Saturday, December 11, 2010

Standard-Examiner: LDS Church Buys Ogden Motel, Closes the Doors

Maybe it's just us, but this whole situation seems a mite cold-hearted

Although we took the day off yesterday to attend to pressing personal business, there's one disheartening Standard-Examiner story from yesterday's edition that stuck in our craw, and which we'd like to belatedly highlight this morning, as we stand upon the cusp of the Christmas Holiday season:
LDS Church buys Ogden motel, closes the doors
Yeah, we've read Ogden stories like this before...
Sledge-Hammer Solutions to Fly-Swatter Problems?
Windsor Hotel Residents Told to Hit the Road
But we don't recall any story where down and out Ogdenites were being kicked out of their homes within a coupla weeks of Christmas...

A few quick questions for the real estate moguls of the ecclesiastical organization which officially goes by the moniker Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:

Is this What Jesus Would Do? What's the rush? Wouldn't it have been more "Christian" to have provided "these poor brothers and sisters" a full thirty days' notice before tossing them out on the street? Will the LDS church even lift a finger to help these displaced folks find alternate digs?

Maybe it's just us; but this whole situation seems a mite cold-hearted.

So what say our gentle readers about all this?

Just axin...


Keisha said...

LD$ Inc. certainly moves in mysterious ways.

Ebenezer S. said...

Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?

Danny said...


The church is "redeveloping" downtown SLC, and one of the recently completed projects is the oddly named "Bridges at Cityfront".

Project Update Here

Even more odd, is the appearance of these condos.

See Project Here

And the reviews indicate it is already a thriving den of mismanagement, drugs and prostitution.

Bridges at Cityfront Review

Strange then, that another Ogden business must be taken down in the name of a "higher purpose", by powerful men who seek to design all according to their centrally planned wishes.

Maybe Godfrey and those promoting their centralized vision should look in the mirror and correct their own flaws first. It seems there was a parable about that, after all.

Disclosure: Danny is an active member of the church but recognizes screwed up incompetence when he sees it, wherever he sees it.

Danny said...

More Bridges at Cityfront Photos

This is one scary, prison-looking, south of the border projects looking place.

Yieeeeee. Ya really wasted the money on this one, guys. But hey, the Ogden Lodge, yeah, gotta go. Right.

reality bites said...

LD$ Inc. doesn't give a shit about Christian charity. This is all about the earthly business of making big buck$.

Ozboy said...

reality bites

Sorry, but you are wrong on the Church not caring about charity. Facts are the LDS Church is very active world wide in a big list of charitable causes.

Every time there is a major disaster around the world the Church is very quick to fly in tons of relief supplies to the afflicted. Many times they are the first on the scene with humanitarian relief. Never to they exclude non LDS from receiving this help from the Church.

On a local level there is no way to count the thousands of poor people who the Church helps every day with living expenses and supplies - regardless of the religion of the one being helped. Any bishop can tell you of the countless times they have helped the poor with paying their rent or buying them furniture, food and other essentials.

During the great depression literally millions of people received help from the Church welfare organization which became the model for the national response to the misery and deprivation that swept the land. To this day the Church maintains massive farms and distributions centers for the aid they continue to dispense around the world to the poor and suffering amongst us.

I can guarantee the Church will not let these affected people from the motel go hungry into the winter night without offering help. A lot of them may very well of had their rent at the motel paid for by their local bishop in the first place.

I may not believe in the Church's strange dogma, but I have tremendous respect for the social good they do in this world.

Count your own blessings said...

Here, here, Oxboy, your are 100% right. I know I was one of those bishops that help people in inter city Ogden.

Matthew 19:24 said...

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

blackrulon said...

What will be the cost to Ogden City revenues when this property and building are no lomger on the tax rolls? i read in the newspaper that one person had been living there for over 5 months. I thought that there was a city ordinance not allowing anyone tp live on a motel as a primary residence longer than 3 months.

targa said...

bulldoze the slums.

Park Lane said...

Call the slums historic buildings, get a government grant, and give them to FOM's.

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