Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kowtowing to the Blue-nose Puritans

Cowardly commission decisions inalterably made behind closed doors

By Curmudgeon

There is a fine editorial in the Standard-Examiner this morning, taking the Weber County Commission to task for its secret [in violation of the open meetings law?] back room decision to ban cage fighting from the fair because some of Ogden's resident bluenose puritans [who didn't attend and won't attend] called up to demand that other people not be allowed to attend. Of a piece with the bluenose local Cotton Mathers [e.g. Hizzonah, Mayor Matthew Godfrey] running the Ogden Summer Fest out of business because [gasp!] there was arm wrasslin' and beer drinkin' and such like sinnin' right out there in front of god and everybody!

And the Std-Ex editorial picked up on Commissioner Dearden's contemptuous "the public be damned" announcement that "he would make nixing the mixed-martial art event an agenda item at a public Commission meeting [if he was forced to]. 'It doesn't matter to me. The decision won't change.'"

But then, he is ... in fact all the commissioners are... Republican. [Strange, but the Std-Ex editorial somehow managed not to mention that.] Contempt for open meetings and for the public that elected them is what we've come to expect from elected Republican bluenoses here in Zion.

And the beat goes on....


big jim said...

I can't always go by what the Standard reports but it read like a "few" people had objected to the cage fighting.

So since when does the County Commission actually pay attention to "a few" unless they happen to be fellow Republicans and Mormons.

For the record, I abhor cage fighting but the Commissioners should stick by their guns if they okayed it.

Bill C. said...

Despite their disregard for propriety, this commission has quite a challenge its facing. Their inability to multitask has put them in a rather precarious situation. I would guess that with 100 residents being Hi-Jacked by a rogue developer into what may become the largest landmass, least populated town in the County, against their will, they lost track of the proper protocol.
As far as counties fairs are concerned, Weber County lost sight of what a county fair is all about a few years ago. They now are caught up in tring to have an event that attempts to be too much for too many folks, I would suggest that they have a real County fair and if they want to get into the event promotion business, do it independent of the fair.
Demolission Derbies and cage fighting don't fit the purpose anyway.

ozboy said...

It seems to me that it would be much more equitable if any so called law maker, be it Mayor, Council, Commissioner, legislator or Governor that wanted to pass a new law would have to fight it out in a cage with a representative of those who oppose said new law. This would be a much more fair way of passing legislation than how Godfrey or the Clown Convention does it now.

Like next time Mayor Godfrey wants to pass some new law that goes after the poor, disadvantaged or persons of color, he would have to duke it out with Neil Hansen in a cage!

Now that would really boost Ogden city's budget. Hell, I'd pay a hundred bucks to see that one!

John Mccain said it said...

Here you have it, In his own words.
The republicans are the party of corruption.
This is coming from the front runner.


cought you red handed said...

Ozboy, If that were to happen, I wonder of the Mayor would be able to call his police chief to rescue him when Hansen get him in a head lock?
I think that would raise alot of money for the down and out that Godfrey has been oppressing?

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