Friday, February 29, 2008

Farm Aid... Local Style

An opportunity to lend a helping hand to the hardest working family in Ogden Valley

We'll start off our discussion this morning by directing our readers' attention to a charitable drive being conducted, in part, by our friends at Ogden Vally Forum, for the benefit of one Ogden Valley farmer who has been particularly hard hit by this winter's record snowfall. Here's the gist:

Tracy Woolsey grew up on a farm in Morgan County. He married Casa Lewis from Liberty and they chose to raise their family in Huntsville. Tracy decided to give his kids the same farm life he grew up with, and while the path has not been easy, it has been fulfilling, as he farms hundreds of acres in the Huntsville area. He has a genuine love for the land and has imparted that love onto his kids who tirelessly work by his side. The Woolsey’s may well be the .

The Woolsey’s suffered a devastating loss recently as a result of near record snowfall this year. Their farm equipment has been stored in one of the Monastery’s out buildings, and the building collapsed under the snow load, causing substantial damage to the Woolsey’s equipment. To add insult to injury, much of the equipment was self insured, i.e., uninsured.

In true Valley spirit and in conjunction with the Ogden Valley Forum and Ogden Valley News, we are urging everyone to dig deep and offer anything you can to help the Woolsey’s rebuild, repair and replace. Tracy, the tough and stoic farmer, is full of pride and would rather handle the issue silently and solely, but we cannot sit back and watch our neighbor suffer alone.
If any of our always generous readers are inclined to share the bounty, and would like to help out with a financial donation, you can find more information here.

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