Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Boss Godfrey's New "Snitch on Your Neighbor Program"

Mess with your neighbors anonymously

Found this wonderful item while prowling the Ogden City website this morning. Boss Godfrey has a new program, offering lumpencitizens the glorious opportunity to be "good Godfreyites," and anonymously snitch on their neighbors. Here's the deal, straight from "The Mayor's Action Center" page:
Do you have renters on properties near you?

Description: Do you have properties near you that has (sic) Renters? If so Ogden City would like to know.
Please leave the Property address and we will do the rest.
If you would like us to respond to you, type in your name, phone number or e-mail, or you can submit it anonymously.
simply add the information in the boxes and click on submit
Be a good Godfreyite. Rat on that neighbor lady who informally lets a spare bedroom to a struggling college kid. Send Godfrey's Good Landlord Program investigators to interrogate that new neighbor you haven't yet met. The possibilities are endless. Be a snitch for Boss Godfrey. Be a junior G-man. Be a Friend of Matt (FOM)!

Kinda makes you feel warm all over, dunnit?

Don't let the cat get your tongues, O gentle ones.


rat infested ogden said...

Rudi, they have also had articles in the Se, and announcements in the water bills. Kinda makes you feel like someone is watching you pee out side.

A friend of mine even received a letter in the mail stating that if he paid his rental license fee that the city would forgive the late fees for the past three years. The kicker is that he has never rented the house and he has lived in it for twenty years.

Sounds like the Godfrey bunch is fishing for some extra funds to help cover all of the bad financial moves the dream team has made.

We are watching you.....

jill said...

There have always been proper avenues to address problematic property owners within Ogden that have not included snitching on your neighbor. This is another Godfreyesque attempt at solving a perceived problem with extreme and unreasonable measures. There is a severe lack of true community development within Ogden's neighborhoods, that is a problem and this is the antithesis to creating that. We, Ogden citizens and property owners, need to work together with the City and others to improve our neighborhoods (look at the success of the Mt. Ogden Neighborhood Plan for instance). The City is being too aggressive and snippy to allow things to improve. For every success they achieve, they throw up road-blocks that prevents continued success. How on one hand can the Mayor boast that a single company has purchased 75 (I think that was the number) homes in Ogden and rents them out, yet on the other hand aggressively go after others who may have let their rental permit lapse? I guess what I'm getting at is that the motives are never clear under this administration and it frustrates me as a citizen to have to always wonder what is really going on.

On a semi-related topic, does anybody know exactly what the $1 Million dollars Ogden is going after from the State Legislature going to be used for? There was a blurb in the paper about it going being used for Ogden Revitalization, but no details were given.

Napolian said...

Some pigs are more equal than others.

JP said...

Speaking of raising extra funds, how about the five-police-car brigade on Harrison in front of WSU this morning, going down the line and ticketing every car because the snowbanks have forced students to park partially in the far right lane?

No advance notice to the university so it could warn students not to park there, no "don't park here tomorrow" signs posted by the city, nothing.

UDOT apparently is planning to have trucks clear the snow tonight - why they couldn't have done this in the middle of the night any time in the past week, when nobody was parked there, I'm not sure ...

the lovely jennifer said...

I got one of the letters requiring me to pay for a business license. I called and asked why I got a letter - we moved into our house in August, and the place has been vacant for the past 4 years.

The lady told me they (?) obtained lists from some place, & cross-checked names & addresses. If two different last names showed up, then they got a letter.

So if you have kids from a previous marriage or something, you got a letter.


What will it cost us said...

As for parking on Harrison by the college across the street. Why can't IHC donate their old property to the college for parking. It was donated to IHC by the Dee family. They could write if off as a charity contribution. All those acres, already paved and empty, plus a fine parking garage already constructed. Seems like the city could pressure IHC since it is blighted area. How much tax is paid for the property? The city needs to work with the college. IHC needs to develop the property or sell/donate it to a worthy cause. As for the new hospital, how can they water all the acreage in grass when we are in a desert? Do they get a break on their water bill? Like to see what they pay as compared to a inner city residence.

Bill C. said...

I wonder if this plea for snitching includes, people that have taken in boarders,(roommates) to aid in making houes payments and the parent that charges his post highschool adult children rent. (post highschool adult children?)
Would anyone in these catagories be required to buy a business licence and be forced into the good landlord program?

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