Thursday, February 21, 2008

Powder Mountain Update: Powderville Foes Head to the Capitol

Listen to the audio recording of this morning's hearing

The Salt Lake Tribune's Kristen Moulton picks up on the Powder Mountain incorporation story this morning, with a short article clarifying the status of the two bills (SB25 and HB164) which appear on the House of Representatives agenda this morning. Contrary to our earlier impressions, these bills are not actually scheduled for floor debate, but rather for deliberation within the House Political Subdivisions Committee.We incorporate Ms. Moulton's opening 'graphs below:

A group of Ogden Valley residents plan to plead with lawmakers this morning to reverse a 2007 law that would allow Powder Mountain ski resort to become Powder Mountain Town.

Armed with petitions signed by 517 opponents, they'll argue that the new law should be retroactive to Jan. 1.

Though the Legislature appears ready to reverse the law that made it easy for county residents or developers to incorporate small towns - the Senate already passed its version - it has shown little stomach for kicking the effective date back to Jan. 1.
For those readers interested in listening to the testimony and deliberations of this morning's committee hearing, click here for the previously recorded audio feed. (RealPlayer format)


ozboy said...

The Salt Lake Tribune has outed Neil Hansen on page A4 of today's edition.

Next to his picture they quote him: "I would propose a toast and drink to this bill"

-Rep Neil Hansen, R-Ogden, referring to SB167 that allows liquor sales on election days...

Ex-Bisop Neil the teetotaler has done a bang up job of disguising his true political affiliation all these years. Hell, he even had me convinced he was a non drinking democrat. It sounds like an oxymoron for sure, but I did believe him on this!

Curmudgeon said...


Ah, Oz... you can toast and drink to something with non-alcoholic beverages. People do it all the time at, say, non-alcoholic wedding receptions. [Not my family's tradition, but I've been to such receptions.] Raising a glass in honor of something is one thing. What is actually in the glass is another matter.

What I found interesting about the little SLTrib squib is that once again, Rep. Hansen is on the right side of a sensible bill, since surely no reasonable person would argue that banning liquor sales on elections days has produced legislatures packed with modern day Solons....

Here in Zion, I'm usually much more in need of a good stiff drink on election night not so much to celebrate my guys winning, but to drown my appalled disbelief at the triumph of what Utah Republicans think are good legislators and ethical office holders. Like the current Wingnut Troika of Curtis, Bramble and Buttars.

On second thought, make that a double....

Curmudgeon said...

On the main subject of this thread, the Utah House today concurred with a Senate bill to change the law governing the creation of new towns, but the House refused, as the Senate did, to make the bill retroactive. As I suggested earlier, the developers had the fix in with the legislature on this.

The Weber County County Commission may in fact vote on the Powderville application within a week. Details here.

my Rep. said...

Did Rep.Hansen say what the toast was, or what he is drinking? I think that his words were in jest for the bill that was being presented. I for one know that his motives and representing the people of all fashions are what Hansen is all about. So good for him and what he does for all people of this state. By the way he does not drink anything but soft drinks, juices and water.

ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon

Perhaps you missed my real point on the Trib piece about Hansen.

In it they represented the fine representative as an "R", as in REPUBLICAN!!!!

The toast part was incidental but worth playing off from, or so I thought, before you pointed out just how unfunny it was.

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