Thursday, December 30, 2010

Found: Rottweiler Type Puppy

If you've lost a Rottweiler type puppy... or know somebody who has, please contact your blogmeister via the contact link in the upper right sidebar

Estimated age: 12-13 weeks.

Found in the vicinity of the "Proudfit Compound" (24th and Polk Avenue - Ogden)

She's obviously been well cared for to date, although she's wearing a collar without any identifying tags. Your blogmeister suddenly acquired this dog while walking his own dog, from a hispanic man who admitted he'd "stolen her," handed her to me and then ran off.

Can't get her checked for a chip right now, inasmuch as Weber County Animal Services are closed til Monday.

If you've lost a Rottweiler type puppy... or know somebody who has, please contact your blogmeister via the contact link in the upper right sidebar, to identify this sweet little pup.

Update 12/30/10 5:02 p.m.: For those who might believe that Weber County Forum doesn't have a community-wide reach... word got around... and now we're pleased to announce that we just returned that sweet little puppy-dog back to her human Mom and Dad.

Case closed within a couple of hours, to our great delight, and with hugs to go all around.


Viktor said...

Keep em Rudi, no better owner for a new dog than an old one. Besides which he might just come in handy for your protection when the mayor sends in his thugs to rough you up for showing the world what a piece of dog crap he is.

Jennifer said...

I was going to suggest - Dr. Lemmon on 2nd Street - I'm pretty sure vets can scan for chips ...


But it's good you found the owners


Dr. Carver said...


How do you know the "human mom and dad" weren't agents from the animal testing lab at the University?

RudiZink said...

LOL, Dr. C.

Prior to turning over the little guy, I used an identification/authentication protocol which I won't reveal here.

Good question, though.

ozboy said...

This is a good example of why you ought to have a chip put in a dog if you're going to keep it. They might work pretty good in your old lady as well if she tends to wander around on you. That is assuming you want to see either one come back home.

Ops, My Bad! said...

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Hey Rudi, Great job with the puppy! Any chance you could take over the Envision Ogden/FNURE investigation? Your expeditiousness would be welcomed and appreciated by all who would like to see Blain Johnson and his cohorts brought to justice before the clock runs out. (Better yet, lets hire Sarah Palin to take over the investigation of Blain Johnson!)

donk said...

Good on you Rudi..............!

Having had occasion to be a wandering pet owner, I know how important your action was to someone.

To the worried owners, a word of advice - spend a few bucks and get a chip and a tag on a collar for your wandering pup, it could happen again and next time Rudi may not be walking his dog.

OgdenLover said...

Also, if you move, update the info on your dog's tags and contact the microchip registry as well. Our dogs wear collars with out phone # embroidered on them in big numbers. (Google "embroidered dog collar".) There's nothing like trying to read a dirty tag with tiny numbers close to the face of a frightened or skeptical dog.

Puppy Parents said...

The puppy's mom and dad want to thank Rudi for his actions that returned our newest family member back to Her kids. With the holidays and a brand new puppy, we had no chip or tag yet. It's comforting to live in a neighborhood with folks looking out for all other residents, human and canine alike. We enter 2011 with a complete family and much gratitude.

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