Thursday, December 23, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Ogden to Use $1.5M to Hire 7 Officers

It's refreshing to see the Godfrey Administration at least occasionally devoting itself to the real fundamentals of running a city, innit?
Ogden officials are optimistic the city will receive a federal grant by the end of the year that will enable [7 police officer] positions to be filled.

John Arrington, Ogden City Finance Manager
Ogden preps for $500K shortfall
October 12, 2010

The [$1.5 million] grant from the U.S. Department of Justice will pay wages and benefits for the [7 police] officers, who may be hired starting Jan. 1.

Tracy Probert, Ogden City Assistant Finance Manager
Ogden to use $1.5M to hire 7 officers
December 23, 2010

Good news for Ogden City this morning, as the Standard-Examiner reports that "The Ogden Police Department has been awarded a $1.5 million federal grant over three years to hire seven new [police] officers." As our regular readers will recall, way back in October, the Standard reported that a projected "$500,000 shortfall in sales tax revenue for fiscal 2011" had prompted the Ogden City Council to give those Ogden Police Department positions the budget ax.

Amazing what a little well-placed Godfrey Administration optimism and persistence can accomplish.

And it's refreshing to see the Godfrey Administration at least occasionally devoting itself to the real fundamentals of running a city, innit?

Of course even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then, right?


Curmudgeon said...

But... but... but... isn't it the belief of the Mayor's party and Hatch's and Bishop's that federals subsidies are but r evil federal attempts to interfere with the sovereign independence of the people of Utah? Surely it couldn't be that Republican Matthew Godfrey plans the city's budget based on hoping to receive federal bailouts to put it in the black? Surely that can't be so.

Can it?

Oh, I'm so confused!

RudiZink said...

Curm, Curm, Curm... Remember... Godfrey is a corporo-fascist neoCON Republican... which is about as far from the thrifty GOP Tea Party faction as you can get...

Curmudgeon said...


So, we can expect to hear Rep. Bishop [member of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus] denouncing the Mayor's fedfund grabbing any day now?

Yeah. Right. Bishop you will recall was, last year, No. 2 among all Congressmen in the dollar value of earmarked fedfunds he requested, and got, for his district.

Tea Party , non-tea party, western Republicans are all the same. They denounce federal spending while putting their hands out for more and more of it for their districts. Benny De Voto was right on target when he said the attitude of the West toward the federal government was "send us money, then leave us alone."

RudiZink said...


ND said...

And then there is this in SE...

Streetcar options explored in SLC
SALT LAKE CITY — The Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City has been awarded a $470,000 grant from the Federal Transit Administration to fund a study to explore options for a downtown streetcar system.
Salt Lake City was one of 24 winners among 67 proposals in the nationwide competition for $73 million in funds.The FTA noted the city’s success in integrating the transportation project with redevelopment and sustainability goals.
Analysis of the streetcar system will be conducted by an RDA-led technical advisory team.
The study area encompasses downtown Salt Lake City from 500 East to 600 West and from South Temple to 900 South.

Where is our cut? lol

Curmudgeon said...


Our cut was six figures from Wasatch Front Regional Council I think to run Hizzonah's Toonerville Trolley Bus downtown as an urban transit "study" for a year.

Clang clang, clang clang....

ND said...

From "Dances with Wolves"....

good trade....


Still fumin' over the HTH not having to provide its own parking....sigh...a few stiff ones over the holidays might help

chewy said...

Hopefully after the 3 years our economy will be doing a little better and we can afford to keep the officers hired well into the future. On the other hand, since Ogden City does no such planning has no fiscal restraint whatsoever, any funding that may be available will likely be squandered on any one of the mayor's ridiculously unsustainable projects.

history is truth! said...

If the Mayor would just fire Greiner the and then we could save all that hatch act money that is being payout on the lawsuit. the city will always step over dollars to save a dime.

ozboy said...

"There is absolutely no inconsistency in my being a sponsor of the DREAM act legislation and then later voting against it"

Senator Orrin Hatch
R - Utah

He actually didn't vote against it, he just didn't show up! Some statesman that we have representing us to the rest of the world! Is it any wonder that people around the world look upon us as a "peculiar people"?


Which one of these fine new officers would be available soon to arrest Blain Johnson? Oh wait, I guess there are some formalities first..............lets be absolutely sure this new officer can accurately recite the Miranda Rights, afterall we know Blain deals in "technicalities".

Adrian said...

But will we really see 7 new officers when the grant is reduced by the Hatch Act violation amount caused by Chief/Senator Griener?

Lemmy said...


You are so spot-on on this. Senator Hatch, with the ultra conservative primaries in a scant 600 days, will lurch and pander even more than usual.
He had such promise to be a great statesman; I really had no idea that he would join in this last 18 years of false left-right lock horns, just to retain his power.

Now that the LDS Church is a scant couple of annual conferences from declaring their desire for a One World with as few borders as possible, one can only imagine what the ultra conservative and institutional-bigot Utah Mormon will do with their Minute Man ID Card?

Will it be like unto 1978ish, when white males renounced their priesthood in smallish but vocal droves?

Stay tuned.

As for me, I have decided after much consideration, to advocate strong and loud for total amnesty and making Mexico our next 31 states, and Canada our next 13.

Always wanted the Yukon to officially be within the USA borders anyway.

Think the crown of England, or the poweful families in Mexico will mind?

Give it to the banks to figure out, behind locked doors. I am sure everything will be. O. K.

Biker Babe said...

I don't think we need to be saddled with mexico's drug cartel problems, which BTW are far out of their own governments' control


AWM said...

If it was an option I'd be good with 4-5 new officers and the rest of the money would be paid in a cash year-end bonus to the current members of Ogdens Thin Blue Line.

you who said...

And the new officers sole purpose is to generate revenue for the Godfrey Administration.

Dan S. said...

On a different topic, I was downtown tonight and pleased to see the faux trolley operating with tail lights. Couldn't tell of there were any passengers.

Curmudgeon said...


Took FRunner to SL, Noon train. Trolley had one passenger leaving the station. That says nothing of course about how many it may have picked up/dropped off on the loop that brought it to the station.

horsefeathers said...

The present City Administration seems to rely on a lot of Federal Government handouts, this explains why Godfrey likes to give handouts to his developer friends.

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