Saturday, December 04, 2010

Salt Lake Tribune: Anti-affirmative Action Amendment Needs No Scrutiny, Sponsor Says

Newly elected District 18 GOP Senator-elect Reid expresses an opposite viewpoint...imagine that!

Interesting story in this morning's Deseret News, discussing GOP House Rep. Curt Oda's Friday statement that his proposed anti-affirmative action amendment to the Utah Constitution "doesn't need any more scrutiny."

Read the full DNews story here:
Anti-affirmative action amendment needs no scrutiny, sponsor says
Tantalizing quote from Ogden's Senate District 18 Senator Stuart Reid, the former life-long Democrat who was elected in November under the Republican Party banner:
Sen.-elect Stuart Reid, R-Ogden, said Friday he hasn't made up his mind on the amendment but definitely will vote against it if there is not a thorough review by the commission.
"The public expects that," Reid said. "Amending the constitution is serious business, and we shouldn't be treating it as if it was just another piece of legislation."
Reid pointed out it would take only two GOP votes to block the amendment in the Senate if all the Democrats vote against it as expected. He said he's already told a backer of the amendment he needs more information.
"Certainly, for me to support changing the constitution, I would need to have specifics about what the issues are that they are concerned about and how this amendment would address them," Reid said. "Let's be sincere. If there is a problem, let's discuss it openly.
Yeah, it's probably a little early in the game to conclude that Sen. Reid is a GOP maverick in the works, but we're encouraged at this juncture to observe that Senator Reid seems inclined to think for himself, and appears to be equally UNinclined to slavishly march in lockstep with the herd.

Discussing controversial proposed constitutional amendments out in the open... what a novel concept... imagine that!

So what say our WCF readers about this?


althepal said...

"Amending the constitution is serious business, and we shouldn't be treating it as if it was just another piece of legislation."

Republican legislators should write that down so they don't forget it!

Not half-bad advice from our freshman Utah State Senator!

912 Project said...

Oh Gimme a break! Reid is just another RINO!

ozboy said...

Does Reed still draw the $80,000 or so a year salary from the much beleaguered Ogden tax payers for his featherbedding "manager" job at BDO while at the same time Boyer Co. also takes fifty percent off the top as their management fee?

If so, does that mean that he represents Godfrey who signs those big pay checks for his do nothing job, or does he represent the citizens of Ogden who don't?
With that kind of money in his pocket every month, would he even remotely vote in the senate in any other way than boss Godfrey wanted him to?

ND said...

Dunno...but Scott Brown is still being shown as a City employee here....

Reid isn't showing up at all even as a legislator

Mike said...


Don't know if Reed is still on the public dole or not, but as I recall he was not a direct salaried employee of the city, he was a "contractor". That may explain why he doesn't show up on the state employees list if in fact he is still receiving this money for his do nothing position at BDO.

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