Friday, December 24, 2010

A Silent Night {Christmas 1915} - Gerry Lynch

"Oh silent night no cannons roar... A king is born of peace for evermore"

Legendary Irish tenor Gerry Lynch singing "A Silent Night {Christmas 1915}", written by Cormac MacConnell, about the "1915 Christmas Day truce" on the Front Line, World War One:

Maybe we 21st Century Americans can learn something from this. Work, people, for Peace on earth... and good will to all men... So sez yer blogmeister, Rudi, with best wishes to you all for this year's holidays... and during the year to come!


Curmudgeon said...

Seems like a good point to wish all WCF readers and posters --- yes, even you cranky grouchy ones [you know who you are] --- a hearty and heart-felt feliz navidad, happy holidays, and seasons greetings. Hope if you have family traveling they've safely arrived and the celebration is already, or soon will be, under way. Have a good one, people.

Ozboy said...

And on a lighter note, there is an interesting article in the Tribune this morning about the officially sanctioned police murder that took place in Roy a few weeks ago - including actual video of the horrible crime as it happened.

From the video it looks like another cold blooded, but legally sanctified, murder by the jack booted thugs that the powers that be have turned our police into. When ever a nation's police forces become militarized this sort of wanton murder of civilians follows. Calling the ever increasing swat forces into normal police matters guarantees that the chances of some one dying increases dramatically. The case in Farmington last year is a good example of how another wise routine police matter can spiral out of control resulting in a domestic dispute ending up with another citizen murdered by the jacked up assault team.

The Tribune article is here:

Jennifer said...


If Only ...


Disgusted said...

Thanks Rudi for all you do & Merry Xmas to all

Anonymous said...

Merry Holiday Season to our long suffering and uber-tolerant blogperson; Peace on earth, and blessed freedom and basic necessities to all.

Disgusted said...


Finally had a chance to see the videolink you provided on the shooting. OMG. How tragic and unnecessary. That wasn't justified that was a cover up!

It's unthinkable that the authorities reviewing that shooting called it justified.

Arlene said...

After viewing the video clip I was shocked. It is very troubling to think that the police can storm into some one's home in the middle of the night for any reason and shoot you dead when you jump up in surprise. This is plain and simple a murder and it is an additional crime that the proper authorities are saying it is justified.

Is there no authority anywhere in government that can and will protect us from this out of control police warfare?

Anonymous said...

Was he deaf?
I have had the police kick in my door more than once, have been taken out of my car and thrown on the ground with a boot on my neck and guns at my head, hear the words "on the ground" many many times.

Not a f'in tweaker, I just used to run with a certain crowd; it was just how I used to roll.

No matter what you are doing, no matter how tweaked up and paranoid you are of being robbed or arrested, if you see the helmet lights in your eyes and hear the, "police! search warrant!", you better not be advancing holding a weapon.

Cause you will get shot.

Now, a few times, once with a plainclothes officer and an unmarked car, I was not sure if the person stopping to investigate a possible crime was a Real Policeman(tm).

Do you think as I asked to see the badge, as I asked to have the boot removed from my neck, do you think, for an instant, I would have picked up a weapon, say, a golf club, and acted threatening towards the still unidentified officer?

No way.
Not unless you have a death wish.
Its called, "having the drop on someone", and ignore it at your peril, cop or no.

Is this a tragedy?
Tweak is a tragedy, and police have a difficult and dangerous job or separating the nice guy tweakers and the hardened criminal tweakers.

Screw meth and other hard drugs.
And, bless the police.

Jim Mclaughlin said...


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