Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 New Years Eve Special!

Have Great Fun tonight... And don't get busted!

A few selected items presented in no particular order, to contemplate while we open up a New WEBER COUNTY FORUM New Years Eve Open Topic Thread.

Unusual but highly creative guitar work, ostensibly performed to celebrate the New Year, Botswana-style? Jimi Hendrix's long lost cousin, perhaps?:
Botswana Music Guitar - Ronnie -"Happy New Year"!
And for the sentimental amongst us, here's fairly heady choral version of "Auld Lang Syne" :
Auld Lang Syne - "Happy New Year
This latter one's definitely a New Year's "classic" too, BTW... Thus we display thus highly intense celebatory video which still remains a tough act to beat (with French subtitles, no less) :
Jim Carry Goes Wild on New Years Eve
Chime in, people.

Have Fun tonight.

Whatever you do as you celebrate the advent of the new year 2011... Don't get busted by Chief Greiner's OPD!

Happy New Year, everyone!


Curmudgeon said...

When the new year begins at 10 PM local time --- the new year begins throughout the Western Hemishphere of course when the lighted ball falls in NY City's Times Square; everyone knows this, or should --- Mah Woman and I will celebrate with a bottle of Andre's finest [October 2010 I think -- a very good month].

We will, sadly, pass on my Brooklyn-born family's tradition of running out on the porch and banging pots with wooden spoons to welcome the new year. The whole block did it in Brooklyn and some of the block in Louisiana. First new year's here, we ran outside at midnight local time banging pots and neighbor's inquired politely whether something was wrong... house on fire? Burglars? A murder perhaps?


Some people have no respect for tradition.

And alas our hopes to celebrate A Very Garn New Year in a new backyard hot tub were brought low by the economy's depredations on the family nest egg. Maybe next year....

Anonymous said...

The folks around me do the pots and pans thing. It is cool to have space defined by how near or far the clanging is. My stainless steel spoon makes a fine noise on my cast iron skill.

Curmudgeon said...


Ah, good to know. No one around us does. Badly brought up, I guess....

happy year new!!!! said...

Hey Mary get the kids of the street, cus Im driving home.

ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon

When O when are you going to realize you ain't in Brooklyn or Luzeeaner nomo.

Pots and pans and spoons? Typical effete east coast wussy stuff.

Out here in Marmon country, where men are men and women knows their place, we bring in the new year with plenty of shooting at the moon with the new 45's and Uzi's we'ze got for Christmas.

That and passing out and puking on the lawn.

Jennifer said...

oz - they did that in Arizona and a little girl was killed



ozboy said...


Wow, I have heard of puke on the lawn killing the grass, but not a person.

Sad indeed.

Jennifer said...

OZ! shooting guns in the air,not puking on the grass

Rudi -- I was real careful and didn't get busted watching the Last Airbender and drinking Sparkling Grape Juice.


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