Monday, December 27, 2010

A Belated Heads Up On Tomorrow Morning's Weber County Commission Meeting

"Discussion and/or action" on the proposed conference center expansion is at the tail of the Commission agenda

Hey folks! Thanks to Sunday's tip from gentle reader ND, we'll provide a heads up about tomorrow morning's Weber County Commission meeting, during which the Commission has the following item on the agenda:
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the Board of Commissioners of Weber County, Utah will hold a regular commission meeting in the Commission Chambers of the Weber Center, 2380 Washington Boulevard, Ogden, Utah, commencing at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, the 28th day of December 2010.

The agenda for the meeting consists of the following:

E. Action Items...

5. Discussion and/or action on the proposed conference center expansion.
Presenter: Commissioner Bischoff
Those readers who've been following developments in re the Downtown Ogden Fieldhouse Boondoggle might want to mark this meeting on tomorrow's calenders, inasmuch as Boss Godfrey has been working like the demon that he is to rope the County Commission into "partnering" on this latest crackpot $30 million Boss Godfrey scheme.

We'll keep the lower comments section open of course, for anyone who might wish to comment on this topic before, during or after tomorrow morning's County Commission meeting.

Update 12/29/10 7:00 a.m.: The Standard-Examiner carries a story this morning, reporting that "the Weber County Commission took the first step toward the possible expansion of Ogden Eccles Conference Center on Tuesday by adopting a memorandum that details exactly what the county is looking for in the development process":
Eccles center to expand to Kiesel Building?
We'll post a copy of the referenced memorandum here on Weber County Forum as soon as an electronic copy is available.


you who said...

The conference center is an ass looser. It has always been. Ogden City used to pay around 450K per year to help subsidize the hole. Now they want to expand it and cost the stupid damn taxpayers more money.

Hopeful in Huntsville said...

Too bad Wicks and Morgan lost. This would be going nowhere. nonvoting registered "voters" literally will pay for their laziness and apathy. Sucks that the rest of will have to as well.

Gazelle said...

Every small city in America got sold one of these money sink hole at about the same time.
Most of them are money holes.

Jon J Greiner said...

I voted republican and I think that this is a great Idea. I wish all you would think like me.

Hames Would said...

The issue in a democracy is not this part or that.
It is about keeping corruption at bay.

Next time you are tempted to paint with a liberal/conservative brush, stop your self, and look for corruption... follow the money.

Corruption knows no party lines

Gochenson said...

Too bad almost every, if not all, examples of corruption in Northern Utah have come from the "moral majority"

It is even more pathetic that somehow if there is an R by the name it is okay to hot tub with 15 year olds and cheat on your wife.

Dan S. said...

Standard-Examiner writeup:

Eccles center to expand to Kiesel Building?

ND said...

The second floor of the Kiesel Building for vendors and conference space?....wth all those columns? 7 mil? like the 14 mil for the FH that ramped to over 28 mil at the Christmas Village pow wow?

RudiZink said...


I had a nice chat with Commissioner Bischoff prior to yesterday's Commission Meeting, and he told me the Field House price tag is looking like upwards of $30 Mil.

Curmudgeon said...

Rudi, Rudi, Rudi, you are so judgmental. Don't you remember that the Mayor's flatland gondola obsession was projected to cost %35 million? The Velodrome/Tennis Court/Jogging Track/Water Park/Wonder Dome is projected to cost 5 million dollars less than that.

So you see, properly understood, that makes Hizzonah a fiscal conservative --- Utah GOP style.

ND said...

At least they get some action for thier money...In the Trib....

SALT LAKE CITY — Sandy is courting a major sports "destination retailer" to locate on an 18-acre parcel at 11400 S. State.

On Tuesday, the Salt Lake County Council pledged a property tax increment up to $3.8 million as part of an incentive package to land the 102-year-old retailer. Neither county nor Sandy officials would name the company.

The council approved an interlocal agreement with Sandy that caps the county's contribution to the project at $3.8 million or 25 years, whichever occurs first. Sandy officials had asked the county for its full tax increment over the period of the project. The county agreed to 75 percent.

Nick Duerksen, Sandy's economic development director, said the city is competing with Boise for the company. Negotiations are nearing an end, he said.

"Once it's in place, we'll release the name," Duerksen said.

The company, according to documents, has no presence in the Intermountain West at this time.

A technical analysis says the retailer would employ an estimated 185 full-time workers and 245 part-time employees at "above-average wages, plus benefits."

Sandy officials say increased sales tax collections plus the added value of the now-vacant land should make the county whole on its contributions over time.

Duerksen said the opportunity to land such a retailer comes around only every 20 years.

Sandy has agreed to contribute 100 percent of its property taxes and fund any project revenue shortfalls through other revenue sources, according to documents.

Meanwhile, the Utah Department of Transportation opened a new freeway exit at 11400 South in September.

Although the interlocal agreement with Sandy was approved by the County Council, it will require some refinements.

Some on the council questioned the wisdom of using tax increment funds for retail development. Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon said the issue "is a legitimate question."

"Are taxpayers getting their return on investment? Would this company come here but for these incentives?" Corroon told the Deseret News.

The county's Technical Review Committee said in a report that it was "comfortable with the consensus approach for the 11400 S. State project, although it does have concerns about the 25-year length of the project and the precedent it creates."

However, some of the concerns are mitigated by the "pass through" of tax revenues of nearly $13 million that would benefit the Utah Transit Authority and Zoo, Arts and Parks (ZAP) program.

loosey goosey said...

$30 Mil??? Sheesh.

Dan S. said...

The $30M estimate is extremely tentative. I predict it'll soon go up, even for the field house itself. Then add another $10 million for parking garages.

RudiZink said...

Here's another interesting tidbit of info revealed during my conversation with the soon to be outta office Commissioner Bischoff:

Weber County is sitting on a $13 mil cash reserve. Elements in Weber County government are literally champing at the bit to find ways to spend it... rather than turn this gummint slush fund back to the taxpayers.

ND said...

WOW! now isn't that something that should be made a little more public what with alot of municipalities going belly up?

No wonder MG is being such buds with the county on this....

RudiZink said...

WOW! Now isn't that something that should be made a little more public what with a lot of municipalities going belly up?

LOL! That's why we have Weber County Forum.

All the political bullshit is dispelled there, heheheh.

ND said...

LOL....yes yes...I know that, but that should be something the county should be touting at the top of thier lungs and not hiding it behind thier back....Guess I was thinkin that the SE would have something to say...hahaha

keep up the good work!

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