Saturday, December 04, 2010

The New Republic: How the Tea Party Is Wrecking Republican Foreign Policy

Those who think Sarah Palin speaks for the Tea Party on foreign policy haven’t been paying attention

In the midst of the annual holiday Emerald City red meat news lull, we'll direct our readers' attention to this morning's thoughtful New Republic commentary, which examines the uneasy foreign policy disparity between establishment Republicans and members of the fledgling (but politically muscular) Tea Party Movement. Here's the lede:
Now that the midterm elections are over and voices of the Tea Party will soon be established in Congress, the movement’s views on foreign policy will come under closer scrutiny, and the results may prove surprising, not least to the Tea Partiers themselves. Those views are far from Republican orthodoxy. On some issues, the Tea Partiers will predictably line up with the Republican leadership, but on others they may find they have more in common with Democrats. They may even provide Barack Obama with unexpected support. Those who think Sarah Palin speaks for the Tea Party on foreign policy haven’t been paying attention.
Read the full article here:
How the Tea Party Is Wrecking Republican Foreign Policy
"Chewy," as Gentle Reader Curmudgeon would say.

Who will be the first to chime in with their own 2¢?

We'll definitely be watching the lower comments section with great interest.


Well Well said...

So in short the "Tea Party" is for Republicans who have woke up to the fact that the GOP is only interested in the rich, and are only providing lip service when they talk about limiting government spending.

Welcome to the other 95% of the world tea people. Lets drink some tea!!!

Danny said...


I agree with the Tea Party on the issues mentioned in the article.

I hesitate to contrast my views, or anybody's views, to Sarah Palin, because as far as I know, she has none of discernible intelligence. She is Bush II, II.

What she is, is the bullet that the media is handing to the Republicans for them to use in committing electoral suicide if they are stupid enough to do it, which they are.

She is being made into a media sensation, by the media, just like they did the other political zero, John McCain.

Hello Tea Party. Goodbye Palin.


The current tea partiers are just like the original Tea Partiers, who rejected corporatism, and tossed the then East India company's Tea into the waters of Boston.

Pay attention, people.

Corporatism is the biggest threat to American Democracy, folks

NWO said...

In an era of Cyber Warfare, a increasing shrinking world, and Corporate-Fascist States, the little old white guy living on a pension from the 60's is an anachronism.

The tea party is the last gasp of American Democracy; all of the rifles, camouflage baby diapers, and pick-up trucks don't stand a chance against the powers that align against them.

ozboy said...

Here is an interesting cnn video featuring Bill Mahre giving his opinions on the Tea Party and Glen Beck:

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