Monday, February 25, 2008

ACLU Continues 2007 Election Probe

Boss Godfrey meets today with ACLU lawyers to answer a few questions

The Standard-Examiner reports this morning that Boss Godfrey will be meeting today with lawyers from the ACLU, in connection with their probe of alleged 2007 Emerald City municipal election irregularities. From this morning's Ace Reporter Schwebke story:

OGDEN — Representatives from the American Civil Liberties Union plan to meet with Mayor Matthew Godfrey today as part of their investigation into complaints about the city’s Nov. 6 mayoral election.

Marina Lowe, staff attorney for the ACLU of Utah, based in Salt Lake City, declined to disclose what will be discussed with Godfrey.

However, she said, the meeting is necessary before the organization can finalize a report detailing its findings regarding voter complaints about the election.

The ACLU launched its investigation after receiving at least 20 complaints of inappropriate use of voter challenges, denial of provisional ballots, intimidation of voters and electioneering at polling places.

Godfrey said he doesn’t know what the ACLU intends to ask him, but believes the meeting will center on how the election was handled by Weber County officials.

The mayor said he hasn’t received formal complaints from anyone about electioneering conducted on his behalf at polling places.

I never heard anything about any problem,” he said. [Emphasis added]
Translation: "I've never been sued or indicted."



canvass bag said...

Sorry, but I have to throw the bullshit flag on Godfrey not knowing what his volunteers did during the election.

All of the campaigns that I have been involved with the manager and the candidate know whats going on and are well aware of the volunteers activities.

He paid a couple of hundred thousand dollars to a professional manager, and they knew exactly what they were doing.

Little Matty just cant tell the truth, he'll never own anything. Blame everyone else and play dumb.

Curmudgeon said...

You would think by now Hizzonah's masters in the commercial real estate and development community would have decided it's long past time to all chip in a few dinero and sign Hizzonah up for a damage-control seminar or two.

Of the election day problems widely reported in the press, Hizzonah has this to say: "I never heard anything about any problem." Deny, deny, deny seems to be his default response to all such queries. Anyone with at least the street sense God gave to an oyster could have figured out that this would have been a much better way to reply:

"Yes, I know there were some problems at several polling places in the last election, springing mostly from poll workers having not been properly trained in the right election procedures. And I've read claims too that some poll watchers associated with my campaign may have been making comments at the polls that they shouldn't have. I'm not sure that happened, but I've seen claims that it did.
So, let me say first that if it happened, it was not done at the request of my campaign. And if I should run for this office again, or any other, I'll take steps to make sure my campaign's poll watchers are fully informed about what they may, and may not do, at the polls. And I'll be happy to work with County officials to help in any way I can to improve training of County poll workers so the glitches reported in the papers do not happen again."

But what did we get instead? “I never heard anything about any problem." Yeah. Right. The man can't even dissemble effectively. But hey, maybe he was busy helping Mr. Harmer try to find the 275 gondola parking places he misplaced and so didn't give the reporter's question his full attention.

canvass bag said...

Nice Curm, Very nice

the lovely jennifer said...

From the "Remember when" Dept ...

"I never heard anything about any problem," [MG] said.

That must have occurred when he had his hands over his ears, eyes squeezed tightly shut and shouted "BLAH BLAH BLAH" at the top of his lungs.


Bill C. said...

Lying little matty vs. ACLU. Makes a great headline but hardly deserves undercard status. It's fun to see more of his propensity for lying spew forth, but nothing will come of it. The ones that were supposed to be in control were the County election folks.
Lying little matty and his crack team planned and executed everything, intimidation allowed their electioneering and such to accomplish their objectives. I'd say that had the outcome been different the fiasco at the polls would be spun to make him a victim, and we'd still be following lawsuits to determine the outcome.
It's also sad to admit Curm, that in the state of Utah lying to the ACLU might be looked at as a redeaming attribute to ones resume.
It's fun to follow but the only good that can come of all this will be legislative and policy for the future. And alot of education and training for poll workers.
I wonder if this ACLU person has ever tangled with such a profound prevaricator in her brief career? Not likely.

lets mess up the election said...

It is too bad that the aclu doesn't talk to the Mark Johnson and his staff to really find the truth of what happen on election day. They know where the bodies are buried.

He's easy to spot said...

Mark Johnson is a turd. A fat Hummer wanna be one at that. He is totally and completely under the control of Boss Godfrey. Anything coming from him is only a Godfrey lie. He is an incompetent Godfrey flak that cannot be trusted with anything of any consequence. The only difference between him and the traitor Glasmann is that Johnson got a hell of a lot more important job in exchange for his turning on on the electorate than Glasmann did. Slurp slurp.

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