.a. Powder Mountain. And we echo his sentiments in thanking WCF readers for your humble support.

Please join us at the Capital tomorrow morning at 8 am sharp as we take our show on the road.

It should be fun.

Val E.
The Ogden Valley Forum

germ said...

Remember a couple of years ago when Utah bikers showed up at the legislature to express their disapproval of a bill requiring motorcycle helmets? The insurance industry was pushing hard for this bill, and many people thought it would be a slam dunk.

Well a couple of hundred Utah bikers showed up on the capital grounds early on the morning of the house debate, and later glared down from the house balcony as house representives discussed the bill, and the bill was voted down as a result.

Successful citizen shows of force are not unprecedented in the Utah legislature.

Best wishes for tomorrow's meetup.

Wondering said...

I'm still wondering why anybody who can ride or ski wastes their money at powder mountain? The terrain is mostly intermediate.

Snowbasin is ten times better.

Zeke said...

Remember that Powder Mountain has no snow making equipment. When they install this equipment to protect their investment in their ski resort, and then add the two 18 hole Golf Courses, what will that do to the aquifer that supplies Ogden City and much of Ogden Valley? When asked that at a OVPC meeting, they said it was a good question. No answer.

Zed said...

Watch out for your water rights, Ogden Valley farmers! Expect the Powder Mountain sluts to be even more aggressive in that property rights area than in any other.

We've seen how they operate. They WILL steal your water shares if they can.

If you own and use Weber Basin water shares, be sure you can document their use.

Snoozers will be loosers.

what republicans hate to do said...

SALT LAKE CITY - January 24, 2008 - Veterans in northern Utah and from around the Rocky Mountain west will now have access to a second Veterans’ Nursing Home.

Legislators in the Utah House of Representatives have passed HB 129 today, which appropriates $19.7 million dollars for design and construction of a Veterans’ Nursing Home in Ogden . The legislation, which will prepay the costs associated with the construction of the facility, states that no other nursing homes will be considered in Utah until the federal government repays the state of Utah .

Democrats, Representative Neil Hansen, Ogden and LaWanna Shurtliff , Ogden, have both been ardent supporters of the Veterans Nursing Home project, and it was Representative Hansen who suggested that the state appropriate the necessary funds to build the nursing home. A $5,000,000 bond has previously been appropriated by the legislature, and land for the building has been donated to the Veterans Administration for the nursing home, but the project had been stuck on a growing list of projects awaiting federal funds.

“Everyday that passes by is another day that we're not giving our veterans back something for their service," says Hansen. "I suggested to my colleagues in the legislature that we find a way to fund the project with state dollars and have the federal government come in and reimburse us."

Representative Shurtliff agrees. “The Veterans Administration has wanted this for so long, and Utah veterans have needed this for so long. I feel strongly that we need this to happen, and I was even willing to sponsor the bill so that we could get things moving,” said Shurtliff.

It was Representative Hansen who suggested that the appropriation be included in the Governor’s budget.

“I approached the Governor’s office and asked them to consider adding this to the governor’s budget. I am pleased that we are moving forward.”

The federal government will also pay nearly all operating costs of the nursing home.

# # #

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