Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Powder Mountain Petition Reminder

Put your electronic signature on the online petition before it's too late

For the benefit of those who may have missed it down-page, we posted an article on Sunday, updating the Powder Mountain development situation, and urged our readers to sign Ogden Valley Forum's online petition, asking state legislators to pass legislation to thwart developers from engaging in the rape of Ogden Valley, one of the most flat-out gorgeous mountain valleys remaining in America.

For those readers who missed our Sunday article, here's the link.

And for those readers who already know the score about Powder Mountain's attempt to impose town incorporation upon unwilling citizens of unincorporated Weber County, in order to circumvent county planning ordinances, you can go straight to the petition here.

Please don't sit on your heels on this, gentle readers. Time is running out; and as Roy City's Ernest D. Smith expressed in yesterday's Std-Ex letter to the editor, the Powder Mountain developer's aggressive action to abuse the defects in the provisions of last year's flawed HB-466 adversely affects all of us downstream in Weber County and neighboring counties.

Don't forget to include your zip code.


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Bill C. said...

Better late than never, the developer has now indicated that due to this beautiful piece of legislation , he can thru annexation gladly give the finger to Cache County officials as well.

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