Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Field House Public Open House Set For 12/16/10

Gotta say we're feeling the buzz already, as the Godfrey Administration prepares to shove another multi-million dollar boondoggle down the lumpencitizens' throats

Thanks to a tip from Gentle Reader Jennifer, we're able to provide some interesting new information from Ogden City CEO John Patterson's Facebook wall. I looks like the big push for Boss Godfrey's Magical Mystery Dome (Fieldhouse Project) is well underway, with a public open house scheduled for Thursday, December 16:

Gotta say we're feeling the buzz already, as the Godfrey Administration prepares to shove another multi-million dollar boondoggle down the lumpencitizens' throats.

Be sure to mark your calenders, folks.

Update 12/15/10 3:30 p.m.: We now learn that the Magical Mystery Dome (Fieldhouse Project) Open House has been moved outdoors, to the Ogden Amphitheater of all places:
Field House Open House


sceptical said...

Once Boss Godfrey gets knocked out of Ogden Gummint in the 2011 municipal election, I'll predict that Godfrey will move on logically to be the next internet huckster pitching great products, like the Sham Wow!

ShamWow (Full Length)

Godfrey us such a TOOL! How did this moron get elected three times in Ogden, ferchissake!

OTown Tea Party Guy said...

I'll be there with bells on.


what will it cost us said...

Aren't we taxpayers already paying for a family gym called Gold's?

Whose pockets will this latest money line at taxpayers expense?

loves the velodrome idea said...

Personally I would love to see a velodrome here in Ogden. With the features they mention I think it would be in use almost 24/7. They should look at the costs and make sure to fund it privately with little if any public funds

Pay to play said...

Nobody in their right mind in this economic climate would fund this project. Not a group of entrepreneurs, not private foundations or grantors. In case you missed it, Godfrey is going after RAMP funds for this, which are PUBLIC TAX DOLLARS. The Ogden City School District, Weber State University and Weber County are all funded with PUBLIC TAX DOLLARS.

Put your money where your mouth is and donate what it's worth to you if it's such a wonderful idea. I like to ski, I pay for a pass to build and maintain facilities. I don't expect you or anyone else to subsidize my recreational pursuits.

We blew our chance for a publicly finded multiple use recreation facility when we blew over 20 million dollars on a Gold's Gym, fake wave, bowling and a bush-league climbing wall.

It does not make sense?? said...

Is the site for this new feature decided? Last I saw it was the empty lot SE corner of Grant & 24th and supposedly they will tear down (who owns it?) the building at the SW corner of Grand & 24th. Even if they manage to shoehorn it in there, a soccer field - 100' x 200'??, an olympic pool - 164' x 75'??. I presume that the "in-field" will also be the baseball field and football field. And then.... A water park? Boy howdy do I hope they adorn this with more neon trees. Cuz gosh dang we all love neon trees... and flashing lights... can't forget flashing lights... I'm tired of Ogden.

disclosure said...

Why hasn't this been publicized other than a facebook page?

disclosure said...

Looks like its on the city website now.....

grapevine said...

And the time and location of the event have changed: 6-8 pm, at the amphitheater.

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